Jean-Michel Ribes: The French song was delectable flavors.

It would be a singer of Offenbach. I love music that brings joy and Offenbach, whom they nicknamed the Mozart des Champs Elysées invented the gay music. I myself would be seen also in Boby Lapointe. I often saw him singing in a cabaret of the 5th arrondissement in Paris, where it occurred very late. I was 14 years old, I didn’t have the right to go out at night, but I was taking, and I went there with my friend Philippe Khorsand.   BabX. He had sung at the roundabout on the evening of support from the world culture to Christine Taubira, in December 2013. I found that among all gueuleurs, rappers and the whisperers, it brought to music a modernity and quality texts. David BabX reminds me a little Bashung, that I knew well, as he had create iciL’ cabbage-headed man.   I told myself that it was also necessary to defend the contemporary writers of song at the roundabout. SE remember that the French language was full of flavors also delectable than English. It was thought this weekend, on two axes, the sponsors and the young artists that they would inform their celebrity. I find it healthy and useful to present talents outside the Olympia and the Bataclan, in an unplugged approach, more pure.   . For more insights about this matter visit

Student shoots and kills in highschool Seattle then commits suicide.

Yet blood in a school in America. It happened in a high school in Marysville, North of Seattle, in Washington State, where a student has entered the cafeteria and began shooting, aiming at a table. The guy who shot this Jaylen Fryberg called and was a student of the first year of high school. Native American, descendant of the Tulalip Tribes, Jaylen had a profile on Twitter. Disturbing the last message, wrote yesterday: won’t last, it will never last. It seems that he had problems with his girlfriend. On the ground in the cafeteria were left several people, including a student died-according to a reconstruction-first after being shot in the head. The killer, a native American and first year of high school-she told another student, tried to reload the weapon, but this is jammed. It was at that point that I fled, he said. Then the gunman pointed the gun toward you and you have taken away my life. A scene already seen many times, too many times, in a country marked by massacres like the one at Columbine High School in Colorado, or the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, just to mention some of those more notes. One country, the United States, which fails to reckon with a sequence of bloody facts affecting schools, high schools, colleges. All facts related to the incredible ease with which even a kid can get hold of a firearm. Still do not know how the student-killers of Marysville has procured the gun. What is known is that the injured are at least four, including three in serious condition. The identity of the guy who shot him has not yet been revealed, but from what transpires this would be a very popular student at his school, but lately the victim of bullying episodes. Possible, therefore, that acted to avenge some mate. A track, this, which appears to be the first followed by investigators. Moreover, this version seems to be corroborated by the fact that the guy is entered in the cafeteria-it was about 10:45 in the morning-aiming for a specific table, toward which opened fire sparking panic and terror among those present. It would have been another student to raise the alarm, calling over the phone the police. The agents would then arrived when the killer had already committed suicide. Meanwhile, in a church that is located in the campus area parents were able to hug their children immediately evacuated from the main building of the high school. . Related data can be inspected visiting

The removal of the tax would cost 173 million euros in 2014 alone.

These 173 million euros are therefore expected to cover part of the investment made by the Franco-Italian consortium led by the Italian Autostrade (EUR 114 million), the operation and maintenance of gantry cranes (EUR 53 million) and participation in financial expenses generated by the suspension. Since the beginning of this soap opera, Ecomouv’ has indeed installed and maintained 173 porticos, and hired more than 200 people, who today fear of losing their jobs. But the 173 million euros budgeted for 2014 will not be enough to end the dispute between the State and the consortium. According to le Figaro, Ecomouv’ intends to get more compensation in Exchange for the termination of the contract. In the spring, while the tax was still expected to enter into force on January 1, 2015, the company had agreed, to give assurances to the State, to revise downward the penalties for breach of contract to 800 million euros, but until late October only. From November, it cost on the other hand EUR 1 billion to the Government to renounce the ecotax. And in case where Segolene Royal would challenge the contract signed with Ecomouv’ and refuses, as she has already suggested, to terminate the public-private partnership, the company would attack the State administrative court for breach of contract, loss of profits and of image. She would ask then 1-1.5 billion euros in compensation. A salty Bill for a tax originally intended to report EUR 550 million. . Original data could be studied reading the following

Expert Jan Fitschen explains – fast Kenyans: that runner is considered as dream profession.

There are not many jobs in the rural areas of the Kenyan Highlands. With an unemployment rate of about 40 percent, runner is a dream job. From our point of view, the sport is still something that should be done first and foremost out of joy. A rather low motivation factor seems to be money. This is also easy to say, if you have all the possibilities to the career choice that we do so. In Kenya, it’s completely different. On the land is the small straw huts, where whole families live in Kenya again. Here, you grow up with his ten siblings and see pass every morning whole armies of runners on the domestic corn field. This is a sight: all the highly concentrated, fast athletes, of which one the one or other named after already knows. "He, this Palace belongs to whom?", asks the child. "He belongs, in the school all are talking about Wilson Kipsang, the runner who passed early today in brisk step into our hut, one. Wilson Kipsang, who improved the world record year an ago, as we together have seen the Berlin Marathon with all siblings in the single television of the neighbouring village, which has let it build it"so the answer is the mother. Now there’s not much, to make a solid, unwiderrückbaren decision for the young student: "I’m runner!" On every corner in Kenya is to see to what wealth the successful athletes have brought it. In Eldoret, one of the largest cities in Kenya, which is located in the region of runners, for example, the majority of the building is active or former athletes. And even those who write not the big headlines, but only with some luck and much training effort, found the right Manager who paid them for the flight to Europe, coming back with relative wealth in the country. Who once made it up in one of the runners camps in Europe, and during his three-month stay there denies many, small road race, can earn again 200, 300 euro in this city runs have quickly clean out the airfare. Even if after the three months in Europe after deduction of airfare and other costs 1000 Euro remain, that is still more than a typical Kenyan annual earnings, which is about 650 euros. The premiums range so often for a small piece of land, a farm, and the ability to start a family. And their children have it better in Kenya. As the earnings of one of the top stars (the winner’s prize at the Frankfurt Marathon, for example, is $21 500, the total prize pool without time bonuses 135 $000) then compared only work must, can be himself only hint at. So the running sports in some regions of Kenya has become an important branch of the economy and contributes to the development of the country, because the athletes are also investing in schools, churches and hospitals. For us runners in Germany, running mostly remains a hobby and luxury goods, allowing a better life we as Kenyans. Only just not through additional financial revenue, but through a health improved, and many nice experiences in training on our favourite tracks. . Similar information can be inspected checking

Earth-Mars: “Hope is not a one-way trip.”

The first mission, the more complicated, he completed: convince his wife Anna to accept that he could be the first man to go to Mars. One-way trip. "Meanwhile, the first launch is expected in 2024. And then I’m sure that something will change, I don’t think there will die there on Mars. " Giacinto De Taranto, 33-year-old astronaut candidate, is a dreamer but with great sense of pragmatism. Not a sprovveduto: napoletano, aerospace engineering, air force won a scholarship in Montreal and was a researcher in Kansas. It is now in Naples, his city, waiting for a job and for a response from One, the Mars project to colonize the red planet: first crew (two women and two men) planned in ten years, aspiring yet in 705, 11 Italians, including him. According to the scientists at Mit in Boston, however, threatens to turn into a nightmare: according to their studies no one can resist on Mars for more than 68 days. And Mars One (for economic reasons, as honestly admit the organizers) does not provide for return tickets. «No surprise. It is a matter that I have researched and know well», it shows peaceful De Taranto. I know that there are many problems to overcome. First of all, the solar radiation. If you do not find a way of schermarle it is impossible to survive. " Then? "All the experts agree that, if you will, the man will soon foot on Mars. There is only this initiative, other individuals and international space agencies are studying how to do it. Now we have the technology, but I am optimistic, maybe in ten years ‘ time ‘. For this reason stands and Giacinto De Taranto hopes to win. In the meantime, leads a normal life. "I have an almost physical athleticism, I keep in shape with some jog. I eat very little meat and frying, but this always. " With his wife Anna ensures that va a gonfie vele. "I have contacts to go to work in France or in Germany. You follow me». On Mars won’t be able to do so. But still missing ten years, if it’s okay. . You must click this page to learn more on this great topic.

Verdi for fare increase: zero at the left party.

The Federal Manager of the left party, Mattias Höhn, the Trade Union Verdi is like to agree with. "It’s now, to strengthen the internal purchasing power." Thus it has noted this recently. His – actually not quite surprising for the left party–recommendation addressed to the Federal Government, as a prescription against the weakening economy. She is getting now but in a different context a quite interesting meaning: Verdi on the right is currently just the wage round for the 250 full-time employees of the Swedish Parliament – and also they would like strengthen domestic demand with their salaries. A series of moderate election results had pressed the revenues of the party in the recent past and hence cost pressures in their personnel budgets taken care of. But at the recent elections in the East, the left has retracted as you know some quite remarkable results – and now in Thuringia, even the prospect of soon to Prime Minister’s Office. It lifts not only the mood, but apparently also the expectations of the workers in the party. The new tariff requirement was discussed this week at a meeting of party workers, according to the motto: "the party a good electoral outcome that gives us a good collective agreement", Verdi said. Limitless malice of other parties about the past and the public almost forgotten round the left is, however, not indicated. Because it is not quite obvious that Parties at all a collective agreement accept for their employees, as reported by Verdi. The left is currently the only party with a nationwide collective agreement. Only in the SPD there are collective agreements in some regional associations also. In other cases the Works Council act out payment rules with the party, such as the Federal SPD based on the salaries of the German Trade Union Federation. CDU/CSU and the Greens would however even no collective agreements for their employees, reported on request Verdi. . Related text can be read clicking

After Mamma Mia! Meryl Streep returns to the musical.

VIDEO – In a featurette of Disney next, Into the Woods put online today, the actress is transformed into singing witch. Cinderella and little Red Riding Hood have only well stand. A third Oscar to Meryl Streep? The American actress swapped the costume of the awful mother of Osage County for the Witch of the film Into The Woods. After Mamma Mia!, the actress of Out of Africa returns to the musical. This time, she slips into the skin of an evil Harpy. In a featurette of several minutes online today by Disney, the actors present this feature where several fairy tales are mixed. Obviously, all launch praise on the director Rob Marshall and its staging, set of their partner, or lyricist. The interest of the video lies in the fact that means Meryl Streep singing and decidedly, the Member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences proves brilliant way that she can do everything. There’s also Anna Kendrickpousser ditty, exercise she knows well after his film Hit Girls. Emily Blunt and Johnny Deppfont also an appearance in this featurette. Adapted from a musical, Into The Woods meets little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk and Cinderella. They will all face an evil Meryl Streep. Release in France on January 28, 2015. . You can check the following to discover more about this interesting subject.

EU to United Kingdom: “verses 2.1 billion”. Cameron: “request unacceptable”.

No 1 December ultimatum because the refusal of payment is without possibility of appeal. David Cameron with a nutshell liquid requests for budget adjustments submitted by Brussels that London would pay 2.1 billion for extra EU budget contribution. And to strengthen his opposition, the British Prime Minister also recalls the words of Matteo Renzi. Also in Italy, in fact, as shown in a document published on Financial Times (below), Europe would ask 340 million euros more. "I quote Italian premier’s reaction when these figures were presented: he said that this is not a number, but a lethal weapon. It is a reasonable person, I agree with him, "he said. The sum demanded by the EU Commission, is equal to about one-fifth of annual contribution of London which is 10.9 billion.  "When I saw the figures I immediately consulted with the Prime Minister of Italy, the Netherlands, Malta and others and we asked to convene an extraordinary Summit of Finance Ministers, which is vital to take place," he said, indicating they are aware of the request "only yesterday".   "This is taxpayers ‘ money and I want" that this figure is analysed in all possible ways, the premier pointed out. "As we arrived, the indicators that were used.  If Europe continues to behave this way, nobody can be surprised if there is people saying so on, "he added. The request of the EU Commission in Brussels reactions and triggers within the confines of the United Kingdom, where parties, including Tory pressure on Cameron to give the Union’s authorities. The Prime Minister broke off the discussions of the Council asking for an urgent meeting of Eu Finance Ministers and discuss that London’s objections. "There were 24 hours in Brussels with important successes but also deep frustrations and a lot of anger at the way we were treated," he said, arguing the economic demand "absolutely unacceptable" that will not be paid "on 1 December". By Eurosceptic Nigel Farage’s Party until Labour were used very strong words against Brussels, calling his request as "outrageous" and "unacceptable". Farage has even compared the EU to a thirsty vampire who feeds with British taxpayers ‘ blood ". "David Cameron had said that day had decreased our contribution to the European budget but has increased and today increases again, for the second time, and so blatantly," he added. While Pat McFadden, responsible for European Affairs within the Labour, said that the Government must now commit to get the best deal possible for the country. Among the Conservatives, meanwhile, takes the Eurosceptic group: there are those who like John Redwood asked expressly to premier Cameron of "not paying" a request "illegal" and "unacceptable". The United Kingdom also appears much criticism, with the Times saying as Brussels wants to "punish" the British, and the Daily Telegraph which talk about a kind of "price for success" after the good economic performance in London. . Inspirational data may be studied reading this info.

Elections in the Ukraine: United in the face of the enemy.

On 20 October, the Russian news agency TASS published a message with the following wording: "The work Rozhen in Lipetsk, part of the eponymous confectionery group, has the production completely resumed." The message unfolds its potential only at second glance. First, there is Lipetsk: a small town like many. Then there is the recovery of the confectionery production. And? -Only the name of the factory reveals the importance: namely Rozhen is nothing more than a short form of the family name Poroshenko. And Petro Poroshenko is the President of Ukraine, Supreme Commander of armed forces in their undeclared war against Russia. The message could be dismissed as mere propaganda feint when she would tell not so much about Russia, Poroshenko and the Ukraine before the first Parliament election after the revolution of the Maidan. Here are several stories unfolding at the same time. The message about Poroschenkos candy reminds us that the President has promised before his election on May 25, to separate to avoid conflicts of interest by most of its companies. He took at least four months time after the election, to appoint a European trustee with the sale of his company. The Russian Agency message is implicitly still a serious accusation: the Commander-in-Chief must lead to the Ukraine in the war against Russia probably through a winter full of blood and deprivation that at the same time itself does not cease to earn from Russia. . You can read the following to learn more about this amazing subject.

+++ Ebola-news-ticker +++-Ebola case in New York: he had close contact with three people.

The Ebola epidemic is always scary: the WHO has registered in the meantime nearly 10 000 cases of Ebola. Nearly 5000 people have already died. In New York, there is a first infected yesterday. Experts warn against crop failures in West Africa. 14 54 pm: as the "New York Post" reported trying police currently jointly with the health authority to figure out the New Yorker, where the Craig Spencer with Ebola has stopped since his return from Guinea. Using his subway tickets and his credit card statement, Spencer’s investigators trace paths through New York. 13 36 am: refugees blocked in Hamburg road crossing a firefighting job in a Hamburg-based refugee accommodation has triggered fear of a possible Ebola case among the inhabitants and led to protests. The six firefighters should bring suffering residents in the hospital one night to Friday, fever, headache, and malaise, fire spokesman Manfred Stahl reported. Because a roommate had told the neighbor of the patient was already with a contagious disease in the isolation ward of a hospital, were the firefighters with the usual in such cases protection in use. 13 06 h: Craig Spencer, the first Ebola-infected in New York, had according to the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo during the incubation period closer contact with three other people: including two friends and his fiancée. It go well them, but nevertheless they were quarantined. 12 41 pm: the Ebola epidemic has resulted in a large number of orphans in Sierra Leone, said Emmanuel Woode, head of SOS Children’s villages in Sierra Leone. According to the UN, it should be around 4000 children and young people in the affected area. They suffered particularly because many members fearing infection not provided. The fear of the virus has become stronger than family ties and humanity, Woode is reported. So far, the WFP had delivered more than 13 000 tons of food to approximately becomingdisparate 000 people in the three worst affected countries of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Converted nearly 74 million euros would be required for the current emergency programme. This sum was sent so far but only about half of available.   . You must check the following hyperlink to discover extra about this great topic.