Radio France: Gallet wants to disseminate the pub of the SNCF and Air France.

Matthieu Gallet also pleaded, like Rémy Pflimlin and President of Arte, Véronique Cayla, to expand the licence fee, which funds all public broadcasting, holders of computers, tablet or smartphone, and no longer only owners of televisions.  "As the royalty (indexed to inflation) grows less quickly because of a low inflation, I am advocating a wider than the single TV plate", he insisted, explaining that since the radio is now enriched with images and videos on the internet, we listen and also looks on these media. It also refers to targets for increase of hearing: "France Inter fell to 9% in July, this is clearly not satisfactory, we must go back to the normal level of 10%. France music, it fell 1.4%, when Radio Classique is 2.2%-2, 3%, we must go back and get closer to 2%. France Info fell to 7.5%, here too we must resume points, he said. For le Mouv’, group is considering «a possible name change» and aims ‘ 15-34 (year) of urban cultures ", in returning a string very mostly music to discover new francophone talent"around the notion of groove, as hip-hop, electro, with wider than commercial radio playlists. .

German ban of Islamic State: operation deterrence.

In the future, any participation IS in Germany is punishable. Propaganda in social networks. Fundraising. Recruiting supporters and fighters. The wearing of symbols. A violation can mean up to two years prison. We do present, so the Federal Government wants to be what the war on terror. We need to prevent that radicalized Islamists carry their Jihad in our cities, the Interior Minister says. It is, if you will, a preventive measure. De Maizières officials about the ban plan hatched week country. Given the news of terror from the region – there are now more than 400 German tourists of Jihad, fighting in Syria and about 100 radical returnees – it needed a signal. Just the returnees, including active fighters and many propaganda specialists worry the authorities. You could advertise in this country for the IS-new recruits, raise money, and at worst are planning attacks, the fear. The Americans put pressure. At the UN, they’re pushing for a long time that that each Member State classifies as a terrorist organization IS. And above all hovers the trauma of September 11. Before the New York attacks the cell of bombers in Hamburg remained undetected. Similar should not Once again happen. Actually, the question arises to what extent de Maizières ban price is more than symbolic politics. Security the security authorities can tell how strong are the structures of IS in Germany by returnees from Syria. Is questionable also, as we are to succeed, comprehensively and sustainably to delete IS communication in the social networks. Banning of the trademark IS, the black flag, sounds plausible. Because on it but a part of the Islamic creed, as well as the seal of the Prophet is depicted, a ban could become fundamental problematic. De Maizières people see no risk. You are sure: in this combination, the flag is used exclusively by IS. .

Biotech in Munich: catching up with the competition.

Was still Prime Minister, Edmund Stoiber clustering among its Lieblingswörtern. That is so A lot like bundling on German. And she gave Stoiber for the secret of the success of biotechnology in Munich. Since the fact that a certain company here sitting, attracting more companies in the same industry. Therefore, the Government of Stoiber put hundreds of millions euro in the development of the biotech industry. The cluster effect has meant that four out of five Bavarian biotech companies in the greater Munich area – settled and 275 million euro venture capital there flowed a few years ago. Now gone, where investors Munich biotech companies and their ideas tear, the venture capital decreased by almost ten times the amount: EUR 30 million. What was outstanding yesterday, today is maybe just fine or simply of course in international comparison, says Peter Driessen, CEO of industry and Chamber of Commerce (ICC) for Munich and Upper Bavaria. In other words: No more grow the biotech and pharmaceutical industries in the metropolitan region of Munich, sometimes even shrinking. According to a Chamber of Commerce study, presented by Driessen on Thursday together with Mayor Josef Schmid (CSU), 377 companies from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries generated a turnover of 8.5 billion euros in the last year–two billion less than in the year 2008, when the study was last conducted. The biggest problem in the industry, says Driessen, was, that the sources of financing of the company for the lengthy process of product development are virtually dried up. That hardly anyone puts money into the biotech industry, has also to do with the investors have become risk averse since the end of the new economy and the recent financial crisis. And the development of drugs is now a risky thing. The failure rate is high. It creates a drug not to market maturity, the total loss threatens. In addition, investors need A lot of patience, drug development is often up to 15 years. Yet gold rush, there was in the 1990s the investors seem meanwhile have lost their courage. In addition, that the approval process for drugs in the United States and Asia are shorter, which brings donors of earlier gains and more attractive makes an investment for them. The result of all of this could be according to Chamber of Commerce Chief Driessen, biotech Munich will becoming a mere collection of service providers, contract laboratories and distributors who sell their know-how to financially strong companies abroad to be able to survive in the long term. It seems that sales have already begun: 2008 international corporations alone have bought seven companies in the Munich region. To prevent this in the future, Driessen calls well shorter authorisation procedures and a better tax incentives of investment in biotechnology research and development. .

A drawing found in Gibraltar chamboule perception of the Neanderthals.

In 2012, scientists have found in Gorham cave, discovered at the beginning of the 20th century on a coast of the Strait of Gibraltar, a rock drawing representing grooves engraved in saltire. Previously, there had already been found bones of animals and residues of habitats dating back to 40 or 50 000 years. It is known that at the time of the Neanderthals, this country abounded in various animals they hunted. Predators such as, for example, hyenas were also present. Drawing, barely noticeable and hidden by the sweepings, was discovered on a small jump, 100 metres from the entrance to the cave. A layer of soil above the dolomite, which also included articles of the daily life of the ancient inhabitants of the cave, helped to define the approximate rock drawing age, namely 39,000 years. So far, no trace of drawings or engravings in these places had been found. Clive Finlayson, Director of the Gibraltar Museum, discusses the importance of the discovery made in the cave: "it is a design engraved on stone. It is abstract, done on purpose and has a geometric shape. Could we consider it art? No doubt, because this requires a similar to our reason. Essentially, it is that we see the first drawing that has not been achieved by modern man. First, experts did not believe not the intelligent source of serious grooves. "Is this a painting? ” I do not know, but it surely is an abstract design. We can say specifically that it was more than 39,000 years ago when there was still no modern man near Gibraltar", says Ms. Finlayson. To understand who made this drawing and when, remained the scientists that try to make themselves similar cross on a stone plate dolomite of the same type. Experiments with various tools showed that this drawing was done by a man who had scratched several times in stone by using a sharp object. "Dolomite is a very solid stone, this is why many forces needed to do that," think Francesco D’Errico, participating in these experiments. Of after the scientists to do this drawing, it took use a tool up to 300 times, devoting an hour minimum, which, moreover, was to be very hurtful for the hand. .

Miscarriage: how to rely?

The situation of the couple, the waiting time before a positive test, the screening more or less developed in this upcoming baby are parameters to be taken into account in psychological disarray. Some couples rely on rational arguments as I had more abundant rules, nature took over its rights, it was an egg that may be sufficient to handle the situation. Another case of possible figure mentioned by Navy, who, before having her daughter, lived a miscarriage in two weeks. I didn’t even know I was pregnant. I do not take it as a false layer, so it was early, says – it.   For women having gone through one or more false layers later, or whose psychological investment vis-à-vis the baby was immediate, the miscarriage is a most painful step. And, even if the situation is commonplace in gynecological consultation. This is the disappointment of not being able to accommodate this child that is was a joy to wait has been hard for me, says Elise, today filled MOM of a baby girl. Feelings of failure, of shame sometimes vis à vis the entourage of guilt very often, anxiety for the future – will I succeed to fall pregnant? – come to undermine the spirits.   Maud, mother of two small boys, 4 and 2 years old, has suffered five miscarriages: four times, I learned to the ultrasound that the heart had stopped. Five times, I underwent curettage. ‘ Why me?’ is the question that I got the most asked, while the pregnancy hormones continued coming several days after. It is hard, it is unfair.   The pain felt by these couples deserve to be recognized. It is the only way for them to the tame and contain so that it does not stray thoughts and upcoming projects. To do this, couples must find an attentive ear, at least once: a psychiatrist or a psychologist – often recommended by maternity hospitals – or a group of words – which allows to relativise its position. Maud turned to an accompanist of L’agapa *. Thanks to her, I me am output. I changed work, expressed more artistic ways. And most importantly, I discovered unsuspected resources.   Men, even if they have not lived the test physically, must manage a strong disappointment and also have interest to consult. To make the work of mourning, some couples are implementing rites, as a balloon release or planting a tree. But all do not have the desire to go in through it, resumes the psychoanalyst. Some prefer to retry the adventure in the wake. The desire for a child is not discussed, but I advise to take a time to ask and talk about at least within the couple and with relatives, said the therapist.   As seniors (if there are any), parents have any interest to explain – with words adapted to their age – which has just arrived. Even very young children (and without having been informed of the pregnancy) feel about. This baby that the elder wanted and at the same time feared suddenly disappears. It is as if the most shameful wishes of grand were made, it can be very guilt, explicit psychiatrist. Maud confirms: when I explained my story to the groin with simple words, his behavior has changed at all.   .

If Europe risks the showdown.

At the bottom is just what is going to happen: in the coming weeks will decide the fate of the debate about austerity and flexibility. A debate that has usurped the centrality of European economic policy. By November the new European Commission, headed by Jean-Claude Juncker will give an assessment on the drafts of the budget programmes of national Governments. That will tone and personality assessment to the European coordination of public finances over the next five years of the new European Executive. For this is as critical of the ongoing clash. In an economically difficult context and politically confused, the direction of economic policy in Brussels is still doubtful. Even the composition of the new Commission requested the coexistence of French tax doves and hawks the Baltic States. The beginning does not promise much good: Paris has exploited the power vacuum to announce the breakthrough of Auditors, but announce the detail of the budget which will be known only in a month. Put the Board of fait accompli before seeing oppose countermeasures under new regulations (the so-called Two-Pack). Berlin reacted harshly and with good reason: according to the present situation, with a potential growth which, according to the Bank of France is well under 1%, the debt of Paris will not stop never to increase. The divergence between France and Germany will Monetary Union at risk in a climate of growing mistrust. You have to escalate this absurd toni falls within the reasonable ranks. It is essential that you return to discuss constructively and in addition the Totems of tax policy, because the solution to the crisis will require compromises by all and to achieve together. It is recognised that the euro economy is in exceptional circumstances to be become chronic. These circumstances also require incentives on the demand side, and margins can be used for the tax reforms. But we must now turn the engine, with an investment plan. Not only because investments are demand today and tomorrow, not only IE because when they stop investments will deny future growth, but to give at least a joint initiative that will witness the confidence of Governments in the European project. What other investor might have confidence in Europe if governments don’t have? The package of three engines-question, reforms, investments-is achievable within the stability pact. Through forms of coordination that preserve the fiscal credibility of Monetary Union: a fiscal policy for the euro area, as well as a monetary policy and coordination of structural reforms. Are proposals that everyone knows, but that they have lost a political environment which guarantees the realization. Eventually, in fact, the real structural weakness of the euro area is not on the side or the supply or the demand, but in the vacuum of political will and supportive cooperation. This is all depressing dialectic extremism by Paris and Berlin. In a speech in Milan last night, Mario Draghi said the pattern of three engines, invoking a set of monetary policy, fiscal and structural reforms-that everyone agreed the political actors, both national and European, "both low growth and low inflation; high debts and high unemployment; can be addressed only through concerted action. " Only in this way, and with the revival of investments, says dragons, you can restart the engine of the economy. The real node is who will have the political skills to set up a new coordination exercise credible. Berlin and Paris are showing that the leadership of Governments, which has dominated European politics during the crisis, has survived to its usefulness. Now the ball is in the hands of Mr Juncker and his Vice-Presidents. Have only a few weeks ‘ time to win a formidable challenge and change the tone of European cooperation. .

Basketball World Cup: United States move easily into the final.

Basketball, World Championships: The title Favorites from the United States have reached the final of the basketball World Championships in Spain. The NBA players defeated 96:68 (43:35) in the first semifinal Lithuania sovereign and meet now on Sunday the winner of the match between France and Serbia, the on Friday (22 00 pm) face in Madrid. The French had turned off in the round of last eight host Spain. Best Launcher with defending champion United States was Kyrie Irving by the Cleveland Cavaliers with 18 points, at the Balts NBA Jonas Valanciunas legionnaire of the Toronto of raptors and Mindaugas Kuzminkas Unicaja Málaga arrived at 15 meters. Discus, Robert Harting: Discus Olympic champion Robert Harting has incurred a cruciate ligament rupture shortly after his last race of the season. The 29-year-old via Facebook and Twitter has announced this. When a world goes down – so much fighting and had now that, wrote the Berliner, won on Friday at the diamond League final in Brussels. Football, Ali Daei: After the sacking of coach Ali Daei occurred in Tehran to fan riots. The Board of Directors of Persepolis Tehran had suspended the former Bundesliga Pro after weak performance of the team. The title aspirant is currently only the disappointing ninth place in Iran’s Football League with ten points behind their arch-rivals Esteghlal Tehran. The former player of Arminia Bielefeld and Bayern Munich accused mafia methods to the Board. The Iranian record player wants to remain coach until he gets a written explanation for his dismissal. Many of the fans of the Club are as ice side and against the new coach Hamid Derachschan. On Thursday, hundreds of violent fans tried to break down the gate of training square in Teheran. According to media reports, you wanted to avoid the final training of the team before the next League game on Friday. They also call for an intervention by President Hassan Ruhani as ice and against the Board. The Persepolis officials turned up the police, blocked all roads around the training ground. The access to the training ground was prohibited from also DAEI itself, to prevent a further escalation. Bundesliga, Borussia Dortmund: The comeback of Jakub Blaszczykowski in the Bundesliga Borussia Dortmund can continue waiting. As the Polish internationals announced on his Facebook page on Wednesday, he must pause four weeks due to a thigh muscle injury. He had canceled the workout the day before. How severe the injury is to be a medical examination on Thursday. The winger recovered from a cruciate ligament should be originally again SC Freiburg in the game against on Saturday the squad. It would have been his first competitive match since the end of January. Rings, WM: Aline Farrar (23) has won the gold medal at the Fila Wrestling World Championships in the Uzbek Tashkent celebrated her greatest career success and Wrestling Federation (DRB) brought the first precious metal the German on the third day of the Championships. In the Olympic class up to 69 kg Sara Dosho prevailed over the Japanese Farrar (KSV Krefeld). I can not even comprehend it, said Farooq, who until the last in the final seconds with the attack to be the 5:4-victory had secured. This gold medal is the result of continuous, purposeful work, said DRB Sports Director Jannis Zamanduridis. Tennis, Québec: Fed Cup player Julia Görges (Bad Oldesloe / No. 5) has switched off the next opponent in a rush at the WTA tournament in Québec/Canada. The 25-year-old prevailed in the second round after just 62 minutes 6-2, 6-2 Melanie Oudin (United States). Gabrielle, who remained at the kick-off without dropping a set, in her third quarterfinal of the year meets Andrea Hlavackova (Czech Republic) or ABA Tomljanovic (Croatia). Previously Tatjana Maria (bad Saulgau) was moved into the round of last eight. The 27-year-old beat Madison Brengle of the United States 4-6, 6-4, 6-0 and could now move with a success against their country Ms of Shelby Rogers (United States) for the first time in a WTA semifinal. The former Fed Cup player from Tatjana Maria, it’s the first quarter finalist at a WTA tournament since April 2010, then she eliminated Carla Suárez Navarro in Marbella against the Spaniard. Volleyball, World Cup: German volleyball players are launched successfully at the World Championships in Poland in the second round. The team by national coach vital Heynen defeated the world rankings-19 on Wednesday evening in Katowice. China 3-0 (25:19, 25:22, 25:17) and won it in Group F the expected duty. The Olympic Games: 5th showed a concentrated performance against the uncomfortable Asians and thus cemented his ambitions on a medal. Scared opponents Bulgaria waiting for Georg Grozer and his team-mates on Thursday (20 25 hrs). At the Olympics 2012 and 2013 European Championship final was against the current world rankings make sure each in the quarterfinals. Handball, Bundesliga: The Rhine-Neckar lions have their standings in the handball – Bundesliga strengthened. The team of coach Nikolaj Jacobsen as the only team remains lossless point 32:27 (16:15) at the VfL Gummersbach. Before 3119 spectators at the swallow arena Andy Schmid (11) and Patrick Groetzki (5) provided on Wednesday night for the most goals of the guests. The best shooters in the oberbergischer were Raul Santos (6), and Andreas Schröder (5). In the first game after the 28:26 over HSV Hamburg last weekend with a visit to world record by over 44 000 fans in Frankfurt the Rhine-Neckar joined hard lion just in the first half. After the break, they took over the control and continuously expanded their lead. The success in Gummersbach, where the guests before nearly four months despite a 40:35-success had lost the League title on the final day, was the fifth victory of the lion in the fifth match of the season. .

Catalans have mass to claim their ‘consulted ‘.

The parties that turns their aspiration, majority in the Regional Chamber, are agreed on a date – November 9 – and a double question – "do you want that Catalonia is a State? ” "If Yes, do you want this State be independent? ” This Thursday at 5:14 pm, the people demonstrating, say the organizers, symbolically called the referendum. And after? Despite the willingness displayed by the catalan Government, the possibility of the consulta is anything but acquired. Madrid considers a breakaway vote as illegal and unconstitutional. "Everything is ready" to prevent the poll, according to the formula of the president of the Spanish Government, Mariano Rajoy. Once passed the Catalan law that frames such a consultation, and adopted the convening of the ballot, these two decisions will be an action of the Spanish Government in the Constitutional Court. Undoubtedly seriously, neither Madrid nor Barcelona: Magistrates then oppose the ballot. The catalan Government will dare then enter in rebellion and install its pitchers against the opinion of the tribunal? Thursday, its president, Artur Mas (Convergència i Unió, CiU, nationalist of centre-right), refused to comment. "I can not reveal my strategy, he said at a meeting with the foreign press. If I give my opinion now, there will be a debate on the opinion of the president instead of talking about the referendum itself. » .

Military alliance against IS – anti-terror war: Obama wants to destroy “Islamic State”.

US President Barack Obama is trying to destroy the terrorist militia Islamic State. After his declaration of war on the Islamists militia IS a broad coalition of international ally convened will, a military alliance by allies in Europe and the Middle East. Steinmeier said in Berlin to a German participation in air strikes against the terrorist militia: "We have been asked to do that, nor will we do." The SPD-politician campaigned for it to embed the military plans a "political strategy". He pointed to German arms shipments to the Kurdish armed forces. France is ready for the words of Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius himself "if necessary" to participate in air operations in the Iraq. On Wednesday night (local time) in a speech to the nation, Obama said: "our goal is clear: we will weaken IS a comprehensive and sustained terrorist strategy and destroy it After all." In an uncertain world, American leadership is the fixed size. The announcement means a change of course after much hesitation Obama’s. The President agreed a long Americans: "It will take time, to eliminate a cancer is." Obama had always stressed that he inherited from his predecessor George W. Bush war in the Iraq finished and will end the combat mission in Afghanistan. Combat now announced could retire in the time of Obama’s successor. Obama announced the posting of 475 other soldiers in the Iraq. They should make out where Iraqi and Kurdish forces, equip, and advise. Thus, the number of soldiers in the Iraq man rises to more than 1500, of which about half to protect of diplomatic facilities is responsible. Obama again ruled out a deployment of soldiers with a combat mission: "Let not drag us into another ground war in the Iraq." On Thursday, the Congress on the support of moderate Syrian rebels demanded by Obama should discuss. .

From North Carolina a story that aroused the indignation and the commotion of the web: a child of just two months, Hudson Bond, Azeri is seriously ill and in urgent need of a heart transplant. The pap, Kevin Bond, decided to take advantage of new technologies to speed up the operation, and has created a Facebook page of fundraising. Great surprise when the most famous social networking site has banned the page. It seems that the community has not liked the photos of the baby to the hospital. The tiny clinging to life through tubes and other medical equipment and images could bump the users ‘ feelings. Not only that, Facebook has also rejected Bond’s attempt to increase site traffic with paid ads. Once the matter out into the open, a spokesman for Facebook has tried to rectify apologizing with family and arguing that the email had been received refusal automatically and had not taken account of the real situation. This was a mistake on our part and the announcement was re-approved. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to the family, the note. For Kevin, however, what happened is outrageous. The small Hudson, when he was only seven days, been diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a heart muscle disease. The boy admitted to intensive care at the Department of Pediatrics at Duke Hospital in Durham, North Carolina. The pap keeps his Facebook page updated: every day I make a picture of my son and I try to attract people’s attention on his case. .