Crash of flight of Air Algeria: no body integrates.

On these places of difficult access in the area of Gossi, about 150 kilometres from Gao, every square metre is passed to the comb by these experts: gendarmes, police and a team from the Office of investigations and analyses (BEA), the french public body whose role is to carry out technical investigations to determine the causes of a plane crash. Their mission: collect everything that can be to explain the accident and identify the victims of the crash. There was no survivor among the 118 people who were aboard the plane, including 54 French, 23 Burkina Faso, eight Lebanese, six Algerians, six Spaniards. Laurent Bassindua, whose brother and a friend were killed in the crash, filed a bouquet of flowers to the boundaries of the secure zone and collapsed in pain, he crouched there and prayed, head in hands.  Of the site, it will carry a mixture of ash and sand as a testimony of terror that took place in Gossi reveals. . Similar info can be inspected clicking homepage.

Cash test dummy: the curse of the soft currency.

The trend to the soft currency. For us, so in the euro zone, it is about: the euro was stable to stable. It says Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble for example. Or from our neighbouring country of France, the call comes long, the European Central Bank (ECB) had finally soften the euro. But also in other parts of the world you are interested in a weak currency. Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo has invented the Abenomics Abe for this, to soften the yen, among other things. China not shoving above is also, when it comes to the appreciation of his chronically undervalued renminbi. When the Swiss francs uncontrollably during the euro crisis against the euro shot upwards, the Swiss National Bank simply linked the franc to the euro, and setting a minimum rate. And of course make sure the Americans very careful that their dollar is not too strong. However they found today a spin, so it’s not so much pains. Earlier, when the capital market interest rates even on free markets were formed, an equally significant interest rate increase was followed by a currency devaluation promptly. Clearly, every investor wanted to risk compensation for the risk of devaluation (he must exchange again yes its facilities in its currency and then make losses for a devaluation of the currency of the investment). Today, central banks can lower interest rates and buy bonds on the market, which they achieve that capital market interest rates remain low (or again) and comes at the same time fresh money into the market, which watered down the currency. The ECB held so far rather back bond purchases, or they sterilized (is said) the purchases by she again collected the money spent for it and its balance sheet not swell up (see chart below, one reason why the euro is so strong against the dollar). But the calls are growing louder, that also the ECB should finally go into the quantitative easing, as the technical term for the bond purchase. Why not, if interest rates fall but as a result, the currency, softer and so the products traded in that currency become more competitive and it even saves you much trouble? But there’s just one downside: the imports. For example Germany: We have an export quota of 40 per cent (2013) in relation to the Bruttoinlandprodukt(BIP). At the same time, we have also a dependence on imports quota of 35.3 percent, which is the domestic demand is covered by imports. This 35.3 percent increase of course by a currency devaluation. For discounted exports, we must bleed thus when shopping by around one-third of all products (import share), right, more pay. There is no free lunch!The benefits of cheap exports remain at the company (I spoke about already here). For the aficionados of you: The terms of trade (TOT) reduced (2013) by 103,8 (2009) on 97.9. Economist in this context also speak of poverty growth, because the dead show at the import quantity you get for a lot of export – when the domestic currency is worth nothing more, it receives barely even abroad. Nostalgic might well say: Oh, what were the beautiful hard DM times: cheap foreign holidays and cheap goods shopping, it was called the social dividend even – but for the German companies had to increase productivity at least to the extent, how the mark sets to. Who wants to have something tedious today. And anyway, if that also devalue others,. but at some point is stop and all need a new currency. . You can visit the following resource to discover extra about this amazing subject.

Belgium: inflation accelerates slightly in July but remains low.

Inflation slightly accelerated in July in Belgium, to settle at 0.34%, after reaching the previous month its lowest level since December 2009, according to data published Wednesday by the Belgian Ministry of economy. Inflation was 0.27% in June, 0.36% in May and 0.62% in April. Ominously: the evolution of the prices of energy products remained negative in July and continued his spiral downwards to-9,33% from-5,67% in June and-5,92% in May. This decrease is the highest recorded since November 2009, when the price of energy products dropped 10.45%. The rate of inflation excluding energy products however accelerated 1,30% in July after 1.09% in June and 1.23% in May. Prices of food products leave their side on the rise for the first time in three months, + 0.01% after 0.78% the previous month. The consumer price index increased 0.17 points in July. An increase related to increases in price of airline tickets, vegetables, fuel, hotel rooms, car insurance and electricity. Natural gas, fruits and travel abroad, on the other hand, exerted an effect downward. . For extended information about this topic read home page.

Video: Planned economic sanctions: break business with Russia by up to 20 percent.

Because the West accuses Moscow in the East of Ukraine to support the separatists, and to destabilize the country. For Martin Wansleben, Managing Director of the German of industry and trade association, there is no alternative for the EU sanctions: who, like Europe, deliberately refrain wants to tackle these problems, at gunpoint must react in a certain way. The sanctions affect the other side Yes already, even before they are decided, because for months is so expected that the situation as simply not improved. Why is business with Russia gone down already in the first half of the year significantly, partly to 20 percent. In an average of 14 percent. Now, sanctions for all sectors to be adopted for the first time: industries such as mechanical engineering, such as chemical industries, Pharma, are particularly affected so that help to advance the industrialization of Russia. But also, the automobile industry, which has made huge investments in Russia to the part. Wansleben sees the dwindling hope of improvement as particularly difficult. And this is of course a gain towards the negative impact in economic terms and also in political terms. Because at the end of Yes, the hope for the better is also a part of the solution to this dramatic crisis. LOCATION: BERLIN (Germany) close. Additional facts can be found reading website.

The ECB and the risks of the market «» bipolar.

On Wall Street, as in London, the first rule that teaches traders is "don’t fight the Fed", don’t bet against the Federal Reserve: there is no hedge funds, brokerage firm or Bank that has ever managed to move the market in the opposite direction to monetary policy guidelines of the American Central Bank. The ECB’s choice, however, the market has never worried too much. At least so far. Because what is happening today in the markets-from rally of bonds to Stock volatility-has only one explanation: for large investors, betting against the ECB has become risky since doing it against Washington. And then, just as no one doubts that the Federal Reserve is starting to close to govern monetary recovery of the u.s. economy-and the strong rise of the dollar in recent sessions has a confirmation-there is no longer a single market operator, an economist or a financial analyst that skepticism on posters of the European Central Bank to "use every means available" to block the perverse spiral of deflation and economic stagnation. From dragons, in short, the market expects with reasonable certainty not only a relay race with the Fed in the supporting role of liquidity to the financial system, but also strong enforcement actions to the negative dynamics of consumer prices in the eurozone, now anchored to a modest average growth rate of 0.5% compared to a reference rate of at least 2%: deflation, for the markets as the ECB, moreover not only means less profits for enterprises, but also an obstacle to economic recovery and to attempts to reduce the mountain of debt that still weighs heavily on the weakest links in the eurozone, Italy and Spain in the lead. Result: markets give today for discounted new and strong monetary stimulus measures in Europe as early as September and October. It is on this basis that explain the extraordinary race to the bottom in yields of government bonds, which in the case of Italy and Spain have now and Badgers spread that necessarily imply a stabilization of debt to be sustainable: in the absence of economic growth, it only remains to achieve the inflation target. But if all this explains the dynamics of interest rates in the eurozone periphery, does little or nothing to justify the downward travel of the German yields: yesterday, the 10-year Bund has reached the lowest level since 1989. And this is certainly not a good sign: risk appetite indicated by the rally of the BTp and Bonos is best with the security offered by the Bund. Is there anyone who explains this sort of duopoly markets with anxieties and fears related to the crisis in Ukraine and the new sanctions that Europe and the United States have just voted against Russia: on the one hand the market leverages the ECB liquidity to invest in government bonds at higher yields, but on the other it covers your back by buying the safest title and therefore less profitable in the marketplace. It is clear that a similar dynamic may not last long: in the natural order of the markets, or German rates rise or spreads to widening again. The confusion is so high in the sky. And what could be the ECB, the risk of sudden wind changes on weaker economies is growing every day. Delaying reforms, postpone the measures for growth and recline on liquidity is the bigger risk looming over Europe. . You can visit the following to read extra on this interesting topic.

EU personnel: France officially nominated Moscovici for Commissioner post.

Paris – French President François hollande has officially proposed the French former Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici for a Commissioner post in Brussels. It reported the news agency AFP, citing a letter by hollande on the designated EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. In it, so the Agency, he recommends Moscovici due to his general competence and its European commitment as Commissioner. In the letter of recommendation, the desired cutting will not defined resort by Mr Moscovici, it said. It falls within the competence of the President of the Commission, to set the cutting of the departments, said Moscovici. However have hollande made it clear that France is interested in an economic policy Department. Moscovici was brought earlier from Paris as a future economic Commissioner talking. An appeal of Mosovicis would be controversial in regard to reservations in other EU States, especially from Germany: so about Economics Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) was recently publicly questioned whether the economically struggling France that do not comply with the EU deficit limit for years, should make the economy Commissioner. The representative of this Office is responsible also for the common currency and to pay attention to the fiscal discipline of the EU Member States. . Extended text can be inspected checking web site.

Diet: Researchers haggling over the optimal dose of fruit and vegetables.

A in the British medical journal published meta-analysis shows again: who eats plenty of fruits and vegetables, has a lower risk to die early. In particular, the risk of fatal coronary heart disease is lower in people who eat lots of fruits and vegetables, reported the research team to Wei Bao from the national institutes US State of Maryland, and Frank of health in Rockville, Hu of the Harvard School of public health in Boston, Massachusetts. Bao, Hu and colleagues evaluated 16 studies total approximately 833. 000 people had participated. The tests ran between 4 and 26 years. 56. 400 participants died during the study period, 11 500 on cardiovascular disease and 16 800 cancer. Several other factors were recorded and included with, including age, body mass index, and smoking. Usually, researchers identified dietary habits by questionnaire, resulted in few studies the participants book about what they ate for a few days. A portion was about 80 grams of fruit or vegetable in the studies. Per daily serving of fruits or vegetables, the risk of early death by about five percent declined according to the evaluation. For the participants who ate five servings a day, it was reduced by around 25 percent. The risk of death, heart circulatory disease decreased by around four percent per daily serving. The risk of fatal cancer did not change. . Original facts can be read visiting this fact.

Argentina: the father of Carlos Tevez is released after a kidnapping.

The father of the Argentine footballer Carlos Tevez was released Tuesday after was held for eight hours by kidnappers, who had demanded the payment of a ransom, announced the family lawyer. Segundo Tevez, adoptive father of Juventus Turin striker, was abducted Tuesday morning while he was at the wheel of his car in Morón, a suburb of Buenos Aires. The car was found a few hours later. He was released, he goes well and he was reunited with his family, said counsel for the family, Gustavo Galasso, C5N television channel. Carlos Tevez, on the verge of flying to Argentina, has decided not to travel after the good news that just dropped, explained Daniel Scioli, the Governor of the province of Buenos Aires. After this senior official, Segundo Tevez would have been victim of a carjacking that skidded after criminals have discovered the identity of their victim by examining the papers of the vehicle. They caught it while man walked, did ride in another car and began to call the family to extort money. Segundo Tevez and his wife raised one who is nicknamed in Argentina the apache or the player of the people, after being abandoned by her mother and after the death of his father. Born in a poor neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Fort Apache, Tevez has often said that without football, he would have sunk into delinquency. Insecurity has significantly increased over the last years in Argentina, including attacks robbery in Buenos Aires province, which surrounds the capital. . You must click the following homepage to learn extra regarding this amazing subject.

Reforms, Pd: “Filibuster Sel preclude alliances”. Vendola: “No to blackmail”.

You write Senate reform, says negotiations for the electoral law and future alliances in the territory. The more than 6,000 amendments of left ecology freedom and serve to block changing the Senate proposed by the Government, but the head is already elsewhere. So while senators argue in the courtroom, hallways Pd and Sel clash between tweets and statements. To those who think elections already and how to survive between barrier and nominations thresholds, the message sends him Undersecretary Luca lots: "it seems to me that if you have a position of principle that we do not agree with but that we respect. It is quite clear that in my opinion this preclude any future Alliance, especially in the territory. I don’t know about you, but I’m a political agreement with who destroys the paper wouldn’t ". And again: "I saw that Sel asks Radhi to change language. The majority of Italians asked Radio to change the country. I believe that the Prime Minister will hear eleven million Italians, seven senators not to Sel, divided between them ". Words to which meets shortly after Nichi Vendola on Twitter: "#Pd breaks throughout Italy alliances with #Sel. The world’s fastest policy. How tweet of Palazzo Chigi. The svoltina #lottistaisereno ". And again: "7 #Sel not senators bow to blackmail are problems for Italy? And new Fathers of the fatherland are Berlusconi and Verdini? #lottistaisereno ". Following an long interview a few minutes, in between lots and Transatlantic Senator Sel Dario Stefano. "I explained the motivation of my statements about the consequences of Sel’s position on future alliances with the Democratic Party, cannot say that we use words as inadmissible and then govern together all regions. We do not have the ring in the nose, "says Lots to reporters who call.  Nicola Fratoianni, national coordinator of Sel, reacted with puzzlement: "we are somewhat surprised by the reaction of Undersecretary lots. Today we once again reiterated that our position: full availability to discuss as long as you argue the merits. We have a very clear point of view and to those who say that it is better to listen to eleven million Italians that seven Senators respond that we listen to the vast majority of Italians who according to all the surveys say that if the Senate there must be good to be chosen by the Italians, who is elected. Otherwise, as we said we too, you take off and you have the courage to do one room. No storage location, "says Fratoianni. "We are for reforms, but we can say our on how to make these reforms. If someone thinks that the center of the future, one of the territories, the administrations can be subordinated to the fact that the opposition is no longer the opposition we respond with great serenity that we do not do political blackmail, with the tools that the Constitution and the Parliament we deliver. But with the same serenity we say that we are not blackmailed. " . Original facts may be found clicking this

Crash in Mali: a scenario of the accident is expected in a few weeks.

The Director of the Bureau of investigations and analyses (BEA), Rémi Jouty, said Tuesday that he hoped to have in a few weeks a scenario of the Air Algeria plane accident in Mali. I think we will start, I hope to have a scenario in a few weeks, said on radio Europe 1. The BEA, responsible for the technical investigation, approved Monday the two rugged MD-83 flight recorders. The black box, recording the parameters of the flight, could be read and its data are being analysed. However, french investigators must still retrieve the cockpit conversations contained in the second black box, which was damaged. Concretely, in the case of this accident, the recorder is magnetic stripe (,.). The band has been highly compressed during the crash (,.) it is wrinkled by location, has been broken at some places so this band must be before reading, he said. I hope that this will be a matter of days but if there were difficulties, this may be long, he warned. The possibility that the crew asked the control tower to turn back, Rémi Jouty stressed that this information was very preliminary reports on trade that could have this aircraft with air traffic control. He said that the priority was work on the flight recorders and not these exchanges with air traffic control. The emergency, it is the recording on recorders since there is a single record, he insisted. The recordings of the conversations are computer systems that are on the ground. There is no concern on the fact that it is saved data, he said. Then we complemented this work by a systematic collection of all data relating to exchanges with air traffic control, he added. The MD-83 of Air Algeria, which would liaise Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)? Algiers (Algeria), crashed Thursday last northern Mali. It was carrying 112 passengers, including 54 French, and six crew members. None has survived. The Malian authorities asked BEA to support the technical investigation. . You should click this to discover extra about this amazing matter.