Without blush or taboo, the inspiring face of Jihad to the French.

On the big screen and the two televisions riveted walls, unbearable images of propaganda staged a bloodied and a martyred old girl infant who vomit blood. Then, on a background of hypnotic music, a broadcast video of sequences shock of the areas of fighting in Syria or Iraq. The audience is petrified. Held in Select Committee in a modest amphitheatre on the fifth floor of training centre of the Ministry of the Interior based in Lognes (Seine-et-Marne), it is composed of sixty people, carrying badges and sorted on the pane. In addition to intelligence officers and gendarmes, are for directors of prefecture office, judges or officials of the judicial protection of youth (PJJ) from the France for a ‘professional’ workshop dedicated to the prevention of radicalisation. On this lost generation without father or mark who strays on the roads of Damascus to make Jihad. During two days of immersion in camera, in which Le Figaro took part Monday and Tuesday, geopolitical high level, experts in counter-terrorism and mental manipulation unveiled a chilling universe where indoctrination processes precipitate hundreds young teenagers on a journey without return to the unspeakable without blush or taboo. . Original source could be read checking this weblink.

Arezzo, Inps paid cheque to 25 foreigners back to their homeland.

Florence, 31 Oct. (La Presse)-Perceived a social pension, staying abroad are already 25 cases discovered in the major centers of the Valdarno aretino, who led the police to Montevarchi (Arezzo) to report the cases to the judicial authorities. A real phenomenon that has seen protagonists have someone that ultra citizens perceived the welfare contribution of 500 euros for foreigners holding a residence permit, even after returning from abroad. The discovery was made thanks to the tests performed with the Inps. A scam that has cost a total unfair towards the social security institution that touches upon the value of 450mila euros. But investigators do not exclude that the number of cases and the sum unduly received is destined to increase. Among the more serious situations there are some foreign nationals, mainly of Albanian nationality, which carried out regular visits to Italy for two weeks at most. Against them the Inps has already proceeded to suspend or withdraw the provision of assistance and welfare has set up procedures for the recovery of sums paid though not due, even imposing sanctions against those concerned. In many situations the social allowance holders had delegated third persons residing in Valdarno to collect the cheque: even towards them, often children of beneficiaries, surveys are underway to test a involvement in the fraud committed by their parents. inps. Root data may be found visiting this http://3b46fb3b716cdf25c9d813.com-information-classified.eu.

“Generate financial performance and social performance is possible, this is even a new frontier.”

Thus, Bazile Telecom, supported by Citizen Capital, promotes the maintenance of independence of seniors and the social link, offering mobile services adapted to this public ignored until then. Planet Sesame, supported by FinanCités, is a solidarity caterer located in an area disadvantaged which create jobs and economic activity. Recyc-mattress Europe, supported by IMPACT partners, recycles used mattresses and already appropriated 3 factories in France, more than 50 jobs in insertion. Recyclivre, supported by invest & +, is the first free collection service of used books working so the democratization of culture, but also to the inclusion by the circular economy. Solidarity habitats, accompanied by Mandarin management, is an actor of inclusion in and through social housing. The hive that says Yes, supported by SOLID, is an innovative web platform that promotes the short power supply circuits and so the revitalisation of rural areas,. In France, it is thus more than 200 contractors who are already accompanied financially and these investors of a new genus humanly. . Inspirational data could be found reading this weblink.

Isis, “15.000 foreign fighters in Syria”. Wp: “They come 1,000 every month”.

Last year’s data would suggest the presence of more than 16,000 foreign fighters in Syria, due largely to massive recruitment campaign carried out by the experts of the Isis towards supporters coming from the West. In addition, according to Andrew Liepman, counterterrorism expert for Rand Corporation and former Deputy Director of the National Counterterrorism Center, the more than 600 raid conducted until now in Syria by the Coalition-Isis has a deterred or killed some militants, but on the other they have awakened the feeling of revenge of the estremizzati which, in case you were abroadhave decided to enter the country to start fighting in the ranks of the Caliphate. According to the United Nations, the foreign fighters have entered Syria from 2011 originate from 80 different countries.  "From 2010 to today are foreign fighters parties than they are parties in two decades 1990-2010. And are increasing ", is written in the report released by the UN. A given unprecedented, as they define the same organization’s experts, referring not only to the high number of combatants, but also and especially to the countries from which they come, some of which had never shown signs of possible influences on the part of Al Qaeda or Isis, like Chile or the Maldives. . You can click the following fact to discover more on this great subject.

Tolerance award of the Evangelical Academy of Tutzing: Christian Wulff is again presentable.

The Bellevue in Berlin it’s not, but it’s nice in the Tutzinger Castle. For the German President Christian Wulff a. D., have lights up the great Hall on Lake Starnberg, inside with magnificent chandeliers on the ceiling and from the outside with headlights before the facades. In the light draws shadow ornaments of the wrought-iron window bars on the high walls, the offspring of the Bavarian Symphony Orchestra Plays Beethoven’s Serenade in d major, op. 25 for flute, violin and viola, cameramen wear suits, and front hall is a lectern. It’s festive, a speech almost like you used when Wulff in his Berlin residence, invited as a head of State, around Christmas or to give the Federal cross of merit. Later, Udo Hahn, the Director of the Academy, will invite the fine, charged society in the salons to food and good conversation. So, one can say: Christian Wulff is again presentable. Two weeks ago, he was in Turkey. Wulff is a welcome guest there, because he has put some sign of understanding between Muslims and Christians, Turks and Germans, Egyptians and foreigners. His most famous character is comprised of seven words, pronounced on October 03, 2010 in Bremen, Germany on the occasion of the time of the anniversary celebration of German unity: the Islam now also belongs to Germany. Seven words that now the Academy he distinguished for tolerance prize, and which override the whole legacy of the former recent President. But even the head of State with the shortest term. Wulff is Yes to both, and in the brevity of his tenure and everything that came after, is also the reason that he was not always considered so socially acceptable. . For more insights on this subject read http://3b46fb3b716cdf25c9d813.com-information-classified.eu.

State-mafia, here’s the deposition of Napolitano.

It was filed the transcript of testimony given by the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano in the process for the negotiation State-mafia. The head of State had responded to three hours to questions from prosecutors and the lawyer of Totò Riina, without ever tour of its prerogatives of confidentiality. After the hearing, the Quirinal Hill in a statement he had hoped for a speedy complete transcript of what was said by Napolitano, because public opinion was widely informed in a timely manner. Transcription in all 86 pages, was filed at the Court of Assizes, at the disposal of the parties. For the President of the Republic, his former legal adviser Lau D’ambrosio was animated by the spirit of truth. It says in the first part of the deposition. With D’ambrosio had a working team, added Napolitano. Since the attacks of the first Years ‘ 90 the President clearly says: With the attacks the mafia wanted to destabilize the system. The first questions prosecutors in Palermo were on the letter of the legal adviser Lau D’ambrosio. I heralded nor letter nor resignation. Was taken from this story, it was also a bit pestered by these phone calls, and that’s it. Napolitano describes a D’ambrosio impatient after the publication of his phone calls with Lefty, intercepted within the negotiation process. The President says they have had special by his advisor confidences on the letter sent to him after the controversy, the letter that spoke of the suspicion of untold chords between 1989 and 1992, the season where D’ambrosio was the High Commissioner for the fight against the mafia and to the Ministry of Justice. Napolitano says that between him myself and Loris D’ambrosio there was a relationship of affection and esteem Yes, a personal relationship in the broadest sense or more specific no. Frankly I followed my own rule, which is to have a strong relationship but always understood in terms of the employment relationship by keeping up a loyalty and severity. In short, I had with Dr. D’Ambrosio, nor with other freewheeling conversations or reconstructions of our past experiences. We were, this sometimes is difficult to understand, a work team. In Italy there is a Republic presidential cannot, however, there is a monarchy, there is a court, there is around the President as an institution monocratica a team and just about everyday, current, discorrevamo among us, not on what she had done my military advisor to Chief of staff of the defence or by General Commander of the Guardia di Finanzanor with my counselor for legal and Constitutional Affairs, which had been his experiences when he was high functions in the administration of the Senate. We were on the ball, every day on what you may consider, "adds Napolitano-the core of activities developed in the Parliament, which was developed by the Government, and on which I had at certain precise limits and in some ways a voice to be heard. I am convinced that this tragedy in Via D’amelio represented a decisive Accelerator, because as said before Dr. Teresi had arrived almost at the limit of 60 days for the conversion into law of Decree and although it is true that at that time there was a chance then, many years later denied by the Constitutional Court, of the recurrence of the Decree, nor I believe that no one then thought in a situation so dramatic you could let decay the decree to expire of 60 days to renew it. There was the belief that you should definitely give this sign to the opponent, the enemy mafia. So Giorgio Napolitano back on the impact of the massacre in via D’amelio on approval of the Decree on prison for mobsters. Blackmail or even destabilizing pressure for the purpose of the whole system. So the President responds to the pm antonino Di Matteo, who asks him what were the ratings at the highest institutional levels after mafia attacks via Fauro in Rome, in via dei Georgofili in Florence, in the night between 27 and 28 July 1993, while in via Palestro in Milan and San Giovanni Laterano and San Giorgio al Velabro in Rome. Napolitano responds: common assessment institutional authorities in General and Government in particular was that it was new terrorist strategy gasps of more aggressive wing of the mafia, you spoke then particularly of the corleonesi, and actually those attacks, which then shelled buildings of particular religious, artistic value, and so on, followed by a logic which appeared unique and urgentto public authorities in front of aut-aut, aut-aut because these might have to mouth a request for reduction of measures especially in prison custody of mafia or might have to mouth the political-institutional destabilisation of the country and of course it was and is questionable. However there was no understatement. Matteo still asks: why does President Ciampi spoke of coup? I think there were elements to formulate the hypothesis or to use the term coup d’etat. Elements that support this claim? Of course-the head of State in this matter are written important books, there’s even a book many years ago by a great Italian writer titled: Technique du coup d’etat, the technique of the coup d’etat usually include communication, the power Summit isolation from the rest of the classic ingredient potereun coup. In this sense what was happening he could induce to talk about risk or attempt of coup d’etat, nothing else I have to say, said Napolitano. . For extended information on this subject click reference.

Route du Rhum: With F1 that we have, it is boiling hot.

Triple winner of the Solitaire du Figaro, Jérémie Beyou is defined as an athlete, a competitor, Hunter of trophies and records. His word is rare, subject to the requirements of the race and training. It is not less free. You will find here. The position of the solitary Navigator is more complex to maintain. Telecommunications satellite submit you to the continuous pressure from the media. And the progress of nautical engineering face you more and more swift boats and so,. unstable. You must be at the helm in the winch, front of the on-board computer, on the phone, the camera and find a little time to sleep. The quadrature of the circle,. – If your motives are clear, no I think not. Personally, I’m not in a communication approach, but in a sports performance research framework. And within this framework, there are limits imposed by the State of the sea, the constraints of the race that I lead with my opponents. Now, I am also aware that we live in a world of images. And that it would be unfortunate to not share this Route du Rhum with the general public. The race is legendary, this necessarily generates high expectations. -Yes, because at sea, with the formula 1 that we have, it is hot boiling, and the time spent filming, cast and send images, affects performance. No, because it is also an opportunity to change the look on the race at sea: this image of the lonely, more adventurer than high-level athlete. The sail suffers from the multiplication of race formats, confusion between classes of vessels. The public struggles to find them, to establish a hierarchy between browsers. Everyone can be decreed skipper, not professional licence. And it’s a shame. Me, I went through the school of the Solitaire du Figaro, where only the marine qualities make the difference [vessels engaged are strictly identical, Editor's note], and I want to be perceived as an athlete. Which holds itself to a high level physical preparation. Who manages his boat and his races with a constant concern for the performance. It is this reality of our sport. I find it most interesting that out lint or put a Christmas hat to make the buzz. -Certainly, but if it is adventure and only adventure. A round the world sailing may very well realize out of any competition. I’m not for the confusion of genres. This is done at the expense of more deserving, and it’s a shame. An example: I train with Christopher Pratt, a true top gun who deserved to play in the Route du Rhum and should align with the next Vendée Globe. The problem is that in his research of sponsors, it will be in competition with sailors less competent but who propose a story, a scenario. This is a little worrying. The day where the majority of the vessels will be in this approach, the Route du Rhum and the Vendée Globe will be much less exciting. -Since the offshore racing is a sport, Yes. It does not mean to get cabbage and pull the hangover on his boat during any crossing. Samantha Davies dancing on his boat at the Vendée Globe 2008, it was spontaneous, it was nice. Assuming a trade winds South Road, you never know, you may have the opportunity to see me dance. But hey, the Route du Rhum, more often, it’s a great circle route, which begins with the crossing of the Bay of Biscay, and continues with two three passages of fronts. It lends itself less to this kind of entertainment. -Tight. I navigate in IMOCA. The category where the notion of Brawl is most obvious. The gauge is stuck at 60 feet. And boats – for the most recent of them – have similar levels of performance. Are also found on top of the browsers. The last winner of the Transat Jacques Vabre [Vincent Riou, Editor's note], that of the Vendée Globe [François Gabart, Editor's note], and that of the Solitaire du Figaro [Jérémie Beyou, himself, Editor's note]. All that pulls up the category and should be an exciting race. -Loneliness is there naturally. Whatever the speed of the boat, you can always pick up, planting his nose under the celestial vault, enjoy the night of the ocean just for itself. What is true, however, is that the notion of performance affects how you live this loneliness. It can be enjoyable when you are in front, more cafardeuse when you are lifted. And in any case, more years pass, less race at sea allows you to enjoy to the hedonistic sense of the term. Now, there are other pleasures. Our machines are complex machines, which are not easy to advance. When you do it, and in addition the boat file faster than that of others, takes his foot, there is a very strong sense of accomplishment. . For more information on this matter visit http://3b46fb3b716cdf25c9d813.com-information-classified.eu.

The Salvini? Racist Ban that party present at the elections.

By Alberto Maggi (@AlbertoMaggi74) Cécile Kyenge, Member of the European Parliament of the Democratic Party and former Minister for integration, all-out speaks with Jonathan Simeone. it. If not let premier become Salvini the Italy. Lotterei and certainly not I would, but I do not run away. And again: The Carroccio is a racist party and is now that there is a law that prohibits to stand in elections. As for the new head of immigration, the Nigerian-Italian Toni Iwobi says,. If Matteo Salvini became premier she would remain in Italy or if they should be? The Italy is my country and I used to fight and not to give up. I would certainly not represented by him, but don’t let the Italy. What do you think of the fact that the League chose immigration as a black person, Toni Iwobi? Everyone makes his choices. The policy change does not pass certain by the choice of a person and nothing to do with skin color. Even if they gave this person the role of some non-League has become santa. It doesn’t matter the color of the skin of those who they put in there but the ideas that bring forward the party. It cannot be said that it is not a racist just for this choice. She said in the past that the League is racist and should be outright banning to ,. Do not pick up anything that I said. For me it is so. If a party continues to support and accept racist people inside means that it shares the thought. The League is a racist because party continues to support people who are racist actions and proposals. Intends to prevent by law the League to stand for election? Exactly. The League, as well as Forza Nuova, for starters, because they bring forward proposals that offend the person. In short, as in Germany where you can’t have a Nazi party and. , Here, we should do so in Italy. The League and Forza Nuova are the first to sanction parties in this way, but looking good wouldn’t rule out to find others as well. . Root facts could be studied reading the following blog.

Adrien Bosc, Grand prix du roman de l ‘ Académie française.

"This is the happiest day of my life," said Adrien Bosc, visibly moved. "I am honoured, more than delighted, it is beautiful and unexpected", he added.  «Constellationest a book very important to me, I wrote it under the wing of Blaise Cendrars, noted the winner, paying homage to the french writer of Swiss origin (1887-1961) who was for him a source of inspiration. At the time, the press speaks only two stars. But alongside Marcel Cerdan, pressed by Piaf to join in New York by air, Ginette Neveu and his pianist brother or the brilliant creator of Disney products, there are also five Basque shepherds engaged in ranches of the Wild West, or even a modest winder of Mulhouse became heir to a factory of nylon stockings in Detroit. In detective, mixing facts and poetry, distance and empathy, Adrien Bosc exhume these destinies forgotten noting, for each, the sum of coincidences that made boarding this flight, Original source could be studied clicking this http://3b46fb3b716cdf25c9d813.com-information-classified.eu.

The international youth meeting, after eight years, he returned to Italy. And Cagliari, until November 2, to accommodate the large demonstration promoted by the Association Aegee (European students forum): four days of youth mobility, active citizenship, cultural exchanges, which will invoke the Cagliari Fair about. To help the organizational staff of about 70 people, the region, the Fondazione Banco di Sardegna and the municipality. Monica Magro, who has conducted these interviews, went to collect the moods of the day forum opening remarks.  Agora is one of the largest youth meeting in Europe, "said event coordinator, Simone Ruscica-we received about a thousand requests. The event is a fine example of-stressed the head of culture, Enrica Puggioni-the city is close to this kind of paths. And above all it is important, even considering the fact that we, the impact of a type of tourism linked to educational experiences that we are trying to promote. The event has also obtained the patronage of the European Parliament. The President, in recent months has sent a letter of congratulations to the organizing team and will send a video message to Aegee Assembly at the event. . You must read this website to learn more on this great subject.