Renzi: Council of Ministers on 24 December on jobs and Taxes.

QuirinaleRenzi then spoke on the topic of the next President of the Republic. Meanwhile the President of the Republic there and we will be there, will take a finch great Italian who made good to the country and to all those who questioned and insulted because he decided, briefly, to a second term. We should say and remember who did it for saving the Italian institutions, Renzi said. Political parties, making a fool of history, had not been able to agree on the President of the Republic. I want to make it clear that compliance with institutional, political, and human to Napolitano should be a characteristic of all Italians. Since his resignation, which Napolitano has called the forthcoming, Renzi added: May be you resign, finch will be President of the Republic to his job as should be. Where arriver to the day when we should elect him, all political forces, to Italy Force to the five star hotel in Sel and brothers of Italy and the League, and of course the Pd that has so many delegates for the election of the President must make a true reflection on what serves to Italy over the next few years and do so without fielding controversies and divisions and quarrels that there were in the past. unlikely that all converge on a name, but I hope that, as a violation in the past, with the largest number, with the highest possible consensus could be elected as the President of the Republic. . You should visit the following home page to learn more about this interesting matter.

The former Mayor of Marbella Julián Muñoz is seen in the hospital.

Malaga, 19 (EUROPA PRESS) the former Mayor of the town of Malaga Marbella Julián Muñoz was attended this last Thursday at the Hospital Clínico Universitario de Málaga by infection or a virus, after what was transferred back to the Central Penitentiary Malaga Alhaurin de la Torre, where meets condemns, according to confirmed sources close to the presentations. Muñoz was transferred from prison to the hospital to find wrong, but a few hours later, about one in the morning, he returned back to the prison of Malaga, as they pointed out several sources to Europa Press, who have pointed out that the presentations is transferred to the hospital occasionally for examinations by their health problems. The presentations is in prison serving sentence of six years and a half imprisonment imposed in the case that were also condemned his exparejas, Isabel Pantoja, and Maite Zaldívar – both in prison – and, at the same time, serving the sentence of seven years for the event ‘Minutes’, about irregularities in the orders placed to the lawyer José María de el Nido. Precisely, in the case of ‘Minutes’, Muñoz asked pardon for his clinical situation, and claiming also good prison behavior. Head of services went to treatment Board a report favorable to the grace for having future planning and good adaptation, assumption of the crime, his 66 years, their diseases. The former mayor has a criminal record for offences against the management of the territory, in fact, he was already serving sentence by that; and all other reports were unfavorable. Thus, the Government rejected the last month of July grant him clemency. (El) Topics Alhaurín of the Tower prison diseases hospitals and clinics Isabel Pantoja Jose Maria of the nest Julián Muñoz judiciary Marbella Malaga penalties. You should check this info to discover extra about this interesting matter.

Green light to the first treatment with stem cells from the EU.

Although stem cells could someday regenerate brains with Alzheimer’s, Infracted Heart or pancreas diabetics, the fact is that its first uses are entering, literally, through the eyes. A few weeks ago an experimental trial demonstrated that a stem cell transplant can cure blindness. Today, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has recommended the approval across the European Union’s first therapy based on stem cells, to treat an eye injury that can leave blind patients. It is a disease whose origin is in the lack of stem cells in the cornea, in the outer part of the eyeball. Each blinking removes some cells of the cornea by friction, but in this transparent part of the eye there are also stem cells limbal who are responsible for repairing that damage. After suffering burns to the eyes, some patients lose some of these limbal cells, their corneas cloud and develop vision problems that may lead to total blindness. "This recommendation is a big step forward to bring new innovative medicines to patients," said Enrica Alteri, responsible for the office of evaluation of human drugs of the EMA, in a press release. Limbal stem cell deficiency is a rare disease, which affects about three people for every 100. 000, and for this reason it is considered an orphan disease. This has enabled the Community authorities support the development of new treatment with free scientific advice, Alteri has highlighted. The eye heals to notice new therapy called Holoclar and consists of a transplant of stem cells extracted from a small eye of the patient’s own healthy area. This biopsy limbal stem cells are isolated and placed them in a crop with nutrients so that they develop. Once generated enough tissue, it is transplanted in the affected area of the eye. The new therapy offers an alternative to conventional transplants, says EMA, and is especially effective when the damage to the cornea are large. In addition, treatment with the patient’s own cells reduces the chances of rejection and only requires surgery in one eye. EMA recommendation must now be endorsed by the European Commission in 67 days, matter explained a spokeswoman for the Agency. "The arrival of the drug to the market can be expected for February or early March", the spokesman said. The treatment has been developed by the Italian pharmaceutical Chiesi, which must continue to provide clinical data on outcomes in patients. After giving final approval for marketing, each EU country can begin the process to set the price and coverage of the new therapy. Independent investigators have concluded this advance, which may be the prelude to similar therapies. "I hope that Holoclar is not an exception and there are many other cell therapy products that reach the market next year," said Dusko Ilic, a researcher at King’s College London, told Science Media Center. . You should click this to read extra on this interesting topic.

Cannabis legalization would give France 1. 800 million a year.

France has a tough repressive policy against marijuana that applies, however, with some laxity. Its laws provide for high fines of up to 3. 750 euros and imprisonment even in perpetuity by illegal traffic and the prevalence of consumption, however, is one of the highest in Europe. The Terra Nova Foundation, close to the Socialist Party ruling and that figure as prominent former Prime Minister Michel Rocard, proposes to legalize its sale, production and consumption as a monopoly of the State. The signatories of the analysis pose different scenarios, but choose this mode whenever the price by 40 percent to rise to not increase consumption. The result: the Treasury would raise each year 1. 800 million euros. According to the authors of the study published Friday on the web site of Terra Nova, the prohibition of cannabis has been a failure, an idea that step has opened some time at the UN and in various countries of the OECD and Latin America, while social tolerance towards this substance continues to grow. Authors – Pierre Kopp, Professor at the University of the Sorbonne, Christian Ben Lakhdar, of the University of Lille, and Romain Perez, responsible for economy and Finance of the Foundation – remember, in addition, the high cost of the repression in France: 568 million euros annually. This Bill would decrease considerably in the event that the State implement its proposal. The Government of François Hollande, however, not expected to change its policy in this regard. Several Ministers, such as of health, Marisol Touraine, the head of Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve, have expressed contrary to any legislative changes. According to Le Monde, which is manifest against the repressive policy, the current Executive, plunged into the management of the economic crisis and with a very low social value, considered that raise this issue carries a high electoral riesto. For analysts of Terra Nova, limited to decriminalize the consumption would control the price and would shoot the demand, estimated at 16% more traffic and one 12% increase in consumption. Legalize the cultivation, sale and consumption, without more, creating a legal market for free competition also it would bring substantial revenue to the State (1. (700 million) and it would reduce prices, but this would lead to an increase in consumption. Favorite is, therefore, the State monopoly, which should be applied in stages, in a first State allowing the illegal current competition to hold absolute control to attract users to a much safer legal market. The subsequent rise of 40% of the price would prevent the increase of consumption, a calculation based on the success achieved by the increase in the price of tobacco, whose consumption has decreased by 37% between 2001 and 2013, despite the increase in population. The great argument used to defend the legalization is the high prevalence of cannabis use in France, despite the tough legislation. According to the data of the European Drugs Observatory, based in Lisbon, France is among the of higher prevalence in Europe, with 8.44% of the population between 15 and 64 years. Prevalence in Spain is 9.6%, but typically is that where permissiveness is higher the prevalence there is less. The cases of the Netherlands are (7%) and Portugal (2.7%). Especially worrying for France is that among 15-24 year olds the prevalence has skyrocketed to 20.75%, just below Denmark (23.9%) and slightly above Spain (20.70%). Analysis recalled that mere repression, as well as not to curb consumption, promotes somehow drugs mafia networks. One of the problems of French law is that it hardly differentiates between cannabis and other drugs much more hazardous to health. . Main facts could be found reading the following homepage.

The European Court and the oocytes patentable.

The news is of those who have blown up on chairs, not just Catholics. The Court of Justice of the European Union has established a human ovum not patentable fertilized. "An organism is unable to develop into a human being not a human embryo for the purpose of the directive on the legal protection of biotechnological inventions – supports the Court. Therefore, uses of such body for industrial or commercial purposes are, in principle, subject to patent ".   And if after this news does anyone think biblical scenarios from dystopian literature, remember that this decision should read, not interpreted. Is what said Filomena Gallo, Professor at the University of Teramo on "legislation and ethics in biotechnology in human" and field Secretary of the Luca Coscioni Association, reached for comment on the issue: "shiny it is important to read the judgment, do not interpret it in favor of this or that preconceived position. It is scientifically simple: the Eu Court has authorized the patenting of human egg cells fertilized and not what you can derive from their activation. Must now be scientists to explain what the benefits ‘ from the laboratory of this decision and the industrial capacity that can make us competitive again with the new continent. But surely you can say that it represents an important step towards the cancellation of many prohibitions, be that in Europe are blocking research, as established by the World Report for freedom of research, care and self-determination in the world, produced by Andrea Boggio, Director of the Luca Coscioni Association. The Eu Court’s decision – continued Gallo – exceeds that issued in 2011, Brustle vs. Greenpeace, that denying the possibility of patenting a human embryos for commercial purposes, included in the definition of the human embryo fertilized oocytes also with partogenesi, those that is subject of the latest Eu court decision. "The mere fact that a human egg was activated by parthenogenesis beginning a process of development is not enough to consider it a human embryo ‘, writes the Court. "Now it is necessary that all Member States adapt national laws to the European decision – concluded Filomena Gallo – this would create more competitiveness, more freedom of research, a better chance of finding cures to many diseases."Faced with news like this, for a moment we laity can be touched diehards from a doubt; What about the ability to manipulate the human body and its inalienability. Borders moved continuously toward a future not easily predictable. But perhaps this is only a human thought. Too human to be taken seriously by science. . Additional data can be read reading web site.

Industry studies with the sector if it extends the deadline for reantenizar buildings.

Madrid, 19 December. -The Vice-President of the Government, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, said today that the Ministry of industry is studying the possibility of delaying implementation underway of the so-called digital dividend process since the 1 January 2015 will not be reantenizados all buildings with the sector. In response to journalists in the press conference following the Council of Ministers, the Vice President pointed out that since the Secretary of State for telecommunications and the information society (Setsi) it is talking with the various agents involved in the process to see how we can do it in the best possible way. We must achieve the maximum reantenizacion time shortest possible because, although it affects a limited number of channels, we consider that we have to work to make this reantenizacion as soon as possible, underlined by the Vice President. Spanish households began to re-tuning their televisions on October 26 to continue to receive the full schedule, since that day broadcasters migrated their Freeview channels in the radio spectrum, and since then there are simultaneous emission of the same channel in two different frequencies depending on the geographical area. The process of release of the digital dividend, which will affect Europe as a whole and will be effective before January 2015, leads to release the band’s 800 MHz (megahertz) – which is now occupied in part by some channels of DTT – for mobile phone operators to provide new fourth generation (4 G) broadband services. (Agencia EFE) Topics community of Madrid Council of Ministers electronic telecommunications equipment Europe Ministry of industry Soraya Saenz de Santamaria Television. Inspirational facts could be studied checking this

Marò, the Italian proposal to the Indian Government “assessed with positive spirit”.

An Italian proposal for the solution of the affair of Marò is "under study" by the Indian Government. The Foreign Minister of New Delhi, Sushma Swaraj, declaring that assessment procedures are progressing with "positive spirit": "relations between Italy and India – say – are very good, so the spirit can not be negative but positive". The news represents a step forward in the dialogue for the release of two marine riflemen who by 2012 can be found in India accused of the murder of a fisherman in the waters of Kerala. Have not yet been disclosed details of the proposal that the Italian Government would send to India, although, in recent days, has been Foreign Minister, Paolo Gentiloni, talking about the possibility of activating the procedure for international arbitration, after the rejection of the Indian Supreme Court to reduce bail, rejecting and then two marò instances Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Group.  "It’s not a hypothesis to be excluded", had stated the same Gentiloni. Two Indian Communist Party representatives to the upper House had submitted to the Government a question about the case of Italian soldiers in which he wondered "if it is a fact that the Italian Government sought a consensual solution to the long-pending issue of two Italian soldiers accused of murdering two Indian fishermen in 2012 off the coast of Kerala". The two politicians also asked to be updated on the status of the case today and what the reaction of the Indian Government at the proposal of the Italian Government on it. " In the written response that Swaraj has sent to Parliament, the Minister confirms the existence of a proposal for a consensus solution on the part of Italy and that this "is the Government of India. No provision, however, about the time required to arrive at an answer to be given to Foreign Minister Gentiloni: Swaraj said "it could not predict how long it will take this exam" Recalling, however, that the affair "is currently in the hands of the Supreme Court". . Root data could be studied clicking this

The ECB shall submit a new ticket 20 euros to elude the counterfeiters.

Current account of the euro area increases the deficit in June the European Central Bank (ECB) will present the new banknote of 20 euros in Europe series, which includes enhanced security features, February 24, 2015, according to the organization headed by Mario Draghi in a comunicadoEl ECB and the national central banks of the euro areathat together form the Eurosystem, will present the ticket and will announce the exact date of issue February 24, 2015, says the central bank. The new 20 euro note is the third denomination of Europe series introduced after five and ten euro banknotes. This change responds to the need to continue to improve the integrity of the euro banknotes and ahead of the counterfeiters. In addition, the ECB highlights that the Eurosystem is taking several steps to support manufacturers of banknote handling machines, as well as providers and owners of machines and devices authenticators. In particular, is being the new ticket at your disposal in the national central banks of the euro in advance to its broadcast area so that they can test and adapt their machines and devices. Following the introduction of the new banknote, you can test out of central banks. In addition, it is organizing a series of events and activities to prepare for the issuance of the new banknote of 20 euros. The first of these is a seminar of the Eurosystem for interested organizations to be held in the Bank of Italy in Rome on February 6, 2015. It is also providing various information materials and tools to help them prepare for the introduction of the new banknote. The ECB and the national central banks of the eurozone want to cooperate closely, once again, with manufacturers, suppliers, operators and owners of banknote handling machinery. They are those who prepare the machines and devices so that they accept this new ticket in advance of its broadcast, said the Member of the Executive Board of the ECB, Yves Mersch. Themes Bank Central European Bank of Italy banks central Europe international economic institutions Rome banking services to know more the ten euro note that premieres this Tuesday is designed to not be falsified. Original source may be read checking the following info.

Five ideas for gifts for photo enthusiasts.

See also: RoboKado, generator of ideas of cadeaux1 – a Polaroid contemporainFuji Instax – 70 to 130 eurosCet camera is inspired by the iconic 1970s model, the famous Polaroid. Simply press the trigger to retrieve, a few seconds later, a small photograph in strange colors, love the artists and the "hipsters". As the Polaroid, the Fuji Instax is not silver film. It populates it with photo paper lined a particular pigment, which instantly responds to light. Better to use the Instax with moderation, because each picture costs one euro. Fuji offers several models of this appliance. The Instax 210 is a large device to the buttocks lines. He takes pictures of medium size (6 × 9 cm) and costs 70 euros. The Instax Mini 90 is more compact, and its lines are delightfully nostalgic. As the Instax Mini 8 (see photo, 90 euros), but more sophisticated, it takes small pictures (4 × 6 cm) and costs EUR 130. 2 – A SLR camera mount soi-Memekonstruktor F – 40 eurosCet packing reserves a surprise: it contains 36 camera spare parts to assemble yourself. We spent two hours trying to assemble this great photographic mecano. In passing, we forged an intimate knowledge of the mechanics of SLR cameras. The Konstructor captures images to the plastic very special, rich in fuzzy, dense colour and identified edge dark. A close rendering of the famous "Lomo". This gives aesthetic character earned him the attraction of a little jaded photographers. So much the better, because we must have a little bottle to draw the best party. With its unique setting, the Konstructor pulls unusable photos when photographed in the evening, or, on the contrary, in direct overhead sunlight. 3 – A filmsLomography Smartphone Scanner scanner – 60 secret eurosQuels contain old silver-halide films lying in our drawers? This scanner will reveal these hidden treasures sometimes old in half a century. This is a rudimentary device that illuminates the film 35 mm from bottom, and leaves just a small hole for the objective of your smartphone, which is responsible for scanning the photo. The process is extremely simple, but the result is not fabulous, especially if your smartphone takes bad pictures. Images sometimes lack of sharpness and color fidelity. Yet, we take a lot of pleasure in sharing the old clichés with relatives via email, Facebook or Instagram. This scanner works with most taken for sixty years, generally drawn films in 35 mm format. 4 – A pinhole ten posesKit ten Stenoflex prints – 40 eurosRemontez time with this ancestor of the photo, a small darkened room inspired the pioneers material. The principle of this "pinhole" is basic: light rays enter the room through a large hole as a pin head. Inside, they print on a piece of paper, which is coated with photosensitive ink. One leaves this paper in full black. It plunges him into a ‘revealing’ liquid: the ink turns black at the locations affected by light rays. It is magical, a picture appears. In 1850, photograph was an adventure. It was necessary to make oneself the ink and the revealer, who are happily provided in this kit Stenoflex. But as at the time, we must calculate the exposure time based on the Sun. Not obvious. 5 – A film style sixtiesDiana F + – 80 EUR younger generation has known that digital. It will rediscover with curiosity the film picture with this medium format to the delicious sixties look. Nothing works the same way on the Diana. It is expected the development before seeing the picture. The settings are sketchy and it misses many shots, because nothing is automatic. You must choose the opening, speed and focus yourself. At every shot means the sound of the cash drawer: one euro. And above all, the Diana takes quite difficult to fit square photos. Farewell the impression of control afforded by digital. But what a pleasure to discover the dreamlike pictures captured by the Diana. Fuzzy and dark edges, pastel colors, strange lights: on fleet infinitely far from reality. The supplied flash is not a gadget: without it, impossible to photograph at night. . Main source could be studied reading this

Swimming. Alain Bernard: “Florent Manaudou will attempt the 100 m at the Rio OJ.

After winning the gold in 50 m freestyle, 50 m backstroke, and relay 4x100m freestyle at the last European Championships in Doha (Qatar), occupying two passing records worldwide (20 26 of 50 m freestyle) and 22 22 on 50 m backstroke, Florent Manaudou told Afp, in a getaway to the stars of sport at la Plagne (Savoie)do not be sure to align 100 m freestyle in 2015. A little surprise for the title of the 50 m freestyle Olympic champion, who also left the world’s best 100 m swims free (2nd behind the Brazilian Cielo in the Qatar). For Alain Bernard, the unique french champion Olympic distance Queen, if Florent Manaudou is not aligned with 100 m freestyle in 2015, it is an idea behind the head. You think Florent Manaudou can become Olympic champion in the 100 m?Alain Bernard: I hope for him. It will depend on his project and his real ambition to this distance. Today Florent is virtually unbeatable on 50 m thanks to its power and its velocity. From there, he can afford to leave relatively quickly on a 100 m to take much in advance and leave no chance to his opponents. Now champion Olympic is another story. Need to repeat races to have benchmarks. It will be a choice to make with his coach. But actually if he gets there, it would be magical. Precisely its possible decision not to align 100 m freestyle at the Championships of the world, which will take place in Kazan, Russia in 2015, surprise you it?A. B: A little, but if he decides to make the impasse on 100 m by 2015, knowing his coach Romain Barnier, this will be a strategy. They will attempt the blow of poker, by zapping the World Championships. Florent will reach the Rio Olympics without too many marks for him, but also for others. His opponents will wonder where he is, and it can disturb. It will be in the skin of the outsider, as in the OJ of London. Would it be a good idea?A. (b): only the future will tell us. Personally, if it’s me in the face, I think that this is a guy who doesn’t have much cues, but which can be extremely dangerous the day J. However, I feel more confident than him over all the races I’ve done previously. The OJ of Rio in 2016 is far, how psychologically hold?A. (b): if it adopts a strategy of economy, there is no reason why it does not take. Florent arrived on the later, he was champion Olympic before being champion of France. He made a small under-performance at the Barcelona World Championships after the Olympics, but it bounced very well this year at the European Championships in Doha. Then, halfway to the next Olympiad, I find that it handles very well. To reproduce his best lap times reinforces its confidence. Honestly there is no reason that it goes wrong for him. According to you he can still move forward?A. (b): Yes, it is the best of the world, over 50 m, and it is in phase of progression. This is super interesting, because it can disgust his opponents. For now it does not know its limits. When Florent Manaudou says take creatine (a substance that saves muscle mass) like everyone else, you react how?A. (b): I take it as a sincerity. He is not hiding and he is right because it is allowed. Each athlete follows a program of physical, but also food preparation. Frankly we can not blame him to be honest. Would he beat all records with a combination polyurethane?A. (b): I do not know, and I’ll never know, that’s what is good!VIDEO. For Alain Bernard Florent Manaudou may attempt a shot of poker on 100 m at the Rio OJ > stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. For extra information on this subject check page.