“There must one have hate on me” – Facebook pillory: alleged rapist defends itself.

"Today on July 17 my little twelve year old sister this guy was brutally raped and beaten", the unknown wrote according to the report. To do this, he posted a photo and the name of the denounced and possible places to stay in the city. Several thousand times was notified on Tuesday of the post. "Because one must have such a hatred for me. Since someone in custody wants to bring me", s said"WAZ"from Tuesday. The allegations had serious consequences: after they were surfaced on July 17 in the net, S. was beaten in a park, and he gets threatening phone calls to the newspaper.   S. be advised with 14 on the inclined railway. Drugs, homelessness, and contacts to the right scene had played a role, according to the report. "I spent my whole youth in detention," he told reporters. On June 18 after he had been released. Now, he would start a new life with his partner and two children. . You can read this http://pt.getboatplans.biz to learn extra about this great topic.

Asbestos, Cantarella and other former manager Alpha to process for 15 workers died in Arese.

Paolo Cantarella and Giorgio Garuzzo, respectively former Chairman and former Chief Executive of Fiat Auto, were sent to trial along with four other former manager of Alfa Romeo on charges of manslaughter for the deaths of 15 workers from the Arese factory: according to the indictment were caused by asbestos cancer. This was decided the milanese Simone Luerti gup, which has acquitted a defendant and said the prescription of the offence in connection with the five deaths. The trial will open next November 5. The judge, who upheld the request of pm Maurice Ascione, in addition to postpone Calisto (now on the Board of Directors of Finmeccanica, which of course has no connection with this court order) and Garuzzo, ordered the trial for Conrad, former CEO of Innocent Alfa Romeo; Peter Fusaro, former President of Lancia Industriale spa; Vincenzo Moro, former Alpha Romeo and Giovanni Battista Razelli, former CEO of Alfa Lancia Industriale. Acquitted instead Louis Fernandez, former President of Alfa Lancia spa, because for the short duration of the guarantee do not position was taken in practice. Prosecutors had initially asked the process for cases of 20 workers dead since mid-2000 because, according to the indictment, they breathed in the 1980s and early 1990s asbestos fibers in the establishment, without adequate security measures. The gup said prescribes the charges related to five deaths before 2003. At the trial, which opens in front of the ninth section of the Milan Court next November 5, are civil parties family members of about a dozen victims, Regione Lombardia, the Inail and the Asl Milano 1, and (but only for the damage to the image), the Trade Union Fiom-Cgil, Cobas Slai-and Flmu-Cub and the municipality of Arese. Rejected the request made by the Association of democratic medicine. . For additional regarding this topic check http://pt.getboatplans.biz.

MNN by July 23, 1914: secret timing with Poincaré.

100 years ago today, newspaper readers only on the basis of evidence can guess that in Austria something brewing. The SZ predecessor reveals from the time back and forth at the upcoming ultimatum to Serbia – and of the murder of a Chief Editor in Paris. July 23, 1914 is a day that should characterize the entire history of the 20th century. This Thursday in the middle of summer, a high-ranking official of Austro-Hungarian Empire passes a document to the Government in Belgrade. The British Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey, it is one of the most egregious documents from one State to another, call independent State. It is an ultimatum with unacceptable conditions. Less than two weeks, it will lead to declarations of war between the major European States. The woman is Henriette Caillaux, wife of the former French Prime Minister Joseph Caillaux. She had shot the Chief Editor of Figaro in his Office on March 16, 1914. The conservative Journal had previously led a smear campaign against the left-wing politician Caillaux and planned in the course of which the publication of two very private writing. It went to letters written by Caillaux during his first marriage to Henriette, who was then his mistress. . For extra data regarding this subject check article.

Pets: dogs are jealous, study confirms it.

Rome, 23 Jul. (Reuters Health)-(Embargo to 20)-A discovery that, for most dog owners, it will be a confirmation to that observed in their animals: four-footed friends can try jealousy and behave accordingly. This is shown by a new study from the University of California, San Diego, published on Plos One ‘. Darwin was convinced, but many researchers over the years have wondered if the feeling of jealousy requires a complex cognitive system or if this feeling was only the result of social construction. The new work is the first experimental tests on behaviour linked to jealousy in dogs. The results obtained show that these animals 36 ‘ pet ‘ will prove a most basic form of jealousy, that evolved to protect the social bonds by intruders. The team of psychologists led by Christine Harris and Caroline Prouvost showed that dogs show more jealous behaviors, such as moving or shooting giving thrusts to the owner when the latter shows affection towards another dog ‘, actually a puppet that barks, Yelp and awaiting. Our study shows that not only can dogs be jealous, but also seeking to break the connection between the owner and an apparent rival, says Harris. It seems as if they are motivated to protect an important social value. In particular, the dogs were twice as likely to push or touch the owner when it interacted with the dummy (78%) of the animal. This was much less (22%) when the man was just distracted from reading a book. About 30% of the dogs tried to fit between the owner and the stuffed animal and while 25% is taken towards the ‘ other ‘ dog, only one did so in the presence of a simple bucket between him and the master. It’s proven that dogs believe that the stuffed animal is a true rival for the 86% who sniffed the rear during the experiment, a typical attitude for each other. Understand the jealousy is important, the researchers write, because it’s an emotion with deep psychological and social consequences. For example, it is generally the third leading cause of non-accidental murder. Many speculate that jealousy is a social construction of human beings, or whether it’s a particular emotion linked to sex or romance. Our findings call into question these ideas, revealing that animals also show a strong anguish whenever a rival ‘ infringe ‘ the suffering of a loved one. . You should check this site to read more on this amazing matter.

German national team: Löw remains soccer national coach.

Bundestrainer Joachim Löw will fulfill his contract with the German Football Association (DFB) until 2016. The 54-year old said this on Wednesday in an interview on the website of the Association. Thus the world champion coach will take care of 2016 the DFB selection at least until the European Championship in France. Immediately after the World Championship in Brazil had Löw expressed only evasive about his future and thus nourished speculation, he go as world champion. At the moment I can imagine nothing better than to continue working with this team, to lead the Championship after France the team to develop the individual players. I am so motivated as the first day at the DFB, the 54-year old declared on Wednesday on the website of the German Football Federation. We have celebrated a huge success in Brazil, there are still more goals we want to achieve. The 2014 World Cup was a highlight for everyone, but still no conclusion. The next match is on September 3 in Düsseldorfa, opponents are again the Argentines. Four days later, the European Championship qualifiers, Gibraltar, Ireland, Poland and Georgia are the other opponents begins with a duel against Scotland in Dortmund, Germany. . Inspirational data can be found visiting this http://pt.getboatplans.biz.

Only 9800, then 10,000?: reclaim Dax cops 9800.

After the significant plus on Tuesday it continues as the German stock market. The risk-taking is increasing again, which should support prices in the course of, a market participant says. Contribute good corporate results, the low interest rate environment and the absence of a further escalation in the Ukraine crisis as well as in the Gaza conflict. Despite the firmer opening, the great liberation in the Dax pending still. On the stock exchange, it is like to optimistic. You look at why the good stories – and are mostly good business numbers, n-tv stock market expert Katja Dofel says. The Dax runs noon up to 9801 points to 0.7 percent after above. The MDax sets 0.7 percent before climbing on 16 480 meters. With 1267 noted also the TecDax in the positive range: 0.5 percent that plus. Wall Street has the S & P 500 reached a new record. The outperformance of the small values in the United States will be seen very positively. The Russell 2000 has finished his weakness and more significantly increased as the indexes of the first series. The weakness of the Russell was an argument for those who expect an end to the bull market in New York. Deutsche Bank are at a premium of 1.7 percent by far strongest loser on the Dax. In the United States, fed the money home about in terms of the reporting has criticised New York structure.   Merchants according to the recovery of shares with the report to a sloppy accounting should get stalled. Deutsche Bank comes not from the headlines, says a market participant. A further dealer thinks the report included going negative especially in the United States. There was of course by about three percent. Actually, the sentiment is so bad that the course would be ready for a thorough recovery. Probably be but rather a sideways movement around 26 euros. Commerzbank title draw against 0.4 percent in. . For extra insights about this matter click http://pt.getboatplans.biz.

Anti-Semitism in France: Dear in Israel in the bunker as on the Boulevard in Paris.

Tomy Seroussi was Tel Aviv / Paris / Hamburg – than at the weekend, militant demonstrators in a pro Palestinian demonstration put a Jewish grocery store on fire in Paris, in his new home in Israel. Seroussi is an olim: the French Jew is emigrated to Israel with his wife and four children. They are flown to Tel Aviv last week. Better disappear when every siren warning for five minutes in the bunker, to be, as with the yarmulke in the streets of Paris told the 35-year-old on the phone. Anti-Semitic attacks in France no longer surprise Seroussi. He was attacked even in broad daylight on the street in a Paris suburb. Since then feel I me with my yarmulke insecure, he says. This conclusion should be. Seroussi quit his job in the energy industry and left everything behind. He doesn’t have a new and he can hardly Hebrew, but that is secondary for him. France is a beautiful country, but with the people there, my children should not need to grow in up, says of the emigrants. It may have to do with the economic perspective in France. But there is another reason: anti-Semitism. More and more French Jews feel no longer in their homeland. The number of anti-Semitic crimes and their severity also increased in recent years. The extremism researcher of Jean-Yves Camus says we have to do it, even with physical attacks on Jews from the Paris Institute of international relations and strategies. He sees the violence no longer from the extreme right, but from the Arab Islamic environment come differently than in the past. All have started in 2000 with the second intifada in the Middle East. From then on anti-Semitic offenses rose. Camus per year is one of between 600 and 900. This came three children and a teacher as the assassination of Toulouse in March 2012. Mohammed Merah killed at a Jewish school traumatic events and met so that the French Jewish community in the mark. A French woman among the victims was also in the attack at a Jewish Museum in the past may in Brussels. Given the current attacks on pro-Palestinian demonstrations, Prime Minister Manuel Valls warned against a new form of anti-Semitism. He could not persuade the Seroussis. They followed the path of the aliyah with 400 of other Olims. Before she got into two planes to Tel Aviv, where the immigration Minister should receive them personally, it was in Paris in the synagogue des Tournelles. There they were solemnly dismissed with much pomp and Israeli flags into their new lives in Israel. The President of the Agence Juive, Natan Sharansky, said: it is always uncertain whether the Jews in France have a future. No doubt, however, that the French Jews have a future in Israel. And if it is also in Israel once serious, the Agence Juive sets the Olims via Facebook red alert on the heart. An alarm app for rocket attacks. . You should visit this page to discover extra on this interesting topic.

Finance sequesters 2.3 million headed Lazio’s ultras.

With an operation taken this morning at dawn, the men of the Play and of the core tax police of the Guardia di finanza di Roma subjected to seizure goods and corporate holdings to Lazio’s ultras leader known Fabrizio Piscitelli, with a total value estimated at over 2 million 300 thousand euros. The measures of confiscation order from the Capitoline and executed power of Attorney from the Fiamme Gialle, focused on real estate, cars, corporate holdings and financial reports are considered in the availability of Piscitelli known worldwide as the ultras of Diabolik. The military operation of the Guardia Di Finanza is part of the economic-financial investigation started last April on behalf of the district anti-mafia Directorate of the Prosecutor’s Office in Rome which led to big toe a complex system of commercial interests of Piscitelli. As a note from the Prosecutor’s Office in Rome, in particular investigations "are allowed to confirm and strengthen the investigative evidence than the remarkable standard of living of ‘ Vinod ‘ Piscitelli and his household, in the face of modest incomes declared." Piscitelli’s interests were primarily related to the marketing of gadgets of his favorite team, including the reproduction, to make shapes, the image of ‘ Mister Enrich ‘, a British comic became in time the Group of symbols Irriducibili Lazio. In addition to real estate, cars and bank accounts, seizure has covered the business assets and assets of a company based in Rome, the common fund and the entire assets of a cultural association run together with other leading figures of the extreme fringe of Lazio supporters, and shares of a printing company. Investigators recall that Piscitelli is in jail after his arrest on September 24 on charges of being a promoter, financier and organizer of buying large quantities of hashish from Spain and subsequently introduced into national territory by drug couriers. . Original source could be read visiting this info.

Minimum wage: low-paid workers must on the outskirts of the city.

A minimum wage of EUR 8.50 per hour designed to do one thing above all: who gets paid in accordance with the wage floor to can live from his salary. He an apartment can pay it, food, insurance, leisure spending, and perhaps also a holiday. Theoretically. Practically it is impossible to find an affordable apartment in the central or popular German cities for minimum-wage earners – in Frankfurt am main or Munich, the whole city area is prohibitive. How many apartments it in Munich for this price, how many are there in Berlin? In which areas can you live, if one refers to only a minimum wage salary? To find out, mirror has let evaluate the accommodation offers on the Internet portal Immobilienscout24 ONLINE for the cities of Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich. So how are the five largest cities in Germany for low-paid workers? In what areas is there affordable apartments (with the minimum wage)? One can with 30 percent of the net to afford an apartment or you have to pay 40 or even 50 percent and has after the deduction of operating, heating and electricity costs little to the live? For extra facts regarding this subject click website.

The journey towards the sovereignty.

So you live it, for example, Vicente Rodríguez. Born in Mansilla de las Mulas (León) 63 years ago, he has 40 in Catalonia and is in favour of secession. Sitting on a terrace in the District of Sants (Barcelona), there is that when you are visiting the town, costs his family understand it. It does not renounce its roots or to the language, but "no turning back", it says. Time ago I believed in a federal model; no longer. "Was it of the Statute", it has. Believes that the system is exhausted and ‘rigged match’. "Since independence we can help build a new country, write a Constitution and take control in pillar as education," says. Carles Viver Pi-Sunyer lived that process closely. Better than the few exemplify this journey towards the sovereignty. Man laws and deeply meticulously, for nine years was judge of the Constitutional Court and its Vice President from 1998 to 2001. After that journey it was part of the team that drafted the Statute with the custom do it to fit in the Constitution. The ruling created the irreversible disagreement. Today chairs the Consell Assessor per the national transition (CATN), body that advises the Government on practical issues in a future independence. According to him, it is the only solution. "In 2005 we wanted to see if could be a reform from the statutes of autonomy in the Constitution to give the Government more political power, financing and national recognition," he said. But as the State interprets it, do not fit the aspirations in these three fields of a majority of Catalans. According to the latest barometer of the Centre d’Estudis d’ Opinió, 57.6% would vote Yes to a State of their own in a hypothetical query; of that group, in the second question, 81.8% would approve that this State was independent. But if the question about a federal option is included in the query, designates the Metroscopia published Sunday by EL PAIS survey, the third way (38%) would surpass the independence movement (31%). This is precisely the way claiming for Catalan businesses. But, according to the CEO, 64.7 per cent of the population does not believe that the State is going to offer something acceptable for the Parlament. Among the new freedom fighters there are also workers and affiliated with the large trade unions (UGT and CC OO in Catalonia support the holding of the consultation). And convinced Republicans that have fueled this sentiment after the abdication of King Juan Carlos. Santi Medina, extrabajador of the mythical Pegasus and historic CC OO, she was born in Cuenca and arrived in Barcelona in 1956. Although he does not believe in the repeated abuse of the economic contribution of Catalonia from the rest of Spain-"I expolio" call it some interviewees – or in reasons identity, today would vote Yes to independence. "I am a Republican and would be a way of weakening the Spanish monarchy and change the structure of the State," he says. "I know that we will not go to paradise on Earth and that it will not pose an economic improvement at the beginning, but it will generate social change to open society. A small country will be closer to the population and there will be more debate." Something happens to Santi Codina, exvotante of the PP in 30 years. Until recently questioned the Spain flag on the balcony of his home in Ruby. Now hang the estelada. Like him, 90% of your family, says, has become independence in recent years. It blames "ways of acting of the past governments of Spain, to corruption and scandals of the monarchy". He admits that it is also based on "perceptions". "I do not believe that independence is the panacea, but gather many reasons: political opinions about Catalonia, contempt into catalan, funding,. why the Basque country could have tax peculiarities that we don’t have here?" Why not will have boosted the port and the Mediterranean corridor? Scotland has been high, you see that an advanced country can vote as normal,. ", it says. The "inertia of the central Government" or "exhaustion of the roads of dialogue" are some of the reasons why members join wielded, an Association of Spanish born in other provinces of Spain who advocate independence. They have revolutionized the process with his new stance and almost all the parties want a photo with them. Its President, Eduardo Reyes – Cordoba retired come to Catalonia with nine years–says it has lost 21 kilos will run through Catalonia in recent months. "I can not fight for the rest of Spain and Spain is not going to change. Therefore, I am inclined to do so where I have my roots planted. I think that there is no other solution than independence. You need to change all the politicians, the Constitution and the entire structure of the State. So many times to ask for reforms, I understand that possibility there is no he has gone to Madrid. Don’t trust", he said. "The best company is to build a completely new country, not reform it." . You must check the following web site to learn more about this great subject.