The new first lady: a chance policy for Afghan women?

This presence during the campaign, and thanks, are two strong symbols in a country where the situation of women is difficult. The wife of Hamid Karzai itself, Zboon, has been quasi-invisible during the reign of her husband. A positioning that was intended to appease the Conservatives, but that has been a source of criticism against it, on the part of the younger generation of Afghan women. So much more that it is a well-educated woman, whose father himself insisted on the importance of education girls, and who has been a gynecologist by profession. It would seem that Rula Ghani has chosen another route, which represents a great hope for the Afghan progressives. Certainly, it has made clear in recent interviews, she does not want to break the traditional functioning of the culture of his adopted country. But she wants to help Afghan women to be more respected and more confident same in a but of course traditional society without being necessarily fixed or wayward women’s rights, in any case historically. After all, Rula Ghani had the Afghanistan of the 1970s. She has seen women who could think of have a professional future, a career, and have the respect of others as productive individuals of society. Its positioning is, in fact, pragmatic: she won’t revolutionize the Afghanistan in forced marches. But as her husband face of corruption, she wants especially to heal the wounds of recent decades. Return to civil pre-guerres, and this share concrete actions as first lady, little by little. Rula Ghani is otherwise more respectful of the afghan traditional conservatism. Nevertheless, could be used to politically destabilize her husband? During the presidential campaign, critics were already particularly hard against it. Thus, one of the main supporters of Abdullah Abdullah, Atta Mohammad Noor, was able to go up to say that Ghani would make a good bad president because his wife and his children are even not Afghans; one of the candidates for the Vice-Presidency on the side of Abdullah, Mohammad Mohaqeq, as to the him, sometimes highlighted Rula Ghani as a foreigner and a non-Muslim not including anything in Afghan society,. But we must make the difference between political rhetoric and reality. At the same time, Ghani supporters played on the Pashtun chauvinism, and it was not uncommon to hear by some, with some influence in the capital, that the Afghanistan was not ready for a ‘non-Pashtun president’ (A. Abdullah is associated with the Tajiks),. a somewhat light way to explain the fraud that have marked the second round. Sexism, racism, xenophobia and anti-Western feelings, all means were good to smear the opponent during the elections. Now all these politicians who themselves are insulted each other, sometimes with arguments below the waist, are working together in the same Government,. So on the side of the political class, the storm seems to be past,. for now. On the other hand, a conservative fringe will necessarily oppose Rula Ghani. A false interview with it introduces in Christian proselytizing, seeking to convert the whole of Afghan women. This is probably why it is more openly since little expressed: it is to oppose rumors. They may seem absurd, but the conspiracy theories and slander are sadly commonplace in public debate, both in Afghanistan and Pakistan. What does not arrange anything, it is that there are some conservative clerics, including in Kabul, including among the most important, who consider the character of foreign and Christian of the first lady as a cultural threat. A situation that could cause some of them to declare illegitimate Ghani Presidency term. On the other hand, Rula Ghani could be an obstacle for the Government Ghani in his report to the Taliban. In his inaugural speech, the president also made national reconciliation his priority. It is, in this, in continuity with Karzai, in agreement with the Pakistanis, but also with the Americans (and thence with the Europeans who are not independent policy in this area anyway). It is a realistic and understandable policy for Kabul: to be short and direct, the Americans and their allies were not serious in their war against the Taliban. These are returned, to become a force not easily circumvented. So what the armies of NATO have failed to do, the only Afghan army will be unable to get it by force. Will have to use political and not necessarily military logic to solve the problem posed by Mullah Omar. However although many in Afghan society are uncomfortable with Bibi Gul, one can imagine that on the side of the Taliban, the rejection is total. Certainly, it will be always Taliban say they accept girls schools. . . But the feminist Taliban, it’s kinda like the Taliban moderate: we are still waiting to meet, specifically,. The verifiable history of the Taliban, it is the oppression of women, a caricature of morals already very conservative in their country. Their vision of Afghan society is opposed to influence any of a strong female character at the highest level of the State. The Taliban, intellectually, are indeed the spiritual descendants of the conservatives being manipulated by the British in 1928. Despite the dangers of political attitude implies, the positioning of Rula Ghani is especially beneficial. The afghan people will not be saved by foreign embassies and NGOs, but that by itself. And after more than three decades of civil wars, it is necessary that all the forces of this nation are mobilized. Including women. And Ms. Ghani can give political impetus to improving their fate, and for greater involvement of the latter in the shaping of the Afghanistan of tomorrow. . For more insights regarding this subject visit source.

Conflict in the Ukraine: war of the accusations.

In a report, HRW raises serious accusations against the Ukrainian army. Therefore she should have fired cluster bombs in the Eastern Ukraine. She used internationally outlawed weapons in more than a dozen places in the fight to Donetsk. They disintegrate before impact in many small parts and can transform this whole areas in mine fields, which is particularly dangerous for civilians. One hundred per cent set HRW not wants however, because some attacks do not clearly identify themselves could be, who have fired the bombs. But the evidence suggests several attacks that Ukrainian Government troops were responsible – especially in the shelling of the Donetsk city center. In the densely populated city of Donetsk, about a million people lived in peacetime, now many of them have fled. The New York Times (NYT) reported similar. Thus were on October 2nd and 5th such attack wounded six people and killed an employee of the Red Cross. The newspaper refers to eye-witnesses. Also, examining the impact sites point out that came the cluster munitions from the direction of areas controlled by government troops. Witnesses reported that they saw rockets from this direction on the days in question. The organization found evidence of isolated crimes on both sides. There is no doubt of illegal executions and atrocities that have been committed by pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian militia in the Eastern Ukraine, the Ukraine expert Deepak Worner Amnesty says. However, it is hard to determine the extent. Many of the shocking cases, which were published in particular by Russian media, are vastly overblown, she said. In some cases, there have been executions in which it could be war crimes. Russian Foreign Minister Sergej Lawrow had reports of 400 bodies in mass graves in territory controlled by Ukrainian militia. A claim that contradicted AI. A delegation found evidence of the illegal execution of four men by Ukrainian militia near the village of Kunar. Therefore, the bodies lie in two graves. There is, however, no convincing evidence of mass killings or tombs. MH17 also shows how difficult are the independent reporting and investigation of incidents in the Eastern Ukraine. Employees of the OSCE prevented after firing repeatedly because the machine to reach the crash site. Human rights organizations such as HRW and AI are dependent for their work especially in witness – for example patients, doctors, journalists. AI sent a delegation to the Ukraine for his report, but conceded that it was not possible to investigate all reports of illegal killings. Often, access only to the areas that had lost a war party of just the other is possible. HRW CITES in his report as well as witnesses on a week-long study of impact sites of suspected cluster bombs in the Eastern Ukraine. . You should check this to discover extra about this interesting subject.

Vivienne Westwood: Everything should be dismantled. I was!.

Westwood: I would like to make it clear: I would never be interested in becoming a nun. Never, never, never! Why? I have no interest in what is after my death. I find no reason to believe I could reappear in some form, I’m quite happy just to disappear one day. Of course I was thinking not much, after all, what I know dying could be a pretty awful experience. But my interest is in this world, and I assume that I have a life and should make the best of it. TIME: Did you do this time? One imagines that you tinkered of new T-Shirt designs, such as with the Cowboys facing with their pants down, tail to tail. What were doing in the meantime Ben and Joe? TIME: McLaren invented is the Sex Pistols in 1975, the boys were wearing your T-Shirts with the naked woman breasts – the first transgender fashion. You saw yourself in LaTeX lingerie. What’s so great about LaTeX? Westwood: I think what unites everything I’ve ever done is the heroic. It stands out from all and represents something that is important. You make a statement. They go with head held high, and are big and strong. I felt exactly like it. And it’s exciting to feel so strong. TIME: Ended very unheroisch, punk like SID vicious stabbed his girlfriend Nancy in 1978 by the sex pistols. You made the next day a T-Shirt to: she is dead I’m alive,. Blood-red streaks on diaper tulle. Westwood: But I have the T-Shirt but not on sale made! Why did I do it? HM. you know I loved SID vicious. But he was incredibly immoral and irresponsible. He was sweet and smart, but he knew no difference between right and wrong. Once in America, they were sex pistols with Malcolm in a Café. They made up some rednecks. The mood was so that you, as soon as they left the Café, would beat them. SID stood up, went to her table, drew his knife, cut himself on the arm and let drip blood on their steaks. SID was. Westwood: How can I explain it? Watteau forcing anything on anyone. It is the expression on the faces, the way how people hold hands. In the Wallace collection here in London is a picture where a kid looks at his dog. As Watteau captures this reality, the truth is this, that makes no one after him. He shows a human world. This is the culture, I will quote how Matthew Arnold defined she -? Westwood: Culture is the pursuit of perfection through the encounter with the best that has been thought and said in the world. This knowledge is it possible a dream of fresh and free thought in our – ideas? Habits? to flow. This is a way to critically look at our world and improve,. So he said it: a stream of fresh and free thought! In this way, our culture revitalizes. We have to try that. Westwood: Well, I could say that I gladly would stop with the fashion, to focus on other things. But as a designer, I have the opportunity to say what I think. And the company needs me. Even though I sometimes think I’ve done enough, really. I’m not wholeheartedly here, what is unfair on my husband, Andreas Kronthaler and our designer, where everything depends on. He pulls with politically really, he’s going with me on demonstrations, we were together with Greenpeace in Antarctica, but he said to me the other day: Vivienne! A dress is important!. Similar data can be inspected checking

Christophe Margerie: Total is not responsible for all the ills.

[Archive of 13/12/2012] What strikes from Christophe de Margerie, is before all this contraction with which it re ILO visitors in his office perch on the 44th floor of a tower of D defence, with panoramic views of Paris. Before landing, there a problem urgent me r address: show the pitiful state of puppetry indon Siena Assistant offered by a collaborator. Big mustache, as he is known, is then engaged with pleasure not Randolph the exercise of the interview. His answers are as the PZPR are Russian. They reflect his t to the dialectic go. And, for some, they would almost forget his boss of the fifth Cap me group p oil world. Beautiful player despite critics it cash, it slams you when m the kiss me leaving you. It lies I know, because I have quite a few issues with him at the time o Mittal wanted to buy Arcelor. I thought the e arrival in France, a group like hers was positive. What makes the success of a country, it is not only its successes the inside their borders ext r, it is also its ability to welcome and work with companies res trang on its territory. The fa on which the Florange folder is g r me g does. It reminds me of what pass for us with the closure of the refinery in Dunkirk voil some ann es. It should be stopping caricature. There is not a c t m song patterns and, on the other, the Nice employees. For a business to d develops, cr e value and therefore employment, it must have the means to invest. One passes his time in this country fit people against the other. This is stupid. Do we trust and arr tones to be afraid! The one and only fa to maintain an industry, it is, in fact, to be more competitive comp. Cannot compete with costs of emerging countries. Our strength will come from our ability create products sufficiently diff s differential, with a strong e added value. To do this, still need d finish an industrial policy and choose the res fili hoped preferred gier. L�. . . has becomes a little more decided. It’s like the political energy tick: voil of ann es that the France or Europe cannot develop a policy in the mati re. I have d cid not me again speak on the subject. Talking helps block the situation. S D Total takes the floor on us soup onne to do so only for d crack our int r ts and those of our shareholders. I do not understand the agressivit aroused by this bat d. Little story about shale gas, is not Total, you know, who has deposited an application for permit in the Larzac. However, it is this that set fire to the powder. V rit, behind attacks on this technology, allegedly dangerous pr, target, it is the gas and, more globally, the fossil energy. Gas is yet less CO2 than coal or oil p Director. I’m still pr t d beat r of CO2 emissions reduction efforts necessary to d carbonner the plan you but the real question is whether you want such as energy: If we do not want nucl area and carbon, what remains? Well s r, the new energies. But is that enough? Non! Yes, and I try it to be less. We are the first company fran easy, but we are not responsible for all the ills. Our b n profits are proportional our size. In France, one company that earns money, it is frowned. Well obviously, these b n profits do not serve only r mun rer our shareholders. We use them primarily to invest massively – two times more than our b n profits – and d develop new projects. When I explain this, everyone understands it and accepts it. But I r p oblig ter every morning. The important on the Erika, this is not communication, it is the accident. There out the beaches. It is true that we poorly g r this crisis. We have made technical errors on the temp temperature water, on knowing whether the product would disperse, or not, the influence of the currents,. And then, it was the eve of no. l. Now, left traces? On the beaches, not in the hearts, Yes. Today, can no longer speak of peak oil, the time o resources start d cro tre. The evolution of hydrocarbons known as conventional, both r gas p oil, should, according to the pr visions, allow to double the resources of the plan te. There are p oil for at least a hundred years and gas for even longer! This is good news, especially for motorists. In the m me time, we have to produce Mani always more s re re and respectful of the environment. It has a t co, plus a growing technical complexity. This has contributed to raise the price of a barrel these last res ann es. Not advisable? I would say rather t not s recommended. But if we do tions pr present that in democratic countries, it would be quickly short p oil. These countries, politicians consider sufficiently respectable to visit. And our pr presence allows us to move the lines and help improve the economic situation am. Acceptable, it is in r reference our ethics code. If you can not respect it, it cannot stay. It begins with the human rights. Then there is the question of internal security of our employees, and not just the French, and facilities. We find it arrived from the Middle East, Indon sie or Libya, for example,. and return! Yes, completely. In fact, we have never had the time to really work. And then there was Fukushima. Today, there is a true d beats in many countries on nucl area and we are not the better s plac to take part. We have therefore pr f r s focus on renewable energy: solar energy and biomass. � . For extra facts regarding this topic visit site.

What is the economy version Martine Aubry worth?

Jur, it seeks neither Matignon, nor the Elys e, and probably not Bercy. But Martine Aubry is headwind against policy economic men e by the Government. After his initial stroke this Sunday in the columns of the JDD, the Mayor of Lille has l g particularly dulcor her speech on France Inter antenna this Monday, but she persists and signs: need to do away with the old lib Rails Recipes. Here’s how the re of the 35 m h would like to cut back the ex Executive his leanings social-lib raux cooking growth its own sauce, this is –say social-d Chairman. Like Arnaud Montebourg in his time, Martine Aubry GB you somewhat the imbalance of the Covenant of responsibility as it has t pens and built by the Government. The 50 billion savings redistribu s for the more much business and m more modest households in the form of drops of imp ts, Montebourg opposed the rule of the three thirds r: one third for m households, one third for enterprises and one third for the public deficit reduced. In the mouth of Martine Aubry, this last point disappears. The Mayor of Lille would so-called cr d s gag under the Pact b n receive 50% business and for the balance (50%) benefits the modest households m and s communities. But the e id is the m me: att nuer policy of the offer (in favour of businesses) and demand. But kick is the cruelest penknife on the r form tax that comes to the Government with the removal of the first instalment of the imp (IR) income. Martine Aubry, who calls the measure in a more global perspective including the freezing of retirement benefits and the decline of family benefits, calls a true r form. The Mayor of Lille pr do merger – often e voqu but still no-implementation of the CSG and the tax on the income. Objective display: establish a fairer tax (CSG is e pay by all and its rate is not progressing according to income), less painful (the t imp would be pr lev source) and would redistribute purchasing at the lowest power. In 2011, the Economist Thomas Piketty, who was not even at the height of his fame, felt that merging GSG – IR would result a decrease in pr l movements required for 97% of taxpayers. � . Inspirational facts may be found reading this info.

It has never been as hot in September since 1880.

September 2014 was the warmest September world on Earth and on the surface of the oceans since temperature records began in 1880, announced Monday the United States Oceanographic and atmospheric Agency (NOAA). "It’s also the 38th month of consecutive September during which the Earth’s overall temperature was above the average of the 20th century," said NOAA. Last month, the temperature at the surface of the oceans and land amounted to 15.72 degrees Celsius or 0.72 degrees above the 20th century average (15 degrees). With September 2013, they are among the six warmer months of September ever recorded. In 2014, may, June, August and September were the warmest ever recorded. With the exception of February, all other months have been among the hottest ever recorded for each four, says NOAA. On land around the world, temperatures were warmer than average, except in the center of the Russia and Eastern parts and the Canada Northern. "Heat records have been registered in particular in northern West Africa, parts of the coast of Latin America, the Australia Southwest Southeast, regions of the Middle East and some parts of Southeast Asia.". You should read the following website to learn extra on this interesting subject.

Iran, terror in Isfahan women who do not wear the veil properly are punished with acid.

-In one of the most beautiful cities of Iran, Isfahan, also called the world destination about 400 kilometers from Tehran it is consuming acid horror on the faces of women. There have been reports about six cases, but might be even more. You do not know the reasons, but many people believe that they are punishments related to the fact that women filled wouldn’t wore the veil properly. Women in Iran, from the 1979 Islamic Revolution, are forced to wear (headscarves) Hijab in any event outside the four home. Some of these attacks have been identified, but the hypotheses on the reasons, as well as the political identity of the principals of these heinous acts are currently contradictory. The city of Isfahan, admired throughout the centuries for its architectural beauty, is today a city unsure in which are targeted primarily young women. For about two weeks, groups of motorcyclists should be around to throw acid on girls who do not wear the Hijab. The police are investigating to find the culprits, even under the pressure of many citizens of the city, which intendno to return calm to the famous Persian towns. According to some reports were six women brought to Feyz hospital in Isfahan after suffering an attack. The hospital is specialized in treating eye diseases. Surveys show that the average age of women is approximately thirty years. A resident of Isfahan said in addition to Wire that Iran, about two weeks ago a group of young men had approached a girl and had thrown a bucket of water on her face. There was no acid in the bucket, but only water mixed with chemicals that gave the sensation of burning. The news about responsible of attacks with acid to the face are still very confused. Some suspects have been arrested, but police refused to specify the hypotheses that are advancing on the motive. It is not at all to exclude that these episodes can be conceived and organized by autonomous groups of Islamic extremists, opposed to the current leadership headed by Hassan Rouhani. Imagine the opposite, namely that the attacks can be attributed to extremist fringes, though, that belong to the Government in Tehran, more than a little stonerebbe than the image damage that Iran would suffer, particularly in view of the nuclear talks, planned for November 24. A revolutionary guards Commander of Isfahan, Akbar Pakzad told IranWire: I heard the news that really shocked me-actions such as these are prohibited by religion, by the sharia and by State law. Anyone carry out such acts, with any excuse, commits an offence and shall be punished by maximum sentences. Who behaves so cannot be considered a human being. Even the Hojatolislam Mohammad Taghi Rahbar, a religious scholar of Isfahan, condemned the attacks, saying the Agency ISNA: Are reprehensible acts. Even if a woman goes to the streets in the worst way, nobody has the right to do such a thing. Despite the openings made by Hassan Rohani, the Iranian Parliament passed a law that gives more power to the morality patrols. These units circulate on the streets with the task to monitor and ensure the proper Islamic clothing for women. Although a large part of the population voluntarily wearing the Hijab, with a sense of belonging for both cultural and religious reasons, another part is strongly opposed to this tax. The question of the veil in Iran is reason of strong, even political discussions. In 1936 the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the proclaimed, as a symbol of backwardness, and became mandatory in 1979 with the Ayatollah Komeyni. Thereafter, there have been protests, with the faint hope of giving freedom of choice to the Iranian women. Under article 638 of the Iranian Penal Code, ratified in 1996, women who appear in public without wearing a religiously acceptable coverage are punishable by a term of imprisonment of between 10 days and two months or with a fine. The modern Iranian have used new strategies and the veil of today is for the more symbolic and lets you see the hair. During last summer have been numerous demonstrations in Iran pro-hijab to bring women to an appropriate use of the veil, according to the dictates of Islam. . For additional insights regarding this matter check

Shares in hospital, 130 Italian centres make it less than 500 a year.

In Italy there are 133 hospitals carrying less than 500 parts per year. Therefore, these structures do not respect the minimum parameter fixed by ministerial hospital standards. The survey took into account 521 hospitals.   The Outcome Report 2014 shows the developed by the Agency for regional health services (Nlh) on behalf of the Ministry of health. The agreements between the State and the actual Region since 2010 in fact, involve the closure of the maternity ward with less than 500 parts according to the regulation on quantitative and qualitative standards of hospital care. One of the most important indicators is that concerns the volume of hospitalizations for childbirth: still many facilities do not meet the standards, in particular because it has been shown that the centers with a number of births more guarantee best results for the health of women and children.   Regions with more hospitals under "security level" are Campania, Sicily and Lazio.  For example, at Villa Regina, in the province of Bologna 35 children were born, 21 in the Hospital District in the province of Trapani. The data in this particular ranking though, explain the experts of Nlh, including nursing homes non-accredited private not always manage to distinguish only by name: for example, in Lazio, of twelve under 500 structures, six private nursing homes are not credited. Since it was established the national outcomes Programme that compares the performance of healthcare facilities, it seems that Italian hospitals have recorded an increase in the number of surgeries performed in the times established by international guidelines.  The program compares the performance of healthcare facilities in all regions, based on 129 indicators ranging from 30-day mortality for stroke for stroke, the proportion of Caesarean sections to a 30-day complications following gallbladder export. The promoters of the program point out that this is not about rankings, ratings or rankings, but a tool at the disposal of companies, Regions and operators to improve performance.  The proportion of Cesarean sections, for example, rose from 29% in 2008 to 26% in 2013, with big differences between regions: Campania, for example, cesarean childbirth on two. . You must visit the following home page to learn more on this amazing subject.

Joaquín Leguina: Blesa carries since 96 writing the manifesto to can.

Cantabria, politician and writer. Joaquín Leguina was the first President of the community of Madrid (twelve years), "the Quaternary bottom", so defines it in his Twitter account. He was also Secretary general of the Madrid Socialist Federation (WSF) for eleven years; and despite much charge has been and remains one of the voices most critical in his party. ‘When I see something wrong, no me callo nothing’, warns us. ‘The 10 myths of catalan nationalism’ is his new book, and there allowed dismantling ‘antics’ nationalist "that have done so much damage in Catalonia". On the eve of knowing what will happen the 9N; autonomous elections just around the corner; the position of the Government; Sánchez (general Secretary of the PSOE) federalism and the excitement of proconsulta parties, which are not in agreement on the lists for a possible plebiscitarias, Leguina dismantling one by one all the myths that many Catalans have believed and continue to believe to ask for independence. Against this background we meet Leguina in a cafe downtown, punctual and somewhat curious. Asks us if we are a digital and, almost without anesthesia, we begin with the interview. 1) in what will be the 9N? The conflict would be solve giving more money and autonomy to Catalonia?This battle is to lose, but the State goes down the leg down. What is not is that come, ask for one thing and another request if not given. That roll has to end. Therefore, I do not think anything pass the 9N. Nothing is nothing. Now they are already quarreling among themselves, as expected. -But urns, schools, or ballots?You cannot place an urn on a town square but it is useless, dear. (2) it appears that the inquiry was toy (no legal consistency) now, they already speak of plebiscitarias but they are not in agreement. That is good. They are never going to entirely agree. They have elevated their individual fights to battle at national and international level. Who supports them at the international level? They are Russia, United States, China,. they are isolated, they have nothing. They know that if they want independence should it get to Cannon and I hope does not happen them because we are more. (3) believes that the partner of more on all this will be the PSC?Of course, but it will say get off you this donkey and we got on another horse. All the solutions I think the least bad, although Russia a great final battle between ERC and CiU, which would win ERC and CiU would disappear. Then would be the time act because with ERC can not speak, do not know almost Spanish, we cannot understand us. Out of jokes. You have to talk to Catalan society very seriously, and redo the political spaces that have been crushed that are center left, represented by the PSC which has lost more than half of the votes he had; and CiU which goes directly has pulled to suicide. These politicians attend suicide doesn’t worry me too much, what worried me is that the vast majority of Catalan society is without political representation. -So as you can see the final:si the economic crisis that is behind all the separatist issue had not affected also to the political situation in the rest of Spain, would see it with great optimism.? But the affect (the crisis) also to the cortes generals and the autonomous communities, the thing becomes more complicated. (4) do you think that the crisis has been the trigger?Without a doubt, only the crisis and some previous errors. Which makes them jump to more and all these is that at no time in his political life have wanted to assume absolutely no responsibility. Were not going to take responsibility as the who had to approve restricting public expenditure in a brutal manner, as in the rest of Spain but most indebted. They will never accept any responsibility. That is the beginning and the end of any peripheral nationalism. -You think that after this you will be greeted by the catalan people like Azaña (from cheers)?But it will be seen as a suicidal politician. (5) I read a quote from his book: "nationalism has made with the Spanish what Franco with the catalan". Exactly the same thing. It aims to do the same. Franco banned the public use of catalan, naturally Catalan mother tongue families were talking at home in catalan. But at the school could not speak in catalan, in the newspapers could not be written in catalan, that’s what intend these only upside down. (6) reflects an ironic phrase of Juan Carlos Girauta (citizens) who says in his book: "Spain is a concept on the right and the left has done a priceless favour separatism". Do you think it?Girauta thinks that this is not true and I do not. Damage comes from opposition to the Franco regime, naturally the nationalist Catalans and Basques were against Franco for obvious reasons and the left also. The anti-Franco front mixed ‘sheep and goats’, which had never happened in the Republic (which the left had allied with separatists) happened during the dictatorship of Franco. This has led all left, to Liberals, to think that the concept of Spain Franco, was invented so that patriotism in an antique,. No European left at this time would put into question their own patriotism or it would mix never in a Government with separatist people, even the British Labour Party in Scotland. (7) reading the book I get the feeling that the Catalans have believed their own fairy tale, in the catalan case. It is a sentimental question that makes sense. In the book I show it with data not I invented them me. It is clear that when the challenge lanzan is when it grows. It is the political momentum that makes change of opinion and not vice versa. Don’t know which currency will have, or if it will continue within the EU if they become independent, what leads them to say yes?The instilled hatred to Spain that are poisoning the school, etc,.(8) this week to explain the case of ebola, a German TV showed the map of Spain without Catalonia. How see you outside?I don’t think that almost nobody understands it. (Laughs) The great tragedy of Europe have been small flight nationalisms. For example, the latest tragedy has been the of Yugoslavia, which is this same. (Didn’t want the great seal Serbia? 9) among historical myths collects the compromise of Caspe, the reapers,. could tell Me another?The last myth that is the most offensive of all, is that of ‘Spain steals from US’. Conceived by Catalan nationalists. I think that it comes from ERC 10) do Quo Vadis PSC?In his birth is a set of groups and leaders of the petty bourgeoisie, earned some high, which meanwhile had support of the PSOE in Catalonia General and lost the autonomous, but not by much. It was a party which included many votes of immigration and of the whole catalan progressivism life was a basic game. – And what was the point of decline?I think it is when Maragall (expresident of the Generalitat) which I think is a great person and a great Manager of City Hall, goes mad again and wants to replace the nationalism of Pujol. For that becomes more nationalistic than Pujol and passed as with photocopies, that people prefer the original, in this case to Pujol, or more, his heir, companion of party and business also (laughter). I don’t know why the Government does not take off everything you know of Artur Mas. It is a good question that I take. -To believe that the Government expected? I think that what is waiting for you is that you commit suicide politically or trying to save him in the end. I guess I think that she remains the substantial representation of a part of Catalonia and I think already it is not, it was. (11) the Statute did damage?The impact that has on Catalonia in the new statute, that it wanted to Maragall and Zapatero, one of the geniuses who pass to history by his political folly with great rating. What they did was to create a frutracion of such size that they do exploit the mechanism are invented an unconstitutional statute, overwhelmingly and would not speak with the PP, which led him to the Constitutional Court. Zapatero did two things that any politician with half a brain would have done, the first would be noted how many people have to participate in a referendum law to be valid, and the second restore the prior unconstitutional appeal to one step further is there could not find until TC gave its judgment. They preferred to pull the cart behind the horse and we did. They are large responsible for this mess because if they had not done that they would have not given them the arguments (to the Catalans). (12) are one of the few Socialists that you have been very critical with your party, especially with Zapatero. Have you felt in the Party excluded, would I it do?    No, what you may not know is that the vast majority of the Party agree with me what happens is that they not open their mouths or tell me in private. (13) what Sanchez and Iceta means?Yes, I think that Iceta is wiser now, although it is not a Holy one of my devotion. Before it was picked up by the nationalists, is now easier to turn. Since many idiots are gone,. If you are a nationalist go to the nationalist party, don’t mess here (PSC). (14) are you of those who think to make Spain a single Federal State should rename it?Yes. What is the difference between the State of autonomies and the U.S. federal Government? There is a substantial difference: that in North America, La Rioja would never have been a State (laughs) but in terms of competencies and performance is the same. (15) where is this the case Pujol, has served to give you time and cover it?Pujol and his family saga will end up in jail as it should be. This has not left him free to CiU (politically). The Catalans will now have common sense and say, these can not vote it already. Spain steals from us, not, Pujol has stolen. (16) what Pujol’s surprise you?No, because 4 or 5 years ago I had counted some entrepreneur here in Madrid had asked a paste. Pujol personally. -Can Pujol? Pujol in his office at the Government asked money. – And gave it? No, says no. And it was, naturally, without money. – And why if you know this is not denounced? That had to have reported is the entrepreneur, if reports it how you show! Employers usually do not wear recorder in your pocket. (17) what will you hear in Catalonia the federalism proposed by Sanchez?If we knew what you proposed Pedro Sánchez with federalism,. (laughter) – is being very critical not?This does not come back, it is not Pedro Sánchez who invented this. Has the Declaration of Granada arranged something? No, nothing. That is why Pedro Sánchez is caught by the Granada Declaration. It is a toast to the Sun. All general Secretary has a stone in the shoe, it is really wrong with a stone in the shoe and this stone is the PSC, that the solution has to come from the PSC. That it is lower of that car. – And while?While there are to agree with the Government that here is nothing. I think that if things change in the Constitution, for example, title VIII. But it is one thing to change it and other is cheating by changing the preliminary title and title I by the back door. And we will not that allow many Spaniards, and I the first. Not we will let them make traps at the solo. (18) how do you view Pedro Sánchez? That should give you time. Pretty good doing it in their political discourse. Another thing is that you goal paw in something, as we do it all. -If you would like the troops from Iraq? (4 September refused to send troops to Iraq, for weeks, be supporter along with Rajoy) what do you think?Of course that it should send troops to Iraq. I think we everyone should get wet on this issue against the us. If you are passing a knife it is better that you go first. There has been a war that is as justifiable as that since Alexander the great. -Returning to Pedro Sanchez, how do see attacks for having been a member of the general Assembly of Caja Madrid?That you try to take that shit is already high,. I was exactly in the same place as Sanchez when I was Councillor and I received not a penny. I went once and I said here I do not return, go waste of time. I saw what was that, a joke. An Assembly of thousands of people and nothing was done, so I didn’t and Pedro Sánchez equal. (- Painting it as well, be could learn something of the preferred? is going to learn!, if not found it out nor the governing body How are going to find out Pedro Sánchez! 18) in an article this week ended with the following question: "there will be a judge who is able to lock up Miguel Blesa and José Antonio Moral Santin in the same cage?" Can I answer?    I hope Yes. . . We will see this judge who goes slow as the workhorse of the bad (judge Andreu) but is already answering you. Blesa carries since 96 writing the manifesto to the can. The damage that has done to Spanish democracy is incalculable. I see fatal. Mistakes like these last that killed Madam Minister, that will not be much hard. The issue is rather more serious that what has happened. It is that we are not doing anything where the problem is. There are going to solve the problem there, to cut the chain of infection. The military can solve it better than anyone. They have a medical unit trained for these things and spend not only money, volunteers and military. They are trained and are disciplined. . You should read the following blog to learn extra on this great topic.

Leïla Bekhti: I know that I devien­drai MOM.

Then, Leïla Bekhti has expressed his love for his people. There is never enough family, I believe, has launched. Today, I am aware of the values that have received me. My father said joked that he is jealous, I love talking about my mother and a little less of it. As they regularly left to Sidi Bel Abbès, in Algeria, they are my brother and my sister, of seven and eight years my seniors, who have much occupied me. I owe them a lot, said the actress.   Married since 2010 to actor Tahar Rahim, the l ‘ Oréal Paris Muse has expressed his desire of maternity. I know that I will become MOM, ca it is clear. But I anticipate nothing, she argued. The day where it will happen, is necessarily the right time. Pending to be mother, she takes care of his nephews of four and six years. I told their parents that if ever they wanted to leave a few months, they could let me life without worry. For now, they are my life, she said.   . You must check the following to read extra regarding this interesting matter.