Bank: a corporate culture that promotes dishonest behaviour?

Madoff, Kerviel case: the middle of finance been tarnished by several scandals. The profession would attract unscrupulous individuals? Or corporate culture banks would promote dishonest behavior? A team of Swiss experts wanted to get to the bottom, experience in support. We have all heard of the many scandals in the banking sector during the last decade, said Ernst Fehr of the University of Zurich, one of the authors of the study published Wednesday by the British science journal Nature. Some commentators have attributed these scandals in the corporate culture of the financial sector, but so far, there’s little evidence, noted professor of economics. With his colleagues Alain Cohn and Michel Maréchal, he therefore conducted an experiment to try to see more clearly. We have adopted a new approach, based on the economic theory of identity, that individuals have multiple social identities, based for example on gender, origin or the profession, the researchers explain. Their results show that employees of the banking sector are not more dishonest than the other, but that the corporate culture in this sector can promote dishonest behavior. For their experiment, researchers recruited 200 people working in the Bank (brokers, portfolio managers, administrative,.). 128 belonged to a large international bank and 80 at other financial institutions, which the researchers did not reveal the name. All were invited to make, in private, ten prints heads or tails and to communicate the result online. For each draw, they could earn about 20 dollars (16 euros), depending on whether the piece fell on battery or on underside. They were informed each time the winning side, an incentive to cheat. -A method ‘robust’ – before lend themselves to this experience, deemed to measure reliably dishonest behavior, half of the participants were subjected to a kind of en condition insisting on their professional identity. They had to answer a short online questionnaire with seven questions in relation to their activity. For example: which Bank do you work?, what is your function in this bank? The second group, the questions were irrelevant with their profession. For example: how many hours per week do you watch television?This group, said control, reported a draw winner in 51.6% of cases, a close proportion than normally expected (a chance) when is pulled to heads or tails. This result, which contrasts with the perception of the public, shows that bank employees are not more dishonest than others, said Michel Maréchal. On the other hand, the first group, which it had pointed out the professional identity, reported a draw winner in 58.2% of the cases. A significant proportion of employees of the banking sector had a dishonest behavior when he was reminded of his profession, commented Michel Maréchal. Researchers have replicated the experiment with employees of other branches, but have not found this difference. Marie-Claire Villeval, CNRS (Lyon), who signs an editorial on this experience in Nature, explained to AFP that the method used behavioral economics is quite robust, validated by Nobel. According to the researcher, the results probably reflect a loosening of ethics in entrepreneurship in the financial sector, for the benefit of materialistic values. Maybe they forgot the basic principle, which is that money, it’s confidence, she added. Meanwhile, Alain Cohn recalled that several control authorities and experts suggest setting up an oath in the banking sector, on the model of the oath of Hippocrates of doctors. . For additional on this topic visit

Burger King: Filialbetreiber yi-ko wants to continue despite termination.

Because even competitors feared to be drawn from the reports concerning instances of maladministration in the Burger King stores in affected the termination of the franchisee was recorded in the industry on Wednesday with some relief. The Chief Executive of the Association of foodservice, Valerie Holsboer, said the actions of Burger King was unique in the history of the restaurant in Germany. The matter is to send a clear signal.  In the competitive environment, it was said: the step was overdue in terms of the image of the whole industry. But the competitors – sleep and are becoming more diverse. Pizza delivery services such as Joey’s or call a pizza make the Hamburger Bratern competition. But more and more bakers have discovered the market for themselves and offer a snack for lunch now. Large chains such as pastries and baking factory here see growth opportunities. And even on their own turf – at the Hamburg – McDonalds and co. get more and more competition from providers such as the chain of Hans IM Glück. Burger King has so quickly rediscover his footing. . You must visit this article to discover extra on this interesting topic.

Fear of stocks: Deutsche, stops to save!

Stop. Final. Off. We Germans save too much. In all respects. The State. The entrepreneur. We all. The State with its fixation on the black zero. The companies that now – have a considerable capital and of course the savers who have accumulated around 2 trillion euros in its accounts. What do we want with all that money? Are we just happy to have it? Of course we have German concerns, this is just so, that is our mentality. That’s why we save and prepare for an uncertain future that is uncertain but also for other (Nations), but for us it is still a little uncertain. Jammers as a principle, coupled with fear. And they’re now the 2 trillion euro abgezwackten by the consumer. The banks no longer want them. Soon, fees are due as for a safe for that probably. The small Bank of Skat has already begun for assets of 500 000 euro. The European Central Bank (ECB) will expel us German saving. For this you are right all resources, also negative (nominal) interest rates, real are already long negative and were even more often in German history (see chart below). Of course, someone could use the money. Young entrepreneurs about who get no cents as more credit from the Bank because banks still need to repair their balance sheets after the crisis with free ECB money. But we give them? No. When one recently by Goldman Sachs TNS Infratest in order given survey again came out: every second would create even if a system volume of 100 000 euro a dime in stocks. 63 percent would feel no Fund, too. Rather leave money on the account due to inflation (and probably also without) melt away. We should trust a savings system, which has been eradicated in this country already twice completely. What a paradox of fear. Stocks, however, the risk is reduced after ten years losses to suffer to close to zero. There will be probably more trouble and interest rates to fall much deeper, so deep, until we begin to consume and invest. Why? Because the interest is also a prize for the money. The banks want / need nothing more to pay, they will be by the ECB for lau provided. There what is needed but in the economy and there are also higher interest rates, 3 percent to 4 percent dividend yield, for example. So get out, buy shares. Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble has begun a first sign. He wants to buy 10 billion euros for investment, but he wants to keep also the black zero. Also they should do much more. We can afford it. Probably should Germany some years budget deficits of Maastricht criterion or also indulge in the euro zone. We will be able to invest in the rehabilitation of our infrastructure has become an urgent need (who would be in the 70s and 80s years imagined that our streets will look like?). Yes, yields on German Government bonds would rise significantly and with them yields in other euro countries (but still at a tolerable level). And while we keep the economy going, structural reforms, could be tackled even with the pressure of higher interest rates, in Italy or France. Who saves except the Germans already, if there is no need to do this? So, things could come back in the slot. . For more on this topic read

Teacher has sex with a 15 year old student in the classroom: his wife supports him in the process.

Sex with a student of 15 years. If the Court confirms the charges, we will be faced with yet another story of a teacher who takes advantage of the infatuation of a teenage pupil to go to bed with her. It seems that Stuart Kerry, a teacher 44enne of Bexleyheath Academy in South-East London, like other colleagues in various schools in the world, has not resisted the temptation of having sex with a 15 year old, probably fluid life. The culmination of a story that began as a simple crush by the student and who had become a secret sexual relationship that was discovered only in 2013. Warwick Tatford, representing the prosecution, tells how he once man has brought the girl to his home for a sex session lasted a whole day, and bluntly accusing the prof, although they have no doubt that the student was consenting. The teacher is involved in a very serious-he said-Has succumbed to temptation by taking advantage of its role and the relationship of trust that is established between an adult and a student who is placed in his hands. The accusation is not saying she is innocent in this whole affair, indeed. She was anxious to have a relationship with him. But he was an adult teacher, instead of keep it at Bay, took advantage of a vulnerable girl infatuated with him. Kerner must now face two charges for sexual activity with minors and six indicted for sexual activity with minors in qualit person in position of trust. The lawyers will argue that soils reported by one person (who cannot be named for legal reasons) liar, devious and evil. Prosecutors say the girl was unmasked in the past after told tall tales: once pretended to have had a car accident, wearing a bandage around your chest, just to avoid the physical education lesson. This story, for, been removed. Of course, avoid a lesson and do evil accusations against a respected teacher are things a bit different Tatford said. There is no evidence on the computer that indicate how Kerner has tried to cover his tracks added. At 12. 31 a Tuesday in February 2012, the alleged victim, who was 16 years old, been marked absent in class by her teacher. Tatford says that the girl testified that on that day, when it should have been in class, was in another part of the school, in an empty classroom in disuse, to make love with Kerner, losing cos its verginit. About 90 minutes later, pi someone would have used the computer password Stuart Kerner to change the official register and mark this class as the girl. Prosecutors claim this person was Kerner, who wanted to create an alibi cos. Tatford tells that the couple had begun the relationship years ago when Kerner gave the girl a post-it that wanted to meet him in an empty class, where he asked her: what do you want? ‘ She became shy and said: well, you know what I want. Kerner the kisses on lips, her gaze and abbass said: this is what I want. PI in 2011, when the girl had oral sex with Kerner for the first time, he said it was natural. Then she was 15 years and thought to be in love with Kerner. For lovemaking that she waited 16 years. Show him a condom wearing jacket and said: this just in case you become too irresistible. Made love for the first time a few days later, lying on a yoga mat on the floor of a classroom at the school. Today the wife of Kerner alongside her husband for support during the process. . You should click the following weblink to learn extra about this amazing subject.

Housing, burned the Aler Milano President: forward with evictions.

A disturbing episode. In Milan for weeks, the issue of housing is hot. Street clashes with squatters and social centres. Finally comes an attempt to fire at the headquarters of Aler via Deceptions. Jonathan Simeone. It has interviewed the President Gian Valerio Lombardi, former prefect of Milan, explaining: we immediately reported the incident. We have to be careful, we increase security. The thing to do now is to convey the message clearly that occupy is a tort and just ,. AIDAN TAYLOR’S INTERVIEW. IT Has fear of escalation of violence around the housing? It certainly is not a nice gesture. Regarding the escalation we have no elements to say, hopefully its not. It is clear that we have to be careful, and especially getting the message across that occupy the houses constitutes an offence. There may be all possible social reasons, but employment is not permitted by law. This must be clear. Do you think there is a negative climate around Aler? We try to do our best work. Then it is clear that to many is more comfortable doing the analyses placing all the faults of that wrong on Aler rather than on other causes quite obvious. There’s this tendency to ascribe blame to us all. Let’s face it: we have people in the company who work and undertake. Milan was put to fire and sword by social centres. A part of the Government of Milan expressed itself against evictions. Look, we have participated in a meeting in the Prefecture together with the region and the Municipality and we have adopted a shared line, which tells us that the illegal occupations are a fact and cannot be allowed under any circumstances. It is necessary to go forward with equilibrium and gradualism. . Similar facts can be inspected reading

Hugging by Amma: blessings to go.

Recently, a fellow scientist told me that she stand before a major professional decision and asked the spiritual light form of Amma to an audience. Amma invited affiliated her to Brazil at a stadium in which she carried out their embrace ritual. My girlfriend flew out, stood next to Amma in the brooding hot Stadium and explained her problem. Amma and listened to. And while she expressed a Trostsuchenden after the other on her breast, she solved the problem. Amma should have embraced more than 30 million people. That this number can hardly agree, doesn’t matter to me, a million would be enough, to make me stunned. Also it has created the huge relief organization embracing the world that feeds ten million people, supports countless women with educational programmes and microcredit, builds settlements, schools, hospitals, universities and supplied with lifelong pensions of widows and the infirm. After the scandal involving the gang rapes in India she reacts faster than the Government and distributed on a large scale of alarm devices on women. After the earthquake in Japan, she was before all other charities in a secluded seaside resort. My respect for what I would experience the same, grew by the minute. What would I also break down, if this hug cause anything inside of me? And what would be scary? What but most drove to me between all the comfort seekers in Berlin, was something else. It was and is the question of why people who have to do with Hinduism as much as I do, namely nothing at all, for hours snake stand in Berlin in the year 2014 to be embraced, and what that says about the world, where I live. I think they do, because Ammas hug requires no commitment. It is a blessing to go. And thus meets the trend to set on nothing. The encounter with a guru or a charitable Saints in daily religious rituals is embedded in the Hindu context. Here, she is a spiritual one-night stand. Georg Lukács has spoken of the transcendental homelessness of bourgeois society. And the embrace rituals in the Treptower arena are the soup kitchen to do so. Consolation and desolation have already relevant categories as home and homelessness. Most people I know can feel bound at home anyway, no longer fixed. You want it in their relationships and need it more and more in himself. And that doesn’t work. The console is like with the tickling and the kissing – it is not alone. The English word is much more honest, it has the common in the prefix: consolation. I moved slowly in a row of chairs, had to while holding in the hand my number, was asked then relatively harsh on the knees, my predecessor was drawn on the arm to the output, and I was. I tried to look Amma in the eyes, but she looked through me while I was encouraged to hug me on her collarbone. She mumbled with a deep voice: "my dear. My love. Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma. "I was wondering whether she meant me or their love before I sank briefly. Then I resurfaced, Amma pressed something in the hand to me, and the assistants led me to the output. . Additional info can be inspected visiting

RSC. The World Tourism Organisation opens a Conference on accessible tourism in Europe today.

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the Government of the Republic of San Marino, in collaboration with the Village for All and the ONCE Foundation, have organized the first Conference on accessible tourism in Europe focused on the heritage cities for today and tomorrow, the event would address the question of how to maintain and improve the quality, sustainability and competitiveness of the accessible tourism, according to the UNWTO. The organizers consider that facilitating the travel of persons with disabilities is a vital element of any policy for the development of a responsible and sustainable tourism. Universal accessibility not only tourism is linked with respect for human rights, but also with the economic opportunities afforded by tourism for all. In this way, the Conference will show best practices of accessibility and universal design in a wide range of European destinations. Pay special attention to destinations which have already developed quality services accessible for all, while they have boosted their competitiveness, without ignore the challenges of protecting the heritage. Other topics that will be discussed will be the formulation of appropriate policies and the role of ‘smart technologies ‘ in the promotion of the universal accessibility of infrastructures, facilities and tourist services. The event will be opened by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of San Marino, Pasquale Valentini; Tourism Minister Teodoro Lonfernini and former Captain Regent (head of State) of San Marino, Mirko Tomassoni, Taleb Rifai, UNWTO Secretary general and the President of the World Committee of ethics of the tourism, Pascal Lamy, will join those who since the universal accessibility of tourism has become one of the priorities of the Committee. Among the speakers will be representatives of the Directorate-General for enterprise and industry of the European Commission, the League of accessible historical towns (LHAC), Salzburg (winner of the European Prize for ‘Accessible city’ in 2012), the Spanish ACS Foundation, the Spanish Agency for international co-operation for development (Aecid), the ONCE Foundation, the European network for accessible tourism (ENAT), Turismo de Portugal, the Italian regions of Veneto and Sicily, Village for All (V4A), of Sweden and Visit England Scandic hotels. . You can click this to learn more about this great subject.

Everything (or almost) on income, consumption, spending, and the housing of the French.

In 2012, the average net wage income of the entire employed population stood at 20. 100 euros per year. But a quarter of employees earned less than 9. 570 euros in wage income net per year then (employed in precarious or part-time contract of employment) than the average wage income of the last quarter (25% of paid employees) amounted to more than 25. 460 euros. Average wage income of men amounted to 22. 920 euros and women at 17. 060. the average salary income reached 19. 510 euros for people working mainly in the private sector and public enterprises, against 22. 130 euros in public service. The wage income of 13% between public and private gap comes from the combination of two factors: an average of the equivalent full-time employment top of 12% in the public service due to a greater job stability; a hourly wage higher on average by 1% that is explained essentially by differences in qualification of the emploisEn constant euros, wage income has increased by 0.2% per year on average between 2007 and 2012 after 0.6% per year between 2002 and 2007. In 2012, according to Insee, the average weekly hours of work reported by people aged 15 years or more with a job is 37.5 hours: 40.7 hours for those full-time and 23.1 hours for part-time. The average weekly working time is significantly higher among Independents: 54.7 hours for farmers and 47.9 hours for artisans, merchants and business leaders. The usual weekly is 36.2 hours for all employees, or 39.2 hours for those on time complete (as a result of overtime) and 23.3 hours for part-time. In 2012, half of the people have a standard of living lower than 19. 740 euros in metropolitan France. Is a median standard of living (50% above and 50% below) 1. 645 euros per month. The level of life corresponds to disposable income which includes tax revenues reported to the administration as well as financial income not reported (product life insurance, exempt booklets), social benefits, etc. All net’s main direct taxes (IR, local tax for occupier, CSG, DRES, etc.). 10% of the more affluent people have a standard of living higher than 37. 430 euros, or 3.5 times more than the poorest 10%. In 2012, all the schemes of social protection expenditure amounted to 695 billion euros, of which 653 billion devoted to social protection benefits (or 31.2% of GDP). Social protection benefits (old age, health, etc.) increased by 3, 3% in value in 2012, after 3.0 percent in 2011. This growth is lower than that observed over a longer period (+ 4.6% annual average between 2000 and 2009). January 1, 2014, there are 34.7 million housing units in France, 1.1% more than in 2013. The housing stock is mainly composed of principal residences (82.9%). The weight of secondary residences and the occasional residences is in slight decrease for a decade (9.9% in 2000 and 9.2% in 2014). On the other hand, the number of vacant homes rises slightly (6.9% in 2009 and 7.9% in 2013). Furthermore, 57.6% of the French are owners of their main residence while 39.3% are tenants. . You can read the following weblink to read extra regarding this great subject.

Bala (FI): “the Roma? Delinquents for “attitude.

Is bound to arouse controversy yet discutibilissima opinion of Forza Italy parliamentary Michaela Biancofiore. Speaking the microphones de La Zanzara on Recruiting (after presenting his book), the exponent’s Coordinator was allowed to go to an ungenerous (to put it mildly) comment on Roma: "Are acts, for the most part, to commit a crime. Their attitude, in all cities, is to steal. I do not ever a leader andrei rom, aren’t the people in the world "ampo. The Bala is not new to such unfortunate outputs: how to remember the former Prime Minister Enrico Letta, after furious controversy, was forced to withdraw the responsibility for equal opportunities after his reflections on homosexual persons who, according to him, is "Sun ghettizzano". During the interview the Bala had then told of his closeness to Silvio Berlusconi even in this very complicated (as you recall the rider is struggling with the discomfort caused by Uveitis): "Berlusconi is always g like a Lion: there are people who still throws on him. Is a man that works wonders. Touch a person and transmits light and positivity [,.] but should change his glasses, seems a bit Matteoli and some Top Gun ". . For extended about this subject read reference.

Rugby: France-Australia, a mature size test.

Swept three times by Australia in June in the southern autumn, the XV of France, although that revamped since, is in a rematch against the Wallabies Saturday (21 H 00) at the stage of France, for the honour and to prove that he has learned. If the XV of France wants to believe in the spring at the time of dead leaves, load him returns to give body to the hopes born Saturday last in Marseille, at the end of an encouraging performance against Fiji (40-15). Promises of renaissance had embodied by the bizuths from the rear: Teddy Thomas, author of a triple and Scott Spedding Alexandre Dumoulin, themselves guided by a hinge experimental Camille Lopez – Sébastien Tillous-Borde. Against Fiji, we knew that there was nothing much to gain and a lot of shots to take, believes Captain Thierry Dusautoir. The XV of France aligned this Saturday there still obtained the right to return fully into second week to compete with an opponent of any size. For the most inexperienced blue, it will be to show that it is possible to go the distance for 80 minutes against the third world team. A true clash of growth, with a simple roadmap: so base, so many to envy, with surely more accuracy, because the physical commitment will be even tougher, urges the manager Philippe Saint-André. For the survivors of the June tour down under, he will have to prove that one carefully selected teachings, with the objective of recovering the head at the location and in the direction of the market after two years of poor results. The experience of the last three matches is obviously engraved in our minds, ensures Dusautoir. It takes consequences to be more rigorous and prepare this match seriously, even though we know very well that this is not a guarantee on the outcome. Supervision cannot therefore failed this week to operate the lever for the triple revenge, before the press at least, to give bite to his speech for once hoping to capitalize on the provisions interviews at the Velodrome. It is true that the third test match in June in Sydney (39-13) is still stuck across the gorge of the coaches, who had seen there a demobilized mentally troupe and physically. Some have also lost big: on the grounds of the stadium of France Saturday evening, we will find that seven holders of this match. -The Wallabies also under construction – it will be in any case a huge challenge to maintain the fragile momentum driven in Marseille, facing Wallabies very players and able to impose endless sequences for user the opposing defence. Sweet tooth of any balloon recovery, Australians will operate with any other realism than Fijians any French mistake. It is therefore essential to reduce to the maximum the guilty largesse of the blue curtain interviews last Saturday. The punishment would be terrible. But if it had to find a way to be reassured, it underline that XV de France is not the only one to be under construction. The Australia, bogged down in problems with extra-sporting, just say goodbye to coach Ewen McKenzie and his new mahout Michael Cheika is flying since France: Spedding – Huget, Dumoulin, Fofana, Thomas – (o) Lopez, (m) Tillous-Borde – Le Roux, Chaw, Dusautoir (Cap.) – Maestri, Pope – Mas, Guirado, Meniniaustralie: Folau – Ashley-Cooper, Kuridrani, Leali’ifano, Tomané – (o) Foley, (m) Phipps – Hooper (cap), McCalman, McMahon – Simmons, Horwill – Kepu, Fainga’a, Slipperremplacantsfrance: Kayser, Atonio Chiocci, Vahaamahina, Nyanga, Kockott, Tales, BastareaudAustralie: Hanson, Robinson, Alexander Skelton, Hodgson, Genia, Cooper, HorneArbitre: Nigel Owens (WAL). Root data could be studied visiting this home page.