Ligue 1: Monaco held by Lille at home (1-1).

AS Monaco, held by Lille (1-1) Saturday at the stade Louis II for the 4th day of L1, has still not won at home and has not reassured his supporters as much as Falcão, absent from last minute, seems on the departure. Even though Monaco has not lost, Leonardo Jardim team remains very little balanced. Offensive principles of the Portuguese coach have apparently not yet completely assimilated by its players. But, beyond the field, behind the scenes the club pitching. Indeed, the direction will quickly have to adjudicate where Falcão, missing last minute without being hurt against Lille. Before the kickoff, viewers were able to see it in deep conversation with the Director sportif of Monaco Luis Campos, came himself seek it in the locker room. Then, quietly sitting in the stands in the company of his agent Jorge Méndez, and Vadim Vasilyev, vice-president of the club, the Colombian striker attended the meeting. Monaco also began the rather well. The Principality team was his first opportunity after a Ferreira Carrasco-Germain combination, after which the latter fit (12). But Lille in a 4-4-2 with Ryan Mendes and striker Nolan Roux in point supported by the young Lopes, was wisely waiting to counter. This was the case in the 18th minute. Mendes provoked the Carvalho-Kurzawa duo placed very high and sent on the right. Then, he crossed back to Roux, which fly from the right beat Subasic (0-1, 18). Once more, the Monaco defence was taken into speed in his back. Once more, without being in danger, Monaco was conducted. Another breakthrough by Gonzalez, punctuated by an attempt not framed was cast first whistles from the Louis-II Stadium (21). If, subsequently, Monaco took control of the operations, the airport could not worry about a single moment the Lille nigerian goalkeeper Enyeama. Even Ferreira Carrasco, ideally launched by Kurzawa, did not require it to work (39). At the break, Jardim was Germain to start Martial. Monaco attacked. Martial bumped on Enyeama (52). Monaco still attacked. Ferreira Carrasco, right side, played Naina to Center on the Bulgarian striker Dimitar Berbatov, who equalised in tackling (1-1, 61). In the aftermath, the northerner coach, René Girard, was excluded by M. Ennjimi for too vehement protests. Always on the edge of failure on the defensive plan despite an impressive Toulalan, Monaco clearly decided to go for the victory. Dirar came into play at the right back position to add an offensive weapon. In front, Lille deviated not their game plan: defend and try a counter. But the opportunities to attack became small, both Monaco monopolized the ball. A head of Kurzawa passed above (90 + 2). The corners are slighter. Without success for the men of Jardim,, For extended facts about this matter visit blog.

The fear of the Yazidis in Sinjar mountains.

In the Plains at the foot of bald mountain range and also on this, there is not A lot possibilities to withdraw prior to the Warriors of the Islamic State. There is no cave, stones are the best hiding-place. Protect the people need from the baking Sun and heat of up to 45 degrees. Since the Islamic State in Raqqa captured also fighters of the Syrian army, the fear bypasses at the fleeing, they could be discovered here as well. Only in deep ravines they can elude the eyes. At the foot of the mountain massif, Kasim Schescho and his unit defending several thousand Yazidis. Every day he talking to his wife and his son Adnan Khalaf in Germany. The talks do not last long. The batteries are exhausted quickly, they can be loaded again only thanks to the car battery. He had founded the unit on July 30 to be prepared for the worst case. Ordinary citizens from the area joined together in it. The gunmen are also elderly and young people who have no experience in dealing with the weapon had. Kasim Schescho, but had already protected his people from the regime of Saddam Hussein in the 1980s. Today, his unit is only lightly armed, they could not long withstand the Islamic State. The supply situation, four weeks after fleeing into the mountains is disastrous says Schescho. Not a plane has dropped food, not a helicopter. The water source has dried up as a result of the summer drought and heat, the water container on the approximately three dozen houses of the village to gather people, have some more water. Water resources are scarce, there is only a meal a day. The Iraqi army has dropped water bottles while nearby. You’re at impact, but wrecked. Supplies come occasionally through a narrow corridor from the Kurdish-controlled region in northeastern of Syria. "The Kurds of the PKK and the YPK stand at the forefront," said Kazim Schescho. One of them is as a liaison directly with the some more than 2000 armed Schescho stands before those in a ravine and a village whose name he will not call for security reasons. Again and again, were its fighters in the vicinity, could defend himself but successfully. The Iraqi army with air strikes against the Islamic State came to help. The area where the Yazidis is important, because it is the connector between the Iraq and Syria. Only on Wednesday two mortar shells detonated in the city Khanke, just a few kilometres from the border with Iraqi Kurdistan located. In addition to the local population, there are also more than 50 000 yezidische refugees in safety, but again in fear live – like the refugees defended the Kasim Schescho at the foot of the Sinjar mountains in a ravine and that unit can rely only on the PKK, the YPK and Scheschos believed. . You should visit the following page to discover more on this amazing topic.

I was held in a secret prison in Syria.

They electrocuted me in terms of feet one by one, prisoners were called and taken to the interrogation room. Their cries filled the corridors while they were being tortured. People were wound in their own blood-stained blankets. They beat me with a cable and electrocuted to the feet. They asked me anything specific. They simply accuse me and insult me, and hit me in the face. They wanted me to sign a confession. There was very little food and water and we could not sleep when the guardians allowed us. We then were transferred elsewhere, in Bab Touma, in another place linked to army air intelligence service, then three months later to the military prison of Saydnaya near Damascus. There, they had a system for breaking us. Torture never stopped the food was so inadequate that we had hungry constantly and they gave us only a few clothes so that it was extremely cold. They called me for repeatedly questioning and torture would never cease. They asked me to undress me and they vaporisaient me on cold water. Then the person interrogating walked me over and hit me back and feet. In these difficult times, I thought my three children, my wife, my parents, my friends and the revolutionary movement. Despite my pain, my wounds, diseases, and the fact of being cut off from my family, I could still feel the revolution in me and the enthusiasm to animate me again. The principles that had led me here are the same as those who filled me hope and desire and allowed me to not give up. Released, without understanding why I have been maintained in detention for one year and eight months and I had right to one visit, 22 days before my release. My little brother, Joan, could come and see me for a tour of six minutes. And then, on May 29, 2013, one of the guards came in our cell and told me I was going to be released. I do not believe it, I thought I was going to be executed. The guards have shaved me head and I was certain that I was going to die. But there, they simply made me my business and released me. I do not know why, I was completely incredulous. When I arrived home, at El Qamishli, many people were waiting for me. My friends carried me on their shoulders, they had prepared a feast and I made a speech to the crowd. This has been an extremely important moment for me. I had the impression to be reborn, I took my children and my family in my arms and I was filled with tears of joy. What I saw did gave me a great sense of responsibility; again I gathered my courage and I promised myself that I will devote all my life and I will not forsake my people. Information are again received the Syrian security services regarding the pursuit of my activities then they sent me threats, which prompted my family and my friends to ask me to leave the Syria. I have a debt to my friends and my family for their tireless solidarity. They have not stopped lobbying for my release, to organise demonstrations to ensure that my case is not forgotten. . You must check the following fact to discover extra regarding this interesting matter.

The shock and investments (by r. Napoletano).

The 80 euro bonus did not bring the hoped-for the Italian economy shock, but retail sales in fall of 2.6% compared with last year, new leap in unemployment (12.6%) and Italy into deflation after over half a century. We agree with that choice and we said right away. The country requires seriousness: the same sum could, by itself, make it possible to delete an account of Irap on private labour costs. A signal so strong would protect investment in national and foreign, being probably would have attracted new, certainly would have signaled to the world that we were changing for real. The confidence of Italian families do not rebuild with 80 euros more in paychecks, but giving a job to those who have lost and a perspective to our young people. The world burns, Europe has its serious faults, but we must put our home and we must do the right things. At stake are the future of the country and the dignity of individuals, guai to forget. . You can check this to discover extra about this great topic.

The mysteries of the girl in the cliff and the strange amnesie’s boyfriend.

The film of this strange evening, Saturday 23 August, jump to the next frame. The inhabitants of a large bang feel Roncale, run out of homes and see the suv that, out of the way, it was upside down in a field after no more than 350 meters from the Church. "We noticed a guy out of the side of guide-tell then the witnesses-and we asked him if he needed help, but he fled down the fields without saying anything." Emanuele Carson reaches walk downstream bar where he finds friends. Is agitated, confused, speaks with difficulty, has scratches on the back of hands and a small cut to the head. Says who rolled over with the car and can’t remember anything else. Friends-who knows why-didn’t believe but accompany him home. Are eight to twenty. At that time Veronica balm is pours on the slope in front of the Church of Roncale, amongst Brambles, with a deep head wound caused by an impact against the Rock after a flight of five metres. Would be that the cause of death although an autopsy carried out Thursday afternoon, has not dispelled all doubts. He ruled out that the causes of death could be more because there were only body signs compatible with the fall, but has left open the mystery. Missing the middle frame. How is over yonder Veronica? "We must wait for the outcome of Toxicology tests», say Prosecutors, maintaining the secrecy also eerily on time of death (which has been ascertained). Only by scientific tests may be a little light on yellow, seeing that Taufik does not remember anything of what happened and not even remember being secluded drive with the girl. Post traumatic shock, diagnose physicians. What he saw? Veronica is out of the car, and maybe a little giddy, fell before the eyes of the boyfriend? Or someone has boost below? Or is thrown intentionally? The fact is that Emmanuel (who doesn’t know how to drive well because it has the pink sheet) got behind the wheel of her suv and fled precipitously (to ask for help?) and just off the road. Then, the darkness. The men led by major Peter Henry Burri a week working on the case without stopping, but they understand that the time for reaching a solution will be long because scientific tests on the material collected in place require several days. Do not discard any track, and ended up under the lens even assaulting a 32-year-old man found dying at his home, the same evening, not far from Roncale. Meanwhile, last Wednesday to Emanuele was served a notice of warranty: an act because, as the judges pointed out, to allow him to appoint a consultant who attended the autopsy. This is because, if it were to emerge that Veronica was killed, he would be the first suspect because it was the last one to have her seen alive. But for now there would be no evidence against him. Going back to the frames of the evening, Emanuele-as told to the courier-once accompanied home by friends, put you to bed. There is none because the parents are in Sardinia. An aunt but picks it up later and takes him to sleep at his house. Meanwhile the police, called to the scene of the accident by witnesses, found on suv handbag with Veronica and documents dating back to the identity of the boy who is found only on Sunday morning. Repeats that knows nothing of the girlfriend (which all are trying), but it’s obviously in shock. Is taken by ambulance to a hospital in Sondalo where is hospitalized and subjected to toxicological examinations. Veronica’s body has already been found. At 6.30 a.m., with some friends. It was only 350 meters from the scene of the accident. . Inspirational data can be read checking the following fact.

IS terror: Muslim intellectuals protesting.

The triumph of the Islamic State (IS) shocked the Middle East. Barbarian rage in the heart of the fertile Crescent. Here the alphabet was invented, the first poems were written here, here are the oldest cultural and political roots of mankind. In this cradle of civilization, now a bloodthirsty Warrior Muslims, Christians and Yazidis terrorize, they crucified and beheaded in the name of Islam, drive minorities out of their ancestral centuries settlements, destroy Islamic shrines, burn churches and libraries, openly threaten the destruction of the Shiites. What the IS doing, what we have learned in the school embodies tweeted wryly of Saudi intellectuals Ibrahim Al-Shaalan. Our curricula are good, then if IS right. If it is all wrong, who then is responsible?  Khashoggi continues: all that drivel of a foreign conspiracy, suppress the truth and close our eyes to our own mistakes. You’ve confused tyranny with stability, you have ignored social deprivation in peoples, religious life was passive and inactive, religion especially the legitimization of power. But nobody wanted to admit their own error. And so is the only thing still dynamically advancing, the tide of extremism. . Original data may be studied reading this

Spielberg, Aznavour, Uma Thurman,. The shock of the week sentences.

Died on the night of Sunday, August 24, actor Richard Attenborough leaves behind an impressive film heritage and multiple tributes. This is the case of Director Steven Spielberg, who by these few words celebrates the memory of his "friend" to whom he gave the role of creator Jurassik Park scientist. And yet, everything could predict the two names of cinema to become enemies, when Attenborough Gets an Oscar in 1983 for his role in the epic Ghandi, doubling science fiction thriller E. T. They do however, never ceased to remain in good terms. On the occasion of the 66th Annual Emmy Awards, the Colombian actress Sofia Vergara is Gnash the teeth of the ens Assembly ‘ exhibitor on a rotating podium and stringing together breaks. This performance which was yet good child and auto-derisive is not to the liking of all the media and Internet users who end up judging the appearance of "sexist". What the star of the series Modern Family hastens to deny saying "can someone be canon and funny while making self-deprecating. ” It said that the time change people. And it was only after 34 years behind bars that Mark David Chapman, the killer of John Lennon, finally expresses regret about his act. Apologizing to be an "idiot", and of having caused "so much suffering" towards fans of the ex-leader of the Beatles, the condemned to life imprisonment still comes to deny his eighth request for release. . For more on this subject click

Tour of Spain: De Marchi WINS solo, falls weigh.

The Italian Alessandro de Marchi (Cannondale) won the 7th stage of the Tour of Spain in Alcaudete (Andalusia), where Alejandro Valverde remained leader at the end of a day that has seen the British Chris Froome and French Warren Bakos fall in turn solo Friday. Marchi, super-combatif of the recent Tour de France, has distorted company to his three companions of breakaway less than 15 km from the finish and the 28 year old rider then resisted their return to sign the most beautiful win of the career. Canadian Ryder Hesjedal (Garmin), which has also fallen in the final, settled the Group fought for second place, just in front of the French Hubert Dupont (Ag2r – La Mondiale) and the Switzerland Johann Tschopp (IAM). For the 5th place, the sprint of the peloton was dominated by the Belgian Philippe Gilbert (BMC). It is a great reward for De Marchi, who ran unsuccessfully behind a successful step for the Grande Boucle. Wheeler of Friuli offers the passage a gift to training Cannondale, is preparing to leave to join BMC in 2015. I was waiting for this moment, blew the Italian to the microphone of the Spanish television TVE. Today, I was able to find the opening and I had a bit of luck. I have addressed this Vuelta without pressure, taking things day agenda. -Froome fall but sprinte – in a day of transition in the aftermath of the great first arrival at the Summit, leaders have not spent a quiet day so far: the British Christopher Froome (Sky) fell at the beginning of step and the first French overall, Warren Bakos, fell heavily in the final packaging. For Froome, apparently hit in the right leg, this incident did not impact since the winner of the Tour de France 2013 has been awaited by the peloton. He then took part in the sprint of the peloton and even took two seconds to the general ahead of his rival Alejandro Valverde, Nairo Quintana and Alberto Contador. Let us hope that this is not serious, I have bruises, burns on the elbow, hip and right leg, said the British arrival. I hope to be able to relax tonight and we will see tomorrow. On the other hand, Bakos (age 22) is found on the ground in the last straight line and, shocked, he put long seconds to recover. However, the young leader of the Giant priori wasted no time to the general since this drop occurred in the final kilometers, which, according to the regulation, should enable it to be credited with the same time as most as its rivals. But for both men, the harder will be of not too much to feel his wounds during the day Saturday: after a full week on the Andalusian roads, the Vuelta moves back towards the North and geographies of the round trays. This step 8 will lead the riders over 207 km of Baeza in Albacete, where victory should except surprise return to a sprinter. . Root facts could be found clicking this weblink.

Confirmation of the FAA: Poland Russian Defense Minister denied overflight.

The Slovak Ministry of Interior confirmed that the machine by Shoigu had landed again in Bratislava. The Russian Minister in his plane, unless you’ve offered to drive him to the Russian Embassy in Bratislava. Shoigu took part in the celebrations for the 70th anniversary of the Slovak national uprising in Banská Bystrica on Friday. (29 August-28 October 1944), a Slovak national uprising against NAZI Germany and the Slovak puppet State under the Catholic priest and dictator Jozef Tiso was one of the largest actions of liberation in Hitler’s sphere of influence. Two months Slovaks and international volunteers from 33 countries fought against the dictatorship. Poland is a close ally of Ukraine. The Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said on Friday on the situation in the Eastern Ukraine on Twitter: if it looks like a war, sounds like a war, and if there is a war – dead then it is a war. So he responded to a statement from the Swedish Foreign Minister, Carl Bildt, who had also written on Twitter: you must call things by the name: this is Russia’s second invasion of the Ukraine within a year. . For extended insights about this topic visit weblink.

Shut up, Bill!: main thing that frightens West.

When West German journalists time To want to show that even today all is not bad in the East, they like to go to Radebeul. In the small town on the Western outskirts of Dresden are villas, against the Hamburg Elbe suburbs resemble Plattenbau district. There, you can even shoot the upswing because a blonde of Ferraris sold. And in the cosy wine taverns of Altkötschenbroda one praises the diligence of the locals in the evening in all possible dialects. The nouveau riche Saxons must be Very much shy, because not even approaches them in the reports about them. May they work day and night or if the journalists in Radebeul – if not from each other – the spirit Karl Mays inspired by, which made here even to many legends. In truth the Saxon nice, pupil-Neuland, Swabia of the East are"all myths. At most times real Saxony with Anne Will sit on the affected sofa, when it comes to low-wage and poverty. A studied civil engineer from Bautzen approximately 130 km in a call center net daily runs for eight euros to Görlitz. "More scorn than wage – just like the almost accusatory question of the presenter: why are they doing this to himself?" Apart from that, Morlok is Schwabe, that sounded like a clear commitment to the low wage country at least once. As the old Shatterhand and Kara Ben Nemsi, there were ever the same heroes that hard some shade or just blinded. You were called source, BMW, Infineon or Old Biedenkopf. Then the NPD in the Landtag moved in 2004 and political scientist spoke a portent of a serious disturbance of the political balance,"probably for the whole country. The old equation – = strong economy stable democracy – apparently No more went on in Saxony, Germany. It was a country of contradictions become – at least for Western standards: just behind Bayern, the Saxons have the lowest debt, but also the lowest wages. They have the most successful school system, but acute shortage of teachers. Saxe spends the most money for culture from all federal States – still the MDR West Germans produce an East German of kind of television. In the future atlases, perspective and satisfaction rankings result in Leipzig and Dresden often before Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Wiesbaden. But in fact the cities Not yet come become impositions such as Dortmund and Duisburg on 40 percent of the income tax in comparison with concrete. Saxony the suicide statistics have surveys according to the best sex while and result in the happiest marriages in Germany – but also for centuries by far. Here, the SPD was established and slipped in parliamentary elections for the first time below 10 percent. "The peaceful revolution went out from here, but 47 percent of the Saxony think that it in the GDR all in all" righteous would be received. What at first glance a paradox or how does eternal OSSI gripes, are the side effects of not even secret people attempt: Saxony is apparently doing well economically, because it is a laboratory for exploiters and their political aides for nearly 25 years. At the beginning of the 1990s, was on Hartz IV and one-euro jobs Not yet to think, the CDU with selected companies and so-called trans-fair income tried here, whether long-term unemployed would be willing to work for wages, the on welfare oriented – i.e. to today’s common Eastern tariffs. In 1993, the SPD ruled city of Leipzig experimented with re-enslaved models for social assistance recipients. The policy has created conditions to those in the West, nobody would work. Work at any price"was the battle cry. Only the cattle had no choice. Politically the Saxons were usually on the wrong side – whether to last under Napoleon, or in the GDR. Who chose the candidates of the national front until 1989 to 99 percent, is just today even with a pattern recorder as Stanislaw Tillich satisfied. And occasionally but they throw a tantrum. Then, they demonstrate a regime based on a few Mondays or shock the rest of the country with more than nine percent for the NPD. When they see what they’ve done, they regret that quickly and want back the DDR or courtly circumstances of the 1990s under Kurt Biedenkopf. If in doubt try it next time with a party called alternative for Germany. Why not something new – main thing: the West scares! After all – if also probably only until Sunday – even the FDP in Government was involved in this forever yesterday’s State!. For extended regarding this subject visit