BRAZIL. Marina Silva, the Warrior of the Amazon.

It represents the change that people hoped. The Brazil is tired of this policy to the former and this polarization around [party centre-right of Aecio Neves, Editor's note] PSDB and PT [Party of former president Lula and Dilma Roussef workers] in power for 12 years. Brazilians seek a third way, said Anderson who applauds this visit in the company of Romario, the former candidate for the PSB in the Senate and fierce opponent of World Cup which took place last summer. Tragic irony since, a few weeks earlier, she had joined Campos lack of collecting the necessary signatures to stand for itself under the banner of his environmental sustainable network movement. The new adversary of Dilma had to convince that it was not only the joker of the deceased candidate. Those who make it a trial in incompetence – it has never been a State Governor, reminiscent of some inhabitants of Rocinha-, Marina Silva responds that she has climbed all the echelons: Advisor municipal, Member of Parliament, more young Senator in history and especially Minister of the environment – his battle horse – for five years under Lula. A rhetoric that seduces in a country where the political class is discredited by the recurrent cases of corruption. Influenced by the poet and philosopher Hannah Arendt in her spare time, she proclaims himself even a little naively guardian of utopias and defends the idea of a national union. It is a discreet personality who speaks in the meetings of the political headquarters and listen. But a woman of convictions, said Celio Turino, spokesman for the close of candidate and sustainable network. Among opponents, there is no hesitation to explain the success of this fundamentalist by his supposed ties with the powerful lobby Evangelical Assembly of God as well as with the influential Pastor Silas Malafaia, who had asked him to go back on its commitments to gays and lesbians. In its initial programme, Marina Silva called gay marriage and the criminalization of homophobia. 24 hours later, these two promises were withdrawn, the clan Silva pretext,. an editing error. Tolle to the left of the left. Marina Silva has also greatly capitalized on his personal journey. In this Brazil where a middle class has emerged from poverty, she tells a new story to the Brazilians. Exactly like Dilma, guerrilla imprisoned under the dictatorship, and Lula, metallo and trade unionist, in their time. His ascension is similar to that of Nelson Mandela while the context is different, dare to João Paulo Capobianco. In the seventh the world’s economy, now in recession, Marina Silva speech seduces a young, urban, intellectual environment which, in June 2013, showed for more investment in health, education and security, notes Jean – Jacques Fontaine (1), specialist of the Brazil. She convinces some of the undecided or those who had not intended to vote. But it does not say much to the poor, including the electorate of the North. If she is elected, she will not on a government program but on the rejection of what exists. Marina Silva promised to curb inflation (around 6.5%), to build 100 hospitals and maternity clinics nationwide, to devote 10% of GDP to education and expand social programs of Lula who helped 20 million Brazilians out of poverty between 2003 and 2009. Not sure that this is sufficient to bring down Dilma and its very powerful workers party. Charles Carrasco to Brazil – Le Nouvel Observateur. Inspirational facts could be found visiting this

New NATO Secretary General: Stoltenberg is hoping for a constructive relationship with Moscow.

Conflict with Russia in the East, the rise of Islamists in the South, declining defense budgets: The Norwegian Jens Stoltenberg takes over a desk full of problems as new NATO Secretary General. This is a more difficult job in difficult times, Stoltenberg said at his inauguration on Wednesday in Brussels. As a first signal he sent the message out that he hoped to improve the relationship with Moscow. The Social Democrat Stoltenberg is an interesting choice for the post at the top of NATO: as a young man, he was still angry policy against NATO and as a teenager, he smashed the Windows of the U.S. Embassy in Oslo, Norway in protest against the war in Viet Nam. He is Secretary-General of the military alliance politically and militarily dominated by the United States since Wednesday morning. I’ve been always for peace, the former Norwegian Prime Minister denied breaks when he took office in his political career. At their Summit, the NATO response to the conflict with Russia due to the Ukraine decided in Wales permanently to increase its presence in Eastern Europe. She also wants to build a rapid reaction force to defend their members. Russia had sharply criticized the decisions taken under Stoltenberg predecessor Anders Fogh Rasmussen. The Dane had criticized Moscow several times hard. . For extra facts on this matter click

Craftsmen-merchants victims of the 2015 Budget?.

Again this year, contractors will have to scrutinize with the greatest attention the Finance Bill. Further large-scale measures – Pact of responsibility in head-other reforms affect them directly. Wednesday 1 October, Michel Sapin and Christian Eckert thus indicated that aid in the creation of company will be reviewed. But another provision concerned the social regime of Independents: the removal of the severance pay for artisans and traders.   Resources ceilings, above which it is not possible to benefit from the compensation have also been implemented. They totaled 11 940 for a businessman (including 5 780 euros in non-professional resources) and 21 210 euros for a couple (including 10 490 euros of non professional resources). The application filed with the IHR is then reviewed by a Committee of local allocation under the chairmanship of the commercial court. In case of agreement, the amounts paid ranged from then 2,020 euros and 12 100 euros for an isolated entrepreneur, the range amounting 3 140 euros to 18 820 euros for a household.   But above all, relations between the RSI and its affiliates remain strained today. Blame it on years of mismanagement, following the passage of the social interlocutor in 2008. Last June, a Senate report called for a number of measures to further clarify the operation of the Fund and allow it to gain in efficiency. More recently, a report by the Court of Auditors called for an increase in social security contributions of craftsmen-merchants to align them with those employees.   . Main data could be found clicking the following

Kamikaze attack in Syria, Homs, 27 dead. Erdogan: Turkey ready to intervene but Assad will go.

-And ‘ slaughter to Homs, in Syria, where a double attack in an alawite district of the city, in the center of the country, killed at least 27 people, including many children, according to reports from the Syrian Observatory for human rights. The attacks were carried out near a school and a hospital of Akrouma district of hims. The neighborhood is mainly alawite, an offshoot of Shiism that Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. The explosions were caused by two suicide bombers. It was not for months was an attack so violent pro-Government District of the city. According to some sources, 76 people were injured. The city, after two years of fighting, was back under Government control in may, after an agreement between the army and rebels that allowed the return of residents to their homes. Against the Islamic State is about to take the field the Turkey, which, because of its strategic position, could prove to be a crucial ally in the fight against militants. Today the Turkish State Leader Tayyip Erdogan announced that Turkey will fight the Islamic and other terrorist groups in the region but stressed that one objective tuchi is the removal of the regime of Bashar al-Assad and Syrian territorial integrity. United Nations arrive the first budgets of clashes in the Middle East in September: in Iraq the number of deaths was 1. 119 dead, while the injured in the past month were 1. 946. in reporting is the United Nations Mission in the country (Unami), which provided an overall figure, without specifying the number of casualties caused by Sunni Jihadists offensive of the Islamic State. Among the dead are civilians and 265 854 are members of the security forces, including the Kurdish peshmerga militia. . Even today battling all-out in Iraq and Syria, where sparse continues anti-Coalition Is. Syrian troops have taken control of two rebel strongholds in the province of Hama in the context of large-scale offensive Damascus against rebels in Central and southern Syria. Heavy fighting today are also underway around Kobane, Kurdish city in the North of Syria Islamic State (Is) trying to conquer. The jihadists are no more than two or three kilometres from the city, according to the National Observatory for human rights. Yesterday the news of yet another execution of four Iraqi Kurds, including three women, beheaded by terrorists. Meanwhile, U.s. raids continue, since 23 September, in Syria, while the planes of the Royal Air Force are hitting the jihadist bases in northern Iraq. In Iraq, however, after some sources yesterday gave the terrorists to 10 miles from Baghdad, today there is a setback for the jihadists, rejected by a Sunni tribe near the town of Dhuluiyah, the Centre located 90 kilometers north of the capital. According to reports from local sources, the jihadists have failed to conquer the Jubur district, named for the tribe that lives there. Kurdish forces have recaptured several villages in northern Iraq following the offensive launched yesterday, with the support of the international coalition air raids, on three fronts: North of Mosul, South of the city of Kirkuk and in Rabia, a town on the Syrian border. . Turkey’s entry into the international coalition against the Is now seems a matter of days. After the initial coldness, also due to the desire not to jeopardise the 40 Turkish hostages in the hands of terrorists (released on September 20), Ankara was convinced of the need to contribute personally to the war Is. The Turkish Government has formally requested the Parliament to the overrunning of the troops in Iraq and Syria for military action against the Is and so, with the same goal, the military presence of allied countries in Turkish bases. The Turkey, concerned by the massive influx of Kurdish refugees towards its borders and the approaching militants back Islamic State, is reportedly planning to create a buffer zone along the Syrian border. To say this is the Turkish daily newspaper Hurriyet, citing Turkish security sources. Ankara would prefer that the buffer zone was established by the Coalition, but is ready to proceed even without the help of foreign military writes the newspaper. Meanwhile, the Western coalition has a new ally on the ground: Australian military jets now flying over Iraqi skies, making supply and support missions in support of Allied operations against the Islamic State, as announced by Prime Minister Tony Abbott. The Australia has deployed since mid-September, approximately 600 men and several planes in the United Arab Emirates with a view to taking part in the international coalition led by the United States. British Prime Minister David Cameron came back to speak of Is during the Conservative Party Conference and has used harsh words to define terrorists jihadists: these people are pure evil. He then addressed a message to Britons who joined jihad in Syria and Iraq: you are enemies of the United Kingdom and expect to be treated as such. From Belgium new European items arrive that they embraced the jihadist struggle: as reported by local tv some professionals in the Brussels airport would go to join the jmiliziani fighting in Syria. The Belgium, due to the massive presence of Arab Muslims on its territory, is one of the countries most interested in the phenomenon of the so-called ‘ foreignfighter ‘, i.e. those who are often born and bred in European countries, have gone to fight in Syria or in the ranks of the Is. . Additional text can be read checking homepage.

China always made sure not to damage Hong Kong.

When Jiang Zemin, then President of China, went to Hong Kong on July 1, 2002, the former British colony is returned for five years in the fold of Beijing. For the visitor, a priori, nothing has changed. Queen’s Road, the main thoroughfare that runs through Central, the business district, has not become Mao Zedong or Deng Xiaoping’s Road; the direction of the rest put in place by the English. As members who have done so fear entering the territory on 1 July 1997, they remain confined to their barracks. Hong Kong would therefore not have changed? Not so sure. During his visit, the Chinese leader has this sentence that sums up the State of mind of Beijing over the territory and which today is still: "Hong Kong will remain for a long time a radiant Pearl for the motherland". Neither after him, Hu Jintao, nor today Xi Jinping have intend to damage Hong Kong. But they don’t want to let the dormant. While before 1997, the businessmen of the colony believed with a certain arrogance mainland China as their hinterlands, they quickly realized, after surrender, that their commercial future was indeed on the other side. Many have then played the map of Beijing. Independent economically, the former colony should be in his mind. Recovery in hands occurred with the press, and then with the arrival of a cohort of civil servants. Meanwhile, Hong Kong has continued to celebrate the Queen’s Day and is seated on ‘weeks gold’ Chinese employees, for May 1 and October 1, the labor day and the anniversary of the proclamation of the People’s Republic of China. . You must read this to discover more on this amazing topic.

Sales of new cars: french manufacturers are faring well.

"Restart", according to GhosnVIDEO. An interview with Carlos Ghosn on France Inter after the publication of these figures, the CEO of the automaker Renault, Carlos Ghosn, said that there was "a reboot of the European market of the automobile for the year 2014", Wednesday in an interview with France Inter.  "He y a restart in Europe it is slow it is not very very important. ” We are talking about 3-4% growth planned for 2014,"analyzes Carlos Ghosn. "This is very good news because this market has not adopted any lower since 2007," welcomed the CEO of Renault, recalling that "we have had five years of decline and we are still between 20% and 23% below the level of 2007".  China remains the most promising country with "7.5% growth in 2014", «the India is again growing after difficult two years, on the other hand the Brazil and the Russia encounter difficulties, still considers the leader. Good news for a key sector of the French economy: sales of new cars in France increased by 6.3% in September compared with the level of the same month in 2013, profiting especially french manufacturers, according to official figures published Wednesday. A comparable number of working days, the market shows a lower increase of 1.5%, and in the first nine months by 2014, sales grew by 2.1% (2.6% in comparable number of working days), the Committee of french automakers (CCFA) said in its monthly delivery of statistics. Total 151 101 new cars have been registered on 22 working days in September 2014, against 142 166 on 21 days in September 2013, comprehensive CCFA on the eve of the opening of the professional days of the Mondial de l’Automobile in Paris since the beginning of the year, 1,327 337 cars were sold in France. At the same period of last year, the figure was 1 309 813, 2013 was the low point of the crisis in the sector but volumes remain much lower than before. Balm to the heart of the french manufacturers before the great celebrates World Cup which opens its doors to the public Saturday, are the ones who shoot the better their own in arrogating 57.14% of the market in September (56.13% since the beginning of the year). PSA Peugeot-Citroen saw its sales grow by 17.3% compared to the same month in 2013, mainly thanks to the Peugeot brand (+ 25.7%), while Renault gained 5.3% of sales, can thank his low-cost Dacia brand that has elapsed 34.1% cars and more on the french market in September of last year. . You can click this to discover more regarding this interesting subject.

Taunts in the Coalition: A charming appearance.

The Minister for Economic Affairs and Vice Chancellor had said the opposite last week in the Bundestag. Gabriel announced "renegotiations" to Ceta – because the so-called safeguards for investors. "It is quite clear that we reject this investment protection rules," Gabriel said in the debate over free trade agreements of the EU with the United States and Canada, in which he had to escape the fierce attacks of the opposition from all sides emotionally. Gabriel has been there, Which one had hung the clamp "Minister of staging" around the neck of the Defense Minister. Meeting of the SPD Bundestag group early September. Gabriel made fun of the Cabinet. Even if the stand Leyen in the copy room of the Ministry of defence, she look in the distance and let himself be photographed, reported the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" as the content of his speech. The members laughed. Gabriel said: "When I get to the Copier, I check down, which I copy." Fire was free – not only for Saeed. Thomas Oppermann, the SPD Bundestag Group Chairman, put it: "The Defense Minister must now prove management qualities and fit make the Bundeswehr means." Forever, the label of "Staging" on the forehead of the Defense Minister to glue also for the case, that she was even higher, going. So, Social Democrats, telling that many Christian Democrats – even the Chancellor? -such attacks be agreeable. Hardly a Defense Minister be eliminated politically unscathed from the Office – Of course apart from Peter Struck and Helmut Schmidt, who was Chancellor, even. Deaf tried to fend off the accusation and sought the help of the Brandenburg State party with federal implications. "Where go we doing there if coalition partner each other dictate who you have to send in a Government and who will assume Which one role? That would be so, as we would say: A grand coalition can only To give’s leaving wife Schwesig in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania – because that is in fact sometimes difficult bearable for Christian Democrats. "Tauber could rely on Kauder. Merkel’s ally had more costly plans of Schwesigs in mind, recently launched in the Bundestag, sometime must "it also be good". . You should visit this to discover more on this interesting matter.

Trial Zachary: the battered lives of the alleged Marie-Jeanne Meyer’s murderer.

Overweight, short hair and beard, Anthony Draoui, 22 years, necklace is unrecognizable, Tuesday, September 30, the first day of his trial at the Assizes of the Ardèche for the murder of Marie-Jeanne Meyer. Only his eyes dark and his frowning allow to link with the photograph circulated in the press when he was wanted by the authorities. It was after the discovery of the body charred and mutilated by the brilliant 17-year schoolgirl, June 21, 2011, on the heights of Tournon-sur-Rhône, where she had left running, not far from her parents, three days earlier. Bounced around foster homes, a time entrusted to his maternal grandmother, he did remember one that was acknowledged as a father and the scene where he tried to strangle his mother. In one of the homes where it is placed, it is victim of abuse. Is silent.  The expert psychologist Catherine Benoit-Gervais, tailor cream, evokes in its turn at the helm a child in great suffering, victim of life offered to him by his mother. It took him 20 years. Is depressed, drug addict and alcoholic. The accused look up to the sky. Laying his head between his arms. Regrouped. It stops the school at age 13. Before, a year later, to seek refuge in video games. And failures. It can play up to 10 hours per day. To forget.   I have the memory of a teenager a little indented, or even very withdrawn book next to the Court one of its educators in Ardèche childhood home. He has not forgotten this iron bar and this knife hidden under the bed of Anthony. You could feel his hatred and his suffering. There was in him a big violence. To the point that the educator was not really surprised when he learned that the young man was suspected of murder. At the age of 16, Anthony Draoui begins athletics. But stops net after finishing dead last in a cross. It will go head to integrate the army. I wanted to become a great soldier had said that was not moving without a knife. And is in was also specially tailored a for hurt. Nor his son Anthony Draoui mother met his father.  It is a family marked by incest, father’s absence and the investments over several generations, yet note the expert psychologist, explaining that back and forth between his mother, his grandmother, foster families and homes have given rise (in Anthony Draoui) a feeling of rejection and abandonment. Between 18 and 20 years old, it consumes a lot of alcohol. He asked his mother to buy him the Whiskey and the wine to calm him. To be able to speak. What she does. He also commits violence on it. In 2010 including. He tries to strangle her. She was afraid of him. I was immature and irresponsible. My son has suffered from a lack of affection and attention from me concedes spontaneously, Tuesday afternoon at the bar of the Court of Assizes of Privas.  All dressed in black, sneakers and wide wool vest, the mother of the young man returns to her numerous admissions to the hospital to treat her depression. Because drugs, I désintéressais everything, and my son also says in a tiny voice. She said to visit as evenly as possible to his son, imprisoned since a little more than two years. . You must click the following to read extra on this amazing matter.

Those arrested in Nador wanted to join the yihadistaqs who beheaded the French.

The Moroccan Interior Ministry says that they had created a cell named ‘Followers of the Islamic State in the Arab West’ was going to join the Algerian terrorists because of the difficulty of reaching the territories of Syria and Iraq. Eight alleged jihadists arrested last Friday in Nador in a Spanish-Moroccan joint operation which was also arrested in Melilla its supposed leader, Mohamed Said Mohamed, had planned to join the Algerian soldiers of the Caliphate group, which last week beheaded the French Mountaineer Hervé Gourdel, according to the Moroccan Ministry of the Interior. In a statement, the Moroccan Government details some results of police investigations carried out with those arrested in Nador, which supposedly had created a Moroccan cell loyal to the Islamic State (EI) and called Ansar Dawla to the Islamya fi Maghreb Al Aqsa (followers of the Islamic State in the Arab West). This cell was supposedly responsible for recruiting volunteers to go to fight to Syria and Iraq in the ranks of the Islamic State, but recent air attacks against the Organization in Baghdad, more intensification of police and legal measures against jihadism in the Maghreb region made them change its objective. It was as well as the detainees decided to join Algerian jihadists, who recently proclaimed its obedience to the us. It’s the Algerian group Jund to the Jilafa, who until he publicly showed his loyalty to the leader of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr the Bagdadi, operated under the umbrella of the organization Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). The Moroccan Ministry of the Interior also said that eight detainees in the towns of Beni Chiker and Farhana were in close contact with other Moroccan jihadists who were planning to return to his country "to commit acts of barbarism and savagery" and "do reign a climate of terror". The eight detainees still have not gone to court, since the Moroccan anti-terrorism law allows the police investigation to be prolonged up to twelve days until the detainee is brought before the judge. The alleged leader of the Organization, the Spanish Mohamed Said Mohamed, arrested in Melilla, was sent Sunday to prison without bail by judge Javier Gómez Bermúdez, which charged him with a crime of terrorism. The judge sees evidence that there is "a high probability" that Mohamed Said is the ringleader of the cell which Morocco has been completely dismantled. The so-called jihadists Melilla fell Sunday in several inconsistencies during his statement to Gomez Bermudez, a judge of the Audiencia Nacional in terrorism, after the case of the 11-M attacks in Madrid. According to the prison auto, Mohamed Said said making a couple of weeks that he was not going to Morocco, when in fact there is evidence that returned from the neighboring country two days before his arrest. Has the police that she crossed the border loaded with suitcases and belongings, although he says that he has no friends on the other side. The researchers suspect that he had planned to go to Jihad in Syria or Iraq – See more at: http://elfarodigital. ES/Melilla/sucesos/152018-Los-8-Detenidos-en-Nador-querian-unirse-a-Los-yihadistas-que-decapitaron-a-UN-Frances. HTML #sthash. mq90GcdF. dpuf. Additional facts can be found clicking hyperlink.

China: Hong Kong question the system.

The events in Hong Kong come as no surprise. China is structurally unstable for years. That is not to change – independent also of the outcome of the current protests in Hong Kong -. The reason is simple: the problems, which has amassed the land despite the great economic progress, are enormous. According to the official demonstrations and protests threaten up to 180 000 in the year the only supposedly stable rule of the Communist Party. The people protesting against corruption, pollution, squad arbitrariness, resettlement constraints or social injustice. When and where they each break out, is as hard to predict as the imitation effects, which Very much quickly over a large area could destabilize the whole country. So far, they remain mostly isolated and can be limited despite the rapid proliferation through social networking relatively easily by the authorities and held in check. Also typically lack cameras that carry the appropriate images. So are the media effects that stimulate more protests, cancelled. The people of Hong Kong but are tried and tested demonstration. Since 1989, they demonstrate every year on June 4 to commemorate the crackdown of the student movement. Since 1997, demonstrations for more democracy are also every year on July 1, the anniversary of the handover, the order of the day. Nevertheless, the current demonstrations that shut down the Centre of Hong Kong for days, have a new quality. Make Beijing the question of the system and that should satisfy also foreign observers with concern. On system issues, Beijing has replied always with all hardness. If however 17 year old pupils are central protagonists such demonstrations, we must also ask, whether the risks of an open confrontation are In fact aware all parties. Naivete in dealing with a Communist system that threatened its stability is not only dangerous, but almost negligent. In the charged and heated with tear gas and police situation remains only hope that there are players on both sides who plead for prudence. The expectations of those officially responsible are in rather small; the demonstrators facing a brutal approach of to Chinese leaders. This will be the case also This time probably, unless there is a way that allows both sides to compromise, without having to suffer the loss of face that is famous and proverbial. One such way is not in sight at the moment. The question should be how Beijing responds to the escalating demonstrations in the next few days. But also is facing the international response: the premature applause from the United States is hypocritical and downright mendacious to the part. Firstly, you have other than fine-sounding words to offer nothing United States, what they could In fact support the demonstrators on the streets. And secondly, is the long-term stability of China – Hong Kong and or – as in the US as in the European interest. If you want, can imagine in the geopolitically tense and economically highly polluted world situation for a moment, what would an albeit temporary destabilization of China global consequences. Schadenfreude or hasty democratization successes expectations are totally out of place. Only the people of Hong Kong will end up suffering. But then the Western media will have discovered again the next hotspot, where you besserwisserisch can work off. . Original source can be found clicking the following