Arabic mockery IS militia: a Salafist taxi driving,.

The rapid rise of IS irritated not only in the West. Worlds collide in the Middle East: secular take on the radicals as shown in the video with the taxi driver. Sometimes the faith differences are also overlaid by the different social backgrounds: the middle class and elites of the cities look with a mixture of disbelief and arrogance on the extremist upstarts. Many of the IS fighters and suicide bombers come from rather humble. The foreign jihadists have also often little knowledge of the countries and societies in which they move. In the mocking videos always same undertones resonate: hypocrisy, know-it-all attitude and simplicity is attested the IS fighters. So ridicules a Lebanese Satiretext about the IS, the militia have To want conquer actually the Lebanon, then but only once apart – because she don’t exactly look through whom she must overthrow actually. We understand the logic of Lebanon Not yet quite desperately the alleged spokesman of IS in the satire to the complex multi-confessional State. On Twitter, the radicals under the Hashtag be ridiculing #ISISMovies: how movies were, if they were turned by the radicals. Proposals are modeled on Tarantino about Kill Bill, kill everyone and Jihad unchained, or even I know what you did last-Ramadan and my best friend’s 11-year old daughter’s wedding in accordance with well-known US films. . You must visit the following resource to discover more regarding this amazing subject.

There are no criminally relevant behaviour: from Footballbetting leaves scene Snarl Gattuso.

To the magistrate Guido Salvini di Cremona, though, who checked the position of the former captain of AC Milan, to Snarl, as you can see, not allowed involvement of football betting players that would explain better its relations with Pipieri with Bazzani. But it is not criminally relevant behaviour anyway. Reports, among other things, that date back to a time when the players ‘ bets were not yet prohibited. Gattuso, questioned the April 14 SWIG has excluded not only for having taken part in any match manipulation project of Milan but also that he had simply committed on football matches after 2004, when it was enacted the regulation that prohibits players to bet. In conclusion-writes the judge-there is no evidence to support the hypothesis of charge referred to in the inscription in the register of crime news, nor to a participation of Gattuso in the handling in some matches of AC Milan let alone, not even in origin, for his participation in the conspiracy at the center of the investigation. For Salvini, still lacks an analysis of the seized computers and smartphone to Gattuso but it doesn’t seem that this finding could change the rating now and does not appear correct, however, delay the adoption of this measure, in view of the serious prejudice that the slope of the procedure may cause to the professional activity of the suspect in terms of loss or uncertainty of contracts and job opportunities in the sports world. . For extended facts on this matter check link.

New linksliberales Alliance: FDP Vice Kubicki etched against the party establishment.

Kiel/Hamburg – Hamburg is the formation of a new Liberal Party. This delimitation attempt by the FDP will have no influence on the overall party according to Deputy Federal Chairman Wolfgang Kubicki. Thats great injuries incurred in connection with the country list to the State election, a purely local phenomenon that has A lot to do, the Kieler said FDP parliamentary group leader on Tuesday. The new party could be based in the Hanseatic City in September, also former State party Chairwoman Sylvia Canel wants to join the movement. I don’t think that this party will succeed greatly, Kubicki said. He could recognize as a danger for the FDP neither Lee nor the other actors. In talks he have not the impression that Lee was a social liberal. I wish all participants a safe journey; but it is To find no resonates because the people involved are well known to many in my party. Immediately before the Landtag election in Saxony, former FDP politician had announced the secession. We see, regardless of the election result in Saxony, not represent our understanding of liberalism in the party, said former Vice Party Chief of the Hamburg FDP, Najib Karim, world online. The end of September it should To give an anniversary party. Initiators is the former second Hamburg Mayor Dieter Biallas. Both were supporters of the Liberal wing of the FDP, had felt inadequately represented in the previous Government coalition with the Union in the Federal Government. A total 35 former FDP supporters of the initiative should belong to. In the Landtag election in Saxony the FDP continued nationwide series of heavy defeats on Sunday: only 3.8 percent and is present only in eight of the 16 provincial Council. . For more facts regarding this topic read reference.

Eurotunnel: record attendance this summer for shuttles.

The Eurotunnel Group announced Tuesday have broken records of attendance for the summer season, with 665. 400 vehicles transported between 1 July and 31 August, an increase of 4% in one year. The Group has exceeded three times the daily record in August, with a peak at 16. 416 vehicles, said in a statement Tuesday. In the week from 11 to 17 August, more than 85. 400 cars and buses have been transported by the + Shuttle +, on the crossing of 35 minutes between Folkestone and Coquelles, against 82. 967 vehicles in the same period in 2013. It is of never jamais vu seen in 20 years of operation of the Shuttle, said Jo Willacy, Director commercial Eurotunnel, quoted in the press release. Eurotunnel says this record by the high frequency of the shuttles, with 5 departures every hour in each direction. The Group also notes that bad weather, as the storms at sea or volcanic eruptions in Iceland, did prefer the shuttles to other modes of transportation such as ferry or airplane also, the Shuttle has carried 20. 209 animals in August, with more than 1. 000 cats, a record. . Extended data can be found checking

History of marrying: severe marital bliss.

Marriage was as easy as it is today has never – and also not so unpopular. A new book describes the history of marriage since the romantic era. It is interesting and instructive, but also so neutral that it sometimes hurts. In British and American publications, it is meticulously trying to submit a statement of interest, to disclose so possible conflicts of interest. There then as a critic, he worked with the author of discussed earlier time at the same Institute or similar. The transparency is to show that the author can still completely at ease To write about the subject. Perhaps because of it, because Monika monkeys Fort recognizes certain benefits of marriage – and she must recognize Which one personally otherwise she would be not married Yes-, that is why she has written no flaming plea, but a cool social-historical inventory of the era of romanticism, as they owe it to their scientific career honor says up to the present. The author may not participate in the psychosocial diagnoses and debates that are always passionate when it comes to partnership, education, gender equality, and the single company, on the Declaration of what it has called the emotional capitalism of our time, although their investigation extends to the present day. Rather it delivers them only, says she, a foundation. Therefore the book now is in love, engaged, married Very much interesting and instructive, but also so least that it sometimes hurts. After all, the various sections include topics such as housing, wedding night, and birth. The restraint in the presentation but causes that the ideological, philosophical battles since sixty-eight and the sexual revolution revolving not only to marriage and emancipation, are largely omitted. The name Simone de Beauvoir does not occur for example in this book. . You can check this to discover more about this interesting subject.

Rosny-sous-Bois: more time passes, the higher the probability of finding survivors.

Glass debris litter the floor at 30 metres from the place of the incident, testifying to the strength of an explosion heard at hundreds of metres surrounding. The effondrementd’ a four-storey building Sunday around 7 o’clock in the morning in Rosny-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis) caused the death of at least six people according to a provisional toll Sunday evening. Among the victims, a mother of 40 years and his two children of 14 and 18 years old, a child of ten years, a 45 year old woman and another adult. Monday morning, two people were still being sought: an octogenarian woman and a man of fifty years who lived on the ground floor and upstairs. Operations are very risky because the part of the building that remains standing threatens to collapse, says Bernard Tourneur firefighters colonel, who heads relief, referring to parallel work of shoring. We still hope to find people alive, was the Commander of the brigade of Paris Gaetan de Raucourt fire Sunday afternoon, referring to a race against the clock. But as time passes, more likelihood of finding survivors is low, said the prefect of the 93. Several works in the sector. You can visit this home page to read more regarding this interesting topic.

A Polish liberal close Merkel will pilot the European Council.

(Top L – R) Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, (bottom L – R) Luxemburg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, European Parliament president Martin Schulz, French President François Hollande and Romanian President Traian Basescu pose for a family picture during a European Union summit at the EU Headquarters in Brussels on August 30, 2014. European leaders are set to fill two of the top jobs in Brussels, with Polish first and Kremlin critic Donald Tusk favourite to become EU president amid deepening tensions with Russia. AFP PHOTO / ALAIN JOCARD – AFP the trio’s next European leaders is complete. Facing the Union veteran, the Luxembourg Jean-Claude Juncker elected in July to the Presidency of the European Commission, a young Italian, Federica Mogherini takes the reins of European diplomacy of the hands of the challenged Catherine Ashton and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk agrees to leave Warsaw where he directs the Government seven years to lead the European Council in Brussels. The Polish choice responds to the need to give a position of leading this great country from the East, Member of the Union for ten years and remained until here an actor in second place in Europe. The Ukrainian crisis and execrable relations with Russian president Vladimir Poutine give this nomination an additional relief. Donald Tusk is one of the most consistent proponents of a policy of firmness in Moscow. "But he also impressed his way to guide his country in crisis, now continued growth," said the current Council president, Herman van Rompuy. Present at all the summits devoted to the crisis of the euro, Polish will also chair the summits of eurozone. His most faithful support, Chancellor Angela Merkel praised him ‘a European qualified, committed and passionate, twenty-five years after the fall of the wall ‘. Of the few words that he delivered after his appointment, we will remember deems consistent budgetary discipline and growth and that he "cannot imagine the United Kingdom outside the Union", claiming to be open to compromise with London. Any German tone. For his part, Federica Mogherini, novice on the diplomatic stage, was imposed by the new darling of the European, the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who wanted to see its success in the European elections rewarded with an important position. An insistence that blocked the road to the other favorite for the Presidency of the European Council, the Danish and Social Democrat Helle Thorning-Schmidt. Result, the political balance is not changed: the European right keeps the two presidencies, Commission and Council and the left pilot common diplomacy. Paris has well, to rebalance the hitch, Commissioner in charge of economic and monetary matters will be entrusted to a social democrat. French, preferably – Pierre Moscovici is ever on the ranks. In the immediate future, François Holland wanted to record atop its objective to initiate without delay an economic reorientation of Europe. Without success. In the conclusions, the leaders agreed that "the recovery is weak, particularly in euro area, inflation is unusually low and unemployment, at an unacceptable level. But this finding leads on vague promises of reflection and don’t mean plans concrete stimulus or easing of the pace of reduction of public deficits. Summit of eurozone promised by Social Democrats for October 6, it becomes "a conference devoted to employment, particularly youth employment, in line with those which were held in Berlin and Paris". This Summit of the euro area will be held in the wake of the classic autumn meetings, scheduled October 23. Too late to hope to obtain a change of course before the presentation of the proposed budgets for 2015 in Brussels. . Additional facts can be inspected reading source.

Land of fires, the complaint of the Association: the situation out of control.

The territory of the so-called land of fires is beyond the control of law enforcement and any responsible institution. It is sufficient to consult the website laterradeifuochi. it or its Facebook page used by residents. The Territories North of Naples and Caserta in the South are pestered by hundreds of illegal fires of hazardous waste per month. Dozens of reports and testimonies of residents: the Association’s complaint is ‘ the land of fires ‘, chaired by Iwka, documenting their statements with a series of photos taken during roghi August between the provinces of Naples and Caserta. Intervention requests to police not escaped. Firefighters in organic deficiency not always timely in responding to hundreds of calls especially at night. Complaints made by years and deposited in the Proxies that do not properly on each level of responsibility. The absence of intelligence in law enforcement operations so far fielded. In short, institutions like amateurs in danger. By the magistrates prefects until local administrators (region and municipalities) and the Government. This dramatic picture of the situation to ben 8 months by Decree, nearly two years after the appointment of Commissioner ad acta appointed by the Ministry of the Interior and 4 months by sending 100 Italian army men, said Ferrillo. Recently the Prefecture issued comforting data about a decrease of hazardous fires, but they absolutely do not correspond to reality. Despite all this, the poisoning from burning of hazardous wastes continues as if not worse than before, said Ferrillo. . Extended facts can be inspected clicking link.

Ligue 1: Monaco held by Lille at home (1-1).

AS Monaco, held by Lille (1-1) Saturday at the stade Louis II for the 4th day of L1, has still not won at home and has not reassured his supporters as much as Falcão, absent from last minute, seems on the departure. Even though Monaco has not lost, Leonardo Jardim team remains very little balanced. Offensive principles of the Portuguese coach have apparently not yet completely assimilated by its players. But, beyond the field, behind the scenes the club pitching. Indeed, the direction will quickly have to adjudicate where Falcão, missing last minute without being hurt against Lille. Before the kickoff, viewers were able to see it in deep conversation with the Director sportif of Monaco Luis Campos, came himself seek it in the locker room. Then, quietly sitting in the stands in the company of his agent Jorge Méndez, and Vadim Vasilyev, vice-president of the club, the Colombian striker attended the meeting. Monaco also began the rather well. The Principality team was his first opportunity after a Ferreira Carrasco-Germain combination, after which the latter fit (12). But Lille in a 4-4-2 with Ryan Mendes and striker Nolan Roux in point supported by the young Lopes, was wisely waiting to counter. This was the case in the 18th minute. Mendes provoked the Carvalho-Kurzawa duo placed very high and sent on the right. Then, he crossed back to Roux, which fly from the right beat Subasic (0-1, 18). Once more, the Monaco defence was taken into speed in his back. Once more, without being in danger, Monaco was conducted. Another breakthrough by Gonzalez, punctuated by an attempt not framed was cast first whistles from the Louis-II Stadium (21). If, subsequently, Monaco took control of the operations, the airport could not worry about a single moment the Lille nigerian goalkeeper Enyeama. Even Ferreira Carrasco, ideally launched by Kurzawa, did not require it to work (39). At the break, Jardim was Germain to start Martial. Monaco attacked. Martial bumped on Enyeama (52). Monaco still attacked. Ferreira Carrasco, right side, played Naina to Center on the Bulgarian striker Dimitar Berbatov, who equalised in tackling (1-1, 61). In the aftermath, the northerner coach, René Girard, was excluded by M. Ennjimi for too vehement protests. Always on the edge of failure on the defensive plan despite an impressive Toulalan, Monaco clearly decided to go for the victory. Dirar came into play at the right back position to add an offensive weapon. In front, Lille deviated not their game plan: defend and try a counter. But the opportunities to attack became small, both Monaco monopolized the ball. A head of Kurzawa passed above (90 + 2). The corners are slighter. Without success for the men of Jardim,, Similar text can be inspected reading hyperlink.

The fear of the Yazidis in Sinjar mountains.

In the Plains at the foot of bald mountain range and also on this, there is not A lot possibilities to withdraw prior to the Warriors of the Islamic State. There is no cave, stones are the best hiding-place. Protect the people need from the baking Sun and heat of up to 45 degrees. Since the Islamic State in Raqqa captured also fighters of the Syrian army, the fear bypasses at the fleeing, they could be discovered here as well. Only in deep ravines they can elude the eyes. At the foot of the mountain massif, Kasim Schescho and his unit defending several thousand Yazidis. Every day he talking to his wife and his son Adnan Khalaf in Germany. The talks do not last long. The batteries are exhausted quickly, they can be loaded again only thanks to the car battery. He had founded the unit on July 30 to be prepared for the worst case. Ordinary citizens from the area joined together in it. The gunmen are also elderly and young people who have no experience in dealing with the weapon had. Kasim Schescho, but had already protected his people from the regime of Saddam Hussein in the 1980s. Today, his unit is only lightly armed, they could not long withstand the Islamic State. The supply situation, four weeks after fleeing into the mountains is disastrous says Schescho. Not a plane has dropped food, not a helicopter. The water source has dried up as a result of the summer drought and heat, the water container on the approximately three dozen houses of the village to gather people, have some more water. Water resources are scarce, there is only a meal a day. The Iraqi army has dropped water bottles while nearby. You’re at impact, but wrecked. Supplies come occasionally through a narrow corridor from the Kurdish-controlled region in northeastern of Syria. "The Kurds of the PKK and the YPK stand at the forefront," said Kazim Schescho. One of them is as a liaison directly with the some more than 2000 armed Schescho stands before those in a ravine and a village whose name he will not call for security reasons. Again and again, were its fighters in the vicinity, could defend himself but successfully. The Iraqi army with air strikes against the Islamic State came to help. The area where the Yazidis is important, because it is the connector between the Iraq and Syria. Only on Wednesday two mortar shells detonated in the city Khanke, just a few kilometres from the border with Iraqi Kurdistan located. In addition to the local population, there are also more than 50 000 yezidische refugees in safety, but again in fear live – like the refugees defended the Kasim Schescho at the foot of the Sinjar mountains in a ravine and that unit can rely only on the PKK, the YPK and Scheschos believed. . You can check this to read extra about this amazing subject.